Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Flood - Conclusion

This is a conclusion of the Flood Series

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It has already been 5 days since our great flood experience but every time we think about it, we can't help but thank God for keeping us safe and being so faithful in providing our needs.

From the very beginning since the 'tragedy' has struck, God has surrounded us with concern and loving friends and relatives. Many of our relatives immediately brought clothes and items to us right after they heard about the incident. A cousin allowed us to stay in her vacant home for an unlimited time period. She even filled her fridge with meat and coke! Hahah! That same night after the flood, my Mom's friend brought a sack of rice and food was overflowing. We really didn't feel like being flood victims. It was only then, we recognized the reality when we were considering to go to church the next day and we didn't have proper clothes to wear for church! But at 11 pm clothes came. But the next day, we still have to wear slippers to church since it was too late to get shoes that are right for us. But then clothes kept coming and so are prayers, sms messages, emails , phone calls and all other kind of support from all over including funds! Praise the Lord!

As we are in the process of cleaning the houses, church members and friends offered to wash all our muddy clothes. God has indeed surrounded us by loving people. Praise God that some of our clothes and items can still be restored but most of the appliances and furniture are destroyed. Just yesterday, running water has already been restored so, the cleaning process will be much faster now.

Looking back at the event that happened with our family. All I can say is that I truly, with all my heart praise and thank GOD for everything! He is indeed truly faithful in our lives! Even if everything seemed like a nightmare at that point in time but, after the event, we have experienced how God has saved our family.

I didn't have to ask God all the "whys" anymore because I know that He is faithful and I have felt His hand moved to save us. All those material things that have been destroyed and washed away are just all but just temporal things. I'm just overwhelmed with God's moving and presence in our lives. After the event, our family has seen the love of the people around us. Our hearts are constantly touched by our friends ( from Philippines. Malaysia and beyond) and relatives concern and love. And true enough, God is providing our needs as He touches people to bless us. Thank You Lord and I pray that you bless the lives of the people who has given their love and concern for us.

Lastly, the flood has come at the beginning of the year.. we believe that in 2009 our family is truly going to have a NEW BEGINNING in all aspect of our lives.." the old has gone and behold the new has come!!! Amen!


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Just like the story of the life of JOB---

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