Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Flood - Unending?

Once again our house got flooded last night as well as thousands of people in the city. The people have been alerted that the typhoon will reach its peak at 8:00 PM tonight and 1:00 AM tomorrow. Please do pray that the calamity will end and the people will be safe. If there’s a Survey Softwarethat can assess the needs of the people, I’m positive that many will need clean water, shelter, warm food and clothing. Please pray for our city and its people here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flash Report

Posted at Lalaine's World, last January 12, 2008.
We have just watched the news and it has been reported that more than 42,000 families have been affected from yesterday’s flood. The flood hasn’t only affected areas in Cagayan de Oro City but as well as some areas in Misamis Oriental. It has also been reported that 3 people had died and a few missing because of the incident. Philippine Airlines flights have also been cancelled due to the Signal number 3.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Flood- A Continuation

I have just concluded my FLood Series, and here I am again blogging about it again. It's because there was another flood yesterday that affected thousands of families in the city again. This time, the flood is not due to the overflow of the river but due to heavy non-stop rain for almost 2 days. Many parts of the city are indeed affected as drainage got filled up and overflowed in subdivisions and homes. There were several landslides in different parts of the city and some bridges were also broken. I just don't know what's happening with our city. This is the first time we are experiencing such a calamity. We believe that even though it is not God's will for all these to happen but he allows things for a reason. May it be that at the end of these things as people will indeed turn back to HIm and trust Him more.

As for our family, we are okay. The place that we were staying was not affected at all. The electricity has just been cut off for several hours since the neighbouring subdivision has the water until the chest. It has been reported that 3 people are missing due to the flood.

Today, it has been warned that the city has a signal number 3 typhoon, so all the classes have been suspended. Thank God that the rain has already stopped but it's still very cold here due to the strong winds. Since it's so cold, we don't need the fan or aircon in the house anymore, but maybe some Gas Fires, electric fires or Hole in the Wall Fires ? :) But I guess, we won't really need those since we're in a tropical country. But just in case you need one then you got to check out Hotprice as they stock all the leading brands of fireplace manufacturers.

Anyways, back to the flood.. please do pray for the thousands of families affected with this calamity. Pray especially for the children and the old people that they will all be protected and healthy. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Flood - Conclusion

This is a conclusion of the Flood Series

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It has already been 5 days since our great flood experience but every time we think about it, we can't help but thank God for keeping us safe and being so faithful in providing our needs.

From the very beginning since the 'tragedy' has struck, God has surrounded us with concern and loving friends and relatives. Many of our relatives immediately brought clothes and items to us right after they heard about the incident. A cousin allowed us to stay in her vacant home for an unlimited time period. She even filled her fridge with meat and coke! Hahah! That same night after the flood, my Mom's friend brought a sack of rice and food was overflowing. We really didn't feel like being flood victims. It was only then, we recognized the reality when we were considering to go to church the next day and we didn't have proper clothes to wear for church! But at 11 pm clothes came. But the next day, we still have to wear slippers to church since it was too late to get shoes that are right for us. But then clothes kept coming and so are prayers, sms messages, emails , phone calls and all other kind of support from all over including funds! Praise the Lord!

As we are in the process of cleaning the houses, church members and friends offered to wash all our muddy clothes. God has indeed surrounded us by loving people. Praise God that some of our clothes and items can still be restored but most of the appliances and furniture are destroyed. Just yesterday, running water has already been restored so, the cleaning process will be much faster now.

Looking back at the event that happened with our family. All I can say is that I truly, with all my heart praise and thank GOD for everything! He is indeed truly faithful in our lives! Even if everything seemed like a nightmare at that point in time but, after the event, we have experienced how God has saved our family.

I didn't have to ask God all the "whys" anymore because I know that He is faithful and I have felt His hand moved to save us. All those material things that have been destroyed and washed away are just all but just temporal things. I'm just overwhelmed with God's moving and presence in our lives. After the event, our family has seen the love of the people around us. Our hearts are constantly touched by our friends ( from Philippines. Malaysia and beyond) and relatives concern and love. And true enough, God is providing our needs as He touches people to bless us. Thank You Lord and I pray that you bless the lives of the people who has given their love and concern for us.

Lastly, the flood has come at the beginning of the year.. we believe that in 2009 our family is truly going to have a NEW BEGINNING in all aspect of our lives.." the old has gone and behold the new has come!!! Amen!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Flood Part 3

The River beside our house. This is after the water has subsided but still the river water level is still quite high is this is supposed to be about 10 feet below the ground.

A continuation from The Flood part 1 and Part 2

The Aftermath

It only took a few hours for the water subside. So, when we were all settled and already found a temporary place to stay ( yes, thank God for my cousin's family who was so willing to let us stay in their vacant house) all the guys went to the flood site to see the situation. The mud was knee deep and the houses were a major mess.

The water mark is the proof that the water level has gone that high in my Mom's house.

This is our dining room after the flood. Everything was a mess and our fridge has fell and so as other furniture and appliances.

The Muddy multicab. When the flood was at it's peak, they said that only the 'multicab's roof can be seen from afar. We just overhauled this 2 days ago..and now, we have to do some repairs again..hehe!

My sister's house is on a bit higher ground and farther from the river but the water has still reached on her window sill. Their house is unfinished..and after the flood, they decided not to finish building their house and maybe build another house somewhere.

They couldn't even open the door to go inside my Mom's house since the thick mud jammed up the door. Most of the cabinets and appliances fell down and everything else was muddy. Most of our things were still intact. Only few things like our shoes and other things that were outside the house were washed away. We really made it a point to close all our doors before we left so that our things won't be washed away.

But there were a lot of amazing things that happened that truly touched our hearts. Every Saturday, we have a children's program for our neighborhood. ( About 30-40 kids come regularly for bible study and activities. Last month, we even gave out a party for their families and gave some clothes and groceries. ) And when some family members came to check the flood site, they were surprise to see many of our neighbors and kids were already there and doing some cleaning and gathering our tables, chairs and even coke bottles that were washed away and brought to other areas. Wow! That truly touched our hearts! We have seen their genuine concern for us. Thank you Lord! Indeed our labor in the Lord is not in vain.

Our neighbor bringing our bamboo chair that he found on another neighbor's lot.

One of the DVBS kid and her mom, bringing our center table that they found on another area.

to be continued....

The Flood Part 2

My sister's house from afar

... a continuation from The Flood Part 1


My Mom, my sister B and her kids and Tricia and Lyle together with my cousin was able to make it to higher grounds. It was such a relief to be on a dry place. We then went to our Aunty's house, washed up and waited for my Hubby, sis M's family and brother in law pastor.

We have waited for quite awhile and still we didn't see any sign of them. We then decided to call them. Only then we found out that it took them some time for my sis to get all the baby's supplies and important belongings. And by the time they left their house, the water was already higher and worse, it's not possible for them to pass through the same way we went to higher grounds. The water that has been only on the waist level when we passed by was already until the neck. With a baby and a preschooler with them, it would be very risky to walk to higher grounds. So, they all decided to go to the only 2 story concrete house in the neighborhood and stay there until the water subsides. The house owner who's a military man with his wife were so kind to let them stay and even gave them dry clothes to change. My Hubby and brothers in law also helped them carry all their appliances and belongings on the 2nd floor as water has started to rise on the 1st floor.

Meanwhile, my mom and I who were in our Aunty's house were worried for my sis especially for the baby and we prayed for them and sent sms to everyone to pray for them too. Our fear was that what if the water will rise up so high. But praise God for His assurance that indeed nothing will harm our family.

Many relatives already came to see us and help us. They came with clothes, food and encouragement. We truly thank God for their lives.

After several hours of waiting, the neighbors have found a way to rescue our sister's family and Hubby. They managed to get a rubber boat used for the river rafting, tied it up and pull it to safety. Praise God for the wisdom and their help for the family.

My sister with her baby and preschooler on the rubber boat during the rescue operation.

Our neighbors and friends who helped pulled the boat to safety

And finally they were all safe! Thank you Lord!!

to be continued....

Intermission - New Year Party and Thanksgiving

Our family just had our fun-filled New year's celebration where everyone of us was in Hawaiian attire. Yes, our family is fond of having theme family gatherings just for fun. Last Christmas, we had a Winter Theme where everyone was dressed in 'winter' clothes like jackets, sweatshirts, scarves and etc. A few years ago, we had a formal dinner for Christmas where we were all dressed in our best evening gowns while the men wore the traditional barong tagalog. It was quite funny how our neighbors must have wondered what was going on in our house since people who came in and out were in there best attires. Maybe next time we should have a party were everyone is dressed up in bunny costumes. It must be a very cute sight especially if all the kids will be dressed up like bunnies. I have already found the site where they have bunny customes of all sort.

Anyways, back to reality... since we just survived a flood it will take quite some time before we can think of costume parties. But one thing for sure, we will be having a thanksgiving party after all the cleaning and once all of us are all settled. It will be a thanksgiving to God for keeping all our family safe and free from all harm. It's also a thanksgiving to everyone who has prayed for us, supported us and helped us. My posts about THE FLOOD will really be very long since it's a testimony of God's faithfulness and miracles in our lives.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Flood Part 1

Yes, the Cagayan de Oro river has overflowed yesterday and more than 5,000 families were effected. Since we live so near the river particularly in the Balulang Area, our family has also been badly affected.

My Hubby woke up before 7 am since he literally felt someone pat his back. No one else was there and we believe that God has awaken him. When my hubby woke up, he heard a tip tapping of the water. He looked up at the ceiling and thought that maybe the water is dripping from the ceiling but it wasn't. Then he opened the door, he saw that the river water has already overflowed. So, he woke me up and indeed the water was already ankle deep. It was such a scary sight! We hurriedly woke up my Mom while Hubby texted our sister who lives within the compound.

My Mom and I took all our important documents and valuables and didn't have time to take any clothes with us. We had to get out of the area as soon as possible since we can't predict the rising of river. And by the time we walked to my sister's house, the water was already knee deep and worse, the current was a bit strong. All the kids and I went up our 'multicab' while the guys took some time to get some other important things from the house. And by the time, everyone was ready, the water was already on the waist level. Our transport only ran a few meters and then as expected, it stopped. So, we didn't have any other choice but to walk to higher grounds. So, even it was drizzling, we carried our kids and walked barefooted to higher grounds. Only my Mom, my sis B. and her kids walked with me. While my Hubby and our bro-inlaw pastor waited for my other Sis M. to get ready with her baby and kid.

Everything was so surreal. It was like a dream. I looked back to the house and I saw that the water has indeed rose up. We walked and left all practically all our belongings. We didn't care of all those material things anymore because at that time, we could see that the water is rising just so fast and we just wanted our kids to be safe.

The way to higher grounds was not easy either. We were supposed to walk using the main 'road' but then, the water was also high. Praise God that we met our cousin on the way who led us to the path where water was not so high yet. But then, he said, there's a wall/ fence that we need to climb before we reach higher grounds.

We saw a table near the wall and used it to climb over it. Wow! God's strength is truly amazing as my 68 years old mom was able to climb over it with the help of my cousin. The kids were also so brave... be continued....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The First Day of the Year

Thank you Lord for another year has started!

We celebrated our New year with our family gathered together for worship, sharing, gift giving and all night video watching! It was fun to celebrate with family and adopted family members. We all enjoyed our overflowing food and drinks while the kids loved their gifts. Our party had a Hawaiian theme, so everyone was dressed with something Hawaiian while our food was more on barbecued meats and salads. It was awesome!

We started grilling our food and eating at 7 pm and ended at 3:00 AM. Yes, it was an all night celebration and I could barely move because I was so full. And after our party, I also had to face a mountain of dishes to wash. Our house helper went back home so, it was my turn to do the dishes. I wouldn't have mind if we have a beautiful Copper Kitchen Sink to wash our dishes but our sink is a bit high ( or maybe I'm just too short) and it was quite a task to wash the heavy bowls and plates. But nevertheless, I did my task with joy at 3:30 AM as my heart was just overflowing with so much of gratefulness to God for a fun celebration we had.

And speaking of Copper Sink, you might want to check out the site with Artisan copper sinks that are of the highest quality available at wholesale prices.

Yummy Sunday - Pizza!

Last December 29th was my Hubby's birthday. Aside from giving out an Indian dinner for friends and family, we took some time out in the afternoon for a date. So, I let him try Yellow Cab Pizza! It's not really a very ideal place to date since it's not very cozy because of the very modern - basement like design but the pizza is just great!! I sure love to go back there and try their other pizzas!


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