Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Presents?

I was busily wrapping the Christmas gifts to be brought for our family in Malaysia last night while my daughter was excitedly looking at them. She read the little cards one by one and realized that almost everyone has a present except.. for her and her brother. She then asked me whether they have a Christmas present from us. I wanted her Christmas present to be a surprise ( though I haven't bought it yet) so, I just answered her vaguely. Then, just to test her, I asked whether it's okay if we don't give them presents this Christmas. I was touched by her answer when she said, " It's okay. You've given me gifts for my birthday and I also received presents from other people." That's a nice thing to hear from her. I really appreciate the fact that she's not so much into material things though she's always happy to receive something from people.

Anyways, I'm excited to buy her Christmas present but before that let me finish packing our bags and write an article on buying a franchise business.

Monday, December 20, 2010

His Birth...

I found this video in Youtube and it's a very powerful one.. Watch it for yourself..

On this Christmas season, may we be constantly be reminded of how God sent His son into the world....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wedding Or Christmas

We're excited! We are planning to go home to the Philippines next year. We are either going home to attend our cousin's wedding or for Christmas. Both occasions are very special for us. If only we could go home twice next year and attend both, but that isn't quite possible.

But after much thought, it does seem we're likely to go home for Christmas. Our holiday will be longer at that time and the center is also closed for the holidays. So, there's not much responsibilities left behind. But then again, nothing is quite final yet. Who knows there might be some changes with dates and stuff.. ;) Then, we have to get ready for wedding gifts and modern 1st anniversary gifts.

( Sigh!) .. 2010 is not yet finished and here I am already excited for next year...

Yummy Sunday - Stir Fried Crab with Curry

I love to eat crabs and my favorite crab dish is the Thai Stir fried Crab with Curry or Pu Phat Pung Kalee.

This particular crab dish photo above is so delicious. We ordered this from a Seafood restaurant in Satun. Wow! I can't forget that sumptuous sea food lunch. Everything we ordered was just soo yummy!

Added Career

I could have mentioned in this blog about my daughter who has a long list of what she wants to do when she grows up.

Well, another profession has just been added a few days ago and I kinda like her noble reasons for this particular career.

During our homeschool, we were reading a short biography on Ida Scudder. For those who are not familiar with Ida Scudder, she came from a family of missionaries. But when Ida was younger, she never wanted to become a missionary since she didn't like everything about India. But later this all changed when she found out that women died because they refused to be checked by a male doctor. So, Ida decided to become a doctor, went back to America to study came back to India. As a result, Ida Scudder founded one of the most famous hospital and medical school in India.

So, back to our daughter, after hearing the story about Ida Scudder. She then 'decided' to also become a doctor so she could help the sick children and women in India and other places ( and not just read md clear reviews ) . Oh, this is another profession added to her list and I really wonder what she will seriously pursue when she's older.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Malaysia We Go

A few more days to go and we will be off to Malaysia for Christmas break. I guess, this is a much needed break for us after being sick as a family for the past weeks. Even as I am writing this now, my Hubby is still in the hospital for a check up. He hasn't fully recovered from the flu yet and I think what's he's feeling is a symptom of some other sickness. Praying that God will touch him and let him fully recover.

As for our break, we have to start making preparations for it like getting cheap auto insurance for our car.. and of course, start packing our bags!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thank God For His Healing!

It all started with a joint and muscle pains, then I grew weaker until I had high fever at night. After 2 days of fever, cough and colds, we decided to go to the hospital for check up. The Doctor suspected it to be either 2009 influenza or dengue fever. But he sent us for the flu test first. After the results, the Dr.said something like my result says it's positive but he's not definite for the 2009 Flu. We got a bit confuse with what's he was trying to say but nevertheless, he gave me Tamiflu. In a few hours time, I got better but then one by one, my family was also getting the flu.

We visited the hospital a couple more times to have my boy and Hubby checked. I do praise God for His provision too as hospital bills are getting more expensive now. I can't imagine those who are undergoing other kinds of treatment like mesothelioma treatment , their hospital bills must be so high.

Anyways, as for us, after a few days of medication and treatment, we are all feeling better. Praise God!

Intermission: On Payday Loans

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And so we take things one day at a time.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Runner

We took this video more than 2 years ago when my daughter was only 3.5 years old. This was her second time to run on the field that day. The first time she ran with her Appa and then the second time, she ran by herself. Brave girl!

Maybe if we continued to train her at such small age, she could have received a lot of sport trophies now. LOL!

Anyways, I hope that we could go to the stadium again and do some exercise. ;)

Operation Christmas Child

One of the ministries that blesses me so much is the Operation Christmas Child. This is the ministry in which people from the US, pack their gifts inside the shoe boxes and send to hundreds of countries worldwide.

Twice I had the privilege to volunteer in giving the shoes boxes to many unfortunate children in my hometown and nothing could just express the joy in the children's faces in opening their gifts. The main task of this organization is to let every child experience the joy of receiving gifts during Christmas and especially let them hear about the Giver of the gift of eternal life.

Anyways, I've just visited the OCC site and saw that they have something new online in which you can sponsor and 'build a box' and choose your gifts. We tried it because we wanted to sponsor a shoe box but unfortunately, it seems it's only open for US residents.

And speaking of shoebox, you might be interested to get shoebuy coupons online.

The 7 Dwarfs Kitchen

I need to take a photo of our kitchen. It looks kinda funny after our house owner raised our flooring without raising the sink and counters. So, now our sink is so low that it gives me back ache whenever I wash a lot of dishes. The height is just right for my 6 year old daughter though and she was so happy with it since she likes to wash the dishes.

But we had a big laugh when my brother-in-law ( who was here for a visit) came out of the kitchen and said, " I feel like I'm in the house of the 7 dwarfs when I'm inside your kitchen!". Yeah, that's the exact description of our kitchen now with the low sink and low counter-tops. Maybe I should get one of those pedestal sinks that's just right for our height so, grown ups can wash their hands and the dishes more comfortably.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Future Model

This is my 4 year old niece. She's a model wannabe and I think she really has a great future in this career. :) As you can see, she's a natural 'poser' and knows how to project with her facial expression. So cute huh?

I could just imagine her being one of the models for Gap, Levi's or Burberry. Hehehe!! Or maybe some beauty products. And speaking of beauty products, I need to read an article on therapores reviews the now.

Staying In My Bro's House

I praise God for his great favor and provision. My Mom, my daughter and I are here in my brother's house now. We never thought that we could visit my brother and we are so happy that God made this possible.

Even if our visit is just going to be short but we are thankful for the privilege to see them and experience how it is to be in the country where they are working. Oh, I've had some culture shocks on the first day I set foot in the country but I will have to share those later.

The weather is cold here and it makes me want to eat a lot. So, I really have to think of dieting and read some cleansonix reviews when I get back home. ;) I'll have to share more about our trip later.

Intermission: Detox

I think I will need to have some kind of detox when I get back home. I've been eating a lot lately and not everything I've taken in are the most nutritious and healthy food. I'm on the lookout for the best detox when I came upon opiate detox. Only to find out that this detox is a different kind, not the one I'm looking for.

Fun Times with Family and Friends

My sis family and friends who came for a visit already left to the Philippines last Friday. They stayed in our house for more than a week and I would say that I enjoyed that week so much.

I think I have really missed the Filipino kind of fellowship in which jokes are cracked and we will be laughing so hard until our jaw aches. I’m sure our neighbors would have been surprised why our house is filled with roaring laughter for a few nights. But I’m sure it would be okay for them because seldom we would have guests in our house and very seldom our house is noisy.

Anyways, I thank God for family, friends and laughter. These really refresh and renew the soul.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I have always been wondering what Black Friday was all about. I initially thought that this is the Friday during the Holy week. But when I checked it's actually the Friday after Thanksgiving when there's a countrywide sale in the US and other countries.

Then came Cyber Monday. This is now a worldwide sale online the Monday after Thanksgiving Day. Hmm.. so much of sale going on huh.. But I'm already contented buying some stuff from the 'after flood' sale in Hat Yai.

Putting the Star

While we were preparing our house for our family's arrival, we thought of putting our Christmas decorations too. Our li'l girl got so excited that she couldn't wait for us to set up the Christmas tree. Even if it was already so late, we just allowed her to stay up and help us decorate our house. But then, we asked her to leave the 'star' and let her brother put it up on our tiny tree. Lyle was already sleeping during the time we were decorating and so, we left the star for him to put so, at least he will have a part in the decoration.

But while we were finishing up, Lyle woke up and he got so excited to see the Christmas decorations. So, we let him put the star on the tree and he was so happy! He ended up dancing and singing his own song " Christmas Tree! Christmas Tree! Christmas Tree!" after putting the star. We just let him dance for awhile ( for him to start burning belly fat .. LOL!) and then put him back to sleep after his excitement waned.

So, that's the story of our early Christmas decors. I'm also planning to start the Christmas countdown on the first of December and also read them the Christmas story daily.

Fun and Busy Week

It's just now that I realized that it has been a week since my last post here. Well, I've been having a fun and busy week with our family and friends here in the city. So, that explains my absence from the blog world and even the internet world. And who would want to be glued to the internet when the 'real' people are already there in front of you to chat with "live"!

Oh, it has been really fun and I can't count how many times I've been giggling and laughing over many 'Filipino jokes' told by our Filipino 'guests'. Just this tonight we all went out for roti and tea and I guess, we were the nosiest in the shop. But it's good that the shop also had music playing over so, our laughter were 'muted' by the music.

Praise God for provision and for family who can regularly visit us here. Just a few months ago, my brother's family came and now my MOm and sister's family are here. We're really blessed with all their visits.

Okay, I better go now..it's already quite late and I'm so sleepy now that I could go to sleep even without natural sleep pills .

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Intermission: Online Reputation Management Quote

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Friends And Indian Meals

Thank God for friends, family and leaders who are very thoughtful and concern for everyone of us here. Many of our friends have been praying, calling and giving us encouragement during the time of the flood. Right after hearing the news, one of our leaders even immediately flew from Malaysia to our city and came to give us encouragement, moral support and assistance for the Center. We were so blessed by his presence and one of the sweetest gestures that he did was he cooked chicken curry and shrimp sambal that same day he left Malaysia and brought them to us. And wow, the curry and sambal that he cooked was just amazingly delicious!! So, our team has been enjoying Indian food for 2 days now. We are treating these curry and sambal like gold bullions since they're really so precious with the hope that they could last for many meals. They're just so delicious that we would want to eat them everyday for a week!!

And by the way, as I mentioned gold bullion, I remember that I saw in the news about the buying value of gold has gone down. So, if you want to invest in gold, there's no better time to buy than now.

Why Is It Flooding?

" Why is it flooding?", " Why is our houses flooded?". These have been my li'l boy's set of "why" questions during the 2 days flood in the house. I just couldn't count how many times he asked those questions. I guess, he was just too 'amazed' of the flood and seemed like he just couldn't believe what he is seeing like the streets are filled with water and there's water inside our house. Everytime he asks why, I mechanically explain to him why and ask him to pray for the flood to stop.

And right after the water has subsided, he was the one who would always say, ' there's no more flood!". Even a day after the incident while walking on the streets, he suddenly exclaimed, "There's no more flood!" Yes.. Praise the Lord!

Excited for Thai School

Oppsss.. I guess someone will be sad tomorrow.

Our li'l girl has been very excited to go back to her local Thai school but because of the rain last Monday ( which was supposed to be the 1st day of school for the second semester) classes has been canceled. And then, a few days ago, we saw a sign at the gate of her school which announces that classes were to resume tomorrow.

So. today we already prepared all her uniform and school stuff. And even let her sleep early. But then, I just found out ( a few minutes ago) that classes have been postponed and will only resume on the 11th.

So, that will be another few days wait again for our li'l girl.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Needs Of Many People

My Hubby is having a meeting right now with other friends who have the heart to help out the people most affected in the flood. In the area where they do the football training every Saturday, the water reached almost 2 meters there with most houses are only a single story houses. I don't know where they evacuated during the flood but one thing I'm sure is that they must have lost everything they own as they don't have a second floor to put their things up. :( Our hearts goes out with these people and it's our prayer that they will be able to see God even in this situation.

On another side, we went to checked the exchange rate a couple of days ago and found out the the shops here are giving very low exchange rates for Malaysian Ringgit. Just last week, the rate was 9.60 Baht for every 10.00 Malaysian Ringgit. We even felt that is already very low since it used to be 1:10 a couple of years back. But now, the rate has dropped further because of the flood with only 8.60 Baht per 10 RM. I guess, I would understand now why most investors would rather invest in gold coins rather than paper money.

The Flooded City Center in Hat Yai

My friend posted the following photos in her Facebook page and I was surprised to see that the water level in the city center has really reached so high. Yes, I've heard that the water has reached until 2-3 meters there, but it's still shocking to see the photos.

When we checked to see the city center the other day, it was really a mess with all the debris from the flood on the street. But the city mayor, civil servants and students has just done a clean up while the shops that got affected tried to sell all there wet and damaged goods at a very low price. Many of the shop owners lost almost everything with their point of purchase displays being badly damaged too. But they would rather earn a bit by selling the items at a very cheap price and earn some cash rather than throwing them away. So, the city was packed with people buying all the shirts, watches, shoes and bags only at 30-10% from the original price.

Hat Yai Flood Photos

Here are a few of the photos that my Hubby took during the flood on the 2nd of November this year. Our area wasn't the most affected area since it only reached until the waist level, but some areas have the flood water as high as 2-3 meters high.

During the time of the flood, I can't help but pray and think about the people who are living in one story houses. The current of the flood waters were really strong and one can see the people struggling to walk straight in the water. Praise God that most of the people in Hat Yai have been safe during the flood. And it's our prayer that those people who have been badly affected will be able to recover soon.

And here is my friend's photo of the flood on her area. The water almost reached the 2nd floor. But thank God she's safe.

Align Center

Friday, November 5, 2010

More Precious...

Solomon is one of the richest men ever record in the Bible. When he became King, God has blessed him with riches, wisdom, and honor. Every desire was met and all that he owned was beyond compare. But despite his richness he felt that everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind. Why do you think so?

In today’s times a lot of people are collecting precious metals, gold coins, and bullion as a form of investment. Men are truly fascinated with the beauty of gold, silver and other precious metals and it has always been related to changing the lives of many people.

King David said, “The law of your mouth is better to me than thousands of coins of gold and silver (Psalm 119:72). He also said, “Therefore I love your commandments more than gold, yes, than fine gold! (Psalm 199:127).

Now you know what King Solomon truly wanted in his life.

Thank You Lord!

I just want to thank God today for all that He has done in our lives. We thank Him for his divine protection and provision in our lives. Thank you Lord for giving us friends who gives us encouragement. Thank you Lord for relatives and friends who never fails to pray for us.

A Shelter from the Storm

I am thankful to God that the flood here in Thailand has finally come to an end. I am thankful for all the people who prayed for us. I am thankful for my family and friend’s safety. Some families in the other parts of the city have been greatly affected and some of them have no place to stay for the mean time because there house was flooded.

While writing about my flood experience here in Hatyai, I can’t help but be reminded of my flood experience in the Philippines. During those times, we don’t have a place to stay because our house was totally flooded. But God is a God who provides. One of my cousins, offered us to stay in her house as long as we want. Some of our neighbors who were also affected settled on built in tarps and canopies. In most affected barangays, blue poly tarps were put up just to accommodate those people who needed a place to stay.

It was a frightening experience especially for my daughter, but God allowed us to trust in Him for He is in control of the situation. This flood in Hatyai is nothing new to me because I have proven before that God is indeed in control of these situations in our life.

Hatyai Flood Short Update

For friends and family who prayed..thank you so much for your prayers! We are all safe now.. water only reached until waist level inside our house... we still don't have running water (3rd day) and internet connection in our house..please continue to pray for those families who are most affected in the city..the water reached to 2-3 meters in some parts of the city.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Intermission: The Good Patient

We went to the dentist yesterday for our daughter's 'last' dental appointment. They sealed her teeth and put fillings on her upper teeth too. While we were waiting at the reception hall, we hardly recognized her dentist because she was wearing medical scrub pants with her doctor uniform. She usually wears a dress inside her long lab coat. But yesterday was different. It must be because of the heavy rain which made her dressed more casually.

Anyways, my daughter really likes her dentist and would be observing her every move. And since this dental clinic is child friendly, they also give out 'rewards' for the kids after each procedure. So, yesterday, Tricia got a mini 'barbie' doll and her doctor praised her for being such a brave and good patient. Thank God for that!
The 'reward'

Thank God For Safety

There is a major flood in the city of Hat Yai now. But I consider it as a miracle that our house is not flooded. You see, our drainage in our neighborhood has some problems and even on the summer heat, it'll be full halfway. A heavy downpour for at least two hours will fill the drain so fast and that same water would enter our kitchen and sometimes dining area. We've experienced this a lot of times already.

But guess what, just last Saturday, some workers from the municipal came to clean up our drainage. They took out all the things that got stuck the drain water has really lowered. Then came the heavy downpour since yesterday. It rained non-stop and that caused the flood in most parts of the city. But miraculously, our neighborhood was spared and our drain didn't get full. Praise God!

Still our hearts are with most of the people here in the South. We're praying continuously that the rain would come to a complete stop. It's not raining now as I'm typing this post and I praise God for that. Thank You Lord for keeping us safe and answering our prayers!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Visitor Friendly

Part of my daily household chores is cleaning the house. And currently we are now busy preparing the house because family and friends will be coming over for a two-week vacation. I am excited about it but as of this moment I am busy making my house visitor friendly. I am preparing the guest rooms and making sure that they're free from bugs and other pesky insects. Houston Pest Control is good about getting rid of these bugs and insects but I will just have to settle for insect sprays for the mean time. I want my visitors to be comfortable when they sleep since I want them to have the nicest experience while staying at our house. I also hope that by the time our flooring is raised all the small frogs won't be able to enter our house anymore too.

Anyways, we're all excited for their coming and hope the days will come fast.

Buy 1 Take 1 Phones

There's a lot of buy 1 take 1 items on sale in the hypermarkets this month. One thing that amazes me is their buy 1 free 1 offer for Samsung and LG mobile phones. These are just the basic phones without cameras and other extras but these are already good deals for me since I'm not a heavy cellphone user. I even forget to charge my phone and put credit. It has been like my Hubby's job to put credit to my phone and sometimes charge it. So, I guess even an iphone with iphone warranty won't be of much use to me.. but what are iphones by the way? ;)

Two More Days for November

I'm excited that it's only another 2 more days before the month of November. It means that my mom and group is almost coming. My li'l girl has always been asking me on how many more days before her granny comes. I couldn't give her a figure since I didn't get to count yet. Now, that it's going to be November, it'll be easier to count since they will be arriving on the 16th of November here in Hat Yai.

I'm praying that they will have a good and pleasant trip especially as they have to travel all the way from our city to Manila then Bangkok and then Hat Yai.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Intermission: Depuy Hip Recall

We've heard about all kinds of product recalls. But have you heard about the Depuy hip recall? You may not be familiar with this product but if you've had a hip replacement surgery, you have to read on. Depuy Orthopedics, a company owned by Johnson and Johnson has just recalled almost 100,000 of their hip replacement systems. Users of these products have complained of severe pain and swelling with some of them needing a second hip replacement surgery that's why the company recalled their product. Many of the affected people now are claiming for liabilities just like some of the people did in the Accutane lawsuit. So, if you're a user of this product and have been feeling pain and swelling, you have to immediately consult your doctor and lawyers.

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My Top 2 Songs of the Month

I have a lot of favorite contemporary Christian songs in Youtube now. My most fave at this time is Phil Wickham's True Love. I've listened to this song countless of times already but I still can't get enough of it. My second fave is Light Up the Sky by The Afters.

Here is a music video of the the song. Listen and I think you will like it too.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My li'l girl has fever today. She actually has a cough for a few days now. I think she got the cough from me since I've had a cough for a few weeks already. She has already taken medicine and praying that she will fully recover tomorrow. Classes are already going to start next week, so she has to be at the pink of health by the weekend.

I will also have to take some rest now and stop doing my online work (for now). I can already see that I'm tired and would need under eye cream for dark circles . Good night everyone!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Please Buy Green Tea For Me

Every time Hubby goes out, he never fails to ask me if ever I want anything for him to bring back. If he goes out at night, I usually ask for my fave Chayen, but during the daytime that would anything that we need in the house from bread to fresh milk.

Well, as our kids listen to our conversation, they too will tell their requests. One morning, our li'l boy was adorably asking his Appa, " Tan u buy green tea por me?" We can't help but be amused. Of all the things he wanted, it's Green Tea. It's actually my kids' favorite drink. Anyways, my Hubby left for work but unfortunately he forgot about my son's request ( the green tea). When he came, our li'l boy was running to meet him and he didn't forget his request as he was looking to see if his appa was bringing his green tea. Then, realizing that his green tea wasn't there, he stood top of the stairs with his arms crossed and mouth pouting, saying " You did not buy green tea for me?" LOL! That facial expression was just precious! Hubby had to apologize and ask our li'l girl to buy green tea from the neighbor shop. Oh, good that our kids' request these days are just simple and easier to fulfill. I can't imagine if they will be requesting us to buy gold bars or other expensive items. LOL!

Memory Verse From A-Z

One of the things I like from our home school program is that my li'l girl has a weekly memory verse that she has to remember. The memory verses are actually arranged according to the first letter of the word , from A-Z. So, by the end of the 26th week, she would have memorized 26 verses starting from letter A to Z.

I find the system quite effective since it's easier for the kids to remember the preceding verses. And it also comes with a supplement CD where the verses were turned into songs which makes the verses easier to remember. Lastly and more importantly, these memory verses have led us to explain the Word more to our li'l girl in a way she can understand. Just today, as her memory verse was from John 3:7 " Marvel not as I said unto thee, ye must be born again". She then immediately asked, "how can we be born again?" After explaining to her what it means to be born again, it was as if a light has dawn unto her and she excitedly said, " Oh, that's what it means to be born again!" and even told her Granny about it as they voice chatted over Skype. Well, thank God for our homeschool and thank God for our li'l girl! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Health or Beauty

I've spent some time this evening reading some articles about some allegedly 'health or herbal products' that are not safe at all as they contain some hidden chemicals or ingredients. Sometimes, we can't just believe the labels on the products these days unless we know for sure that they have been duly approved and certified as safe from the authorities. But even those 'certified' ones are being recalled as further research shows them to be unsafe. Just take for example, a lot of diet pills are categorized as health supplements or herbal supplements. But many of these diet pill side effects can last for a very long time and is not good for the health.

So, if we were to choose between health which means living longer and healthily or beauty which can mean slimmer figure but through potentially harmful chemical from slimming products, which one should we choose?

I would choose health over beauty. So that's why I'm getting rid of my 'natural' slimming coffee which might possibly damage my health in the future.

The Gem

Our friend gave us a gem stone from Myanmar. I kept it safely inside its small box until my li'l girl saw it. She became so curious with the gem that she would be staring at it for a long time. She actually asked me if she could have it. I don't know why she suddenly likes gems but I guess it has something to do from one of the Barbie movies she watched. Anyways, I told her that I can only give it to her when she grows up and maybe make it as a stone for her ring. She was so happy about it and from time to time asks me about it. Oh, kids these days are different. I remember that I only asked for a Barbie when I was young. I even have to save up a portion of the cost so, I can have a Barbie of my own. I just hope my girl won't ask me to buy gold, a car or anything expensive for her next time. :)

Yummy Sunday- Burger! Burger!

It was our son's 3rd birthday last week and we had a kiddie party. One of the dishes we served were the chicken burgers. We had to ask our friend who came from Penang to bring us the burger patties from Malaysia because we couldn't find burger patties here in Hat Yai. Burger patties in Malaysia are also quite cheap.

I think the burgers turned out alright because out of the 30 burgers we made there were only 2 left overs. Considering that we also served other dishes. But the funny thing is that, after the party, when I opened the fridge, I saw the big packet of cheese slices inside. Uh, oh, we forgot to put the cheese!!! But it was too late... LOL!

For more Yummy Sunday Entries, please visit Bogie of Perfectly Blended.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Vitamins Please

Praise God that we have like a complete yearly supply of children's vitamins. We give out these vitamins in the villages and at the same time our kids take the same vitamins. It's a chewable vitamins and as expected the kids love them. We don't have to remind them to take their vitamins but instead they like to take more than the dosage. This is not much of a problem for my li'l girl who is thin and would need more of the best vitamins. But my li'l boy on the other hand is already quite chubby and won't need much extra vitamins. So, I always have the problem of saying No to them whenever they want to take more vitamins.


My Nanay ( Mom) just celebrated her 70th birthday 2 weeks ago. They had a surprise party for her during the prayer meeting at the church. Our family here in Thailand couldn't do anything but just wished we were there to celebrate her special day with her.

The picture above is my Mom. Can you believe that she's already 70 years old? People who see her might ask her about her secret of looking young and anti aging product that works. But the truth is, she doesn't use any products except Neutrogena for cleansing. I believe that it's just God's joy that radiates from within her that makes her strong and younger looking.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cosmetology Defined

As the years pass by, career choices are getting more and more specialized. During my university time, I've never heard of a career in Cosmetology. I even mistakenly thought that Cosmetology is a career that has something to do with the cosmos and the constellations. Silly me!

Now, a lot of people are taking up courses or trainings in cosmetology. There is even one reputable cosmetology school in the US that has been founded more than 50 years ago, the Regency Beauty Institute. This institute has more than 80 campuses in over 19 states. So, if you're looking for a cosmetology school in Phoenix , you will surely find one there too.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Passport to India


Our homeschool curriculum has this extra program called My Passport to India that gives every child a glimpse of the real India and at the same time enables them to have a burden for the people. This is a 5 week program and we are currently in Day 5. Our li'l girl enjoys this program and excitedly looks forward to it.

This program aims to :
  • Explore India's incredible, diverse culture, people and places
  • Enhance your homeschooling with unique educational resources
  • Meet some people God is using to bring the Gospel to India's 400+ million unreached
  • Discover how you can reach boys and girls in India with the love of Jesus by supporting Children's Bible Clubs!
If you're family is interested to embark on a journey to India then check out their site : http://www.mypassporttoindia.org

Upside Movie

I'm looking forward to watch this movie in DVD or blu ray movies. I tried to search for it once online but it seems it's not available online yet. If you try to watch the trailer, you'll know that it's a good movie that will leave you inspired and encouraged at the end. Well, that's the beauty of Christian movies, just like Letters to God or Fireproof.

Of Activities and Bob the Builder

While writing about the cement work that's going to start in our house this Thursday, I suddenly wondered what activities I will have to do with my kids to keep them from going downstairs while the work is going on. For sure, it'll be dusty while they mix the cement sand and water. Our li'l boy on the other hand loves sand but is allergic to dust.

I'm sure they will be excited to see construction workers working in our house. They both love the cartoon character, Bob the Builder with his construction helmet and sometimes bifocal safety glasses. And now they will get to see these 'builders' in action.

Moving Up

Since our house owner's contractors will start doing work (raise the flooring at the ground floor) this Thursday, we have to move all the things from the ground floor up to the second floor. That includes our dining set, fridge and kitchen cabinet and other stuff ( excluding kitchen blinds). I know it'll be quite cramp and messy upstairs. That's why I hope it won't take a long time for them to do the cement work. So for many days our kitchen, dining area and living area will all be upstairs. :)

Drowsy But Feeling Better

I'm a bit drowsy now. It must be because of the medication that I'm taking for my sinusitis. Praise God that I'm not coughing much now too. The doctor told me that my cough should be gone in 2 days after taking the medication. But if it persists, he asked me to go back to his clinic for an X-ray. I know I won't be going back after 2 days. I've felt much better even after taking my medicine for the first time this afternoon. Thank God.

Getting sick even like a simple cold is really not a good experience. It affects everything, your physical body and your mood. That's why I admire those people who are sick but can still do things normally.

And speaking of sickness, there is a site that offers help for those affected by Mesothelioma .

Shopwiki Contributor

I used to be a Shopwiki contributor. I used to write buying guide articles up to 400 words on different products or topics such as matouk linens, children climbers, furniture sets and etc. It was quite a challenging online job for me since it required me to be more creative and be more aware of my grammar and spelling as I write. But then, as I got busy with the kids and other things, I had to abandon that online work since it consumed too much of my time. But still I was thankful for that experience and especially the compensation that I received as a product guide article writer.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Our li'l boy is really growing bigger by the minute. I remember just buying for him new shirts and sweaters a few months ago and now they are getting tight for him. So now I won't buy shirts that are just the right size for him since I know he will outgrow them fast. I have to buy clothes that are like 2 sizes more than his actual size so that he will be able to wear them for a longer period of time.

Anyways, thank God for our healthy li'l boy!!

Very Friendly

When we were in the hospital today for my check up. I saw that my Hubby was talking to someone whom I thought he knew before hand. The man seemed very friendly as they had a casual talk. And only later I knew that he was selling insurance and sample life insurance to my Hubby. Hubby also entertained him and they were talking like they were good friends. I asked my Hubby why he still entertained him when we already have an insurance. He said that he just wants to know what they offer so he can compare with our insurance. It turns out that theirs is more expensive with what we have.

If that was me, I would immediately tell the agent that I already have an insurance and end the conversation. But my Hubby is also very friendly and likes to talk so, he entertained the agent and even asked some questions. Hmm.. I guess my Hubby can also make a good insurance agent. LOL!

After the Chile Miners' Rescue

I just read some updates about the 33 Chile Miners in the news. After all the limelight and the fame, it's sad to know that many of them are back to their shabby homes without an assurance of the future. Yes, they have a book deals and movie offers but that will only come after a few months. As many of them said, mining is the only thing they only know so, it would be difficult for them to look for another job. The 33 miners along with other 300 miners of that mining company are now jobless since the company has filed for bankruptcy. The miners used to mine copper and gold which are used to make gold bullion.

These miners have been through a lot during the 69 days in underground but Praise God that they are all safe and healthy. I just hope and pray that they won't be forgotten by their government after the much publicized rescue efforts.

Hubby's Back

Hubby is back from Malaysia! He was away for the weekend to send my Mom-in- aw back to her hometown. Mom-in-law has been here with us for almost 3 weeks and praise God for those 3 weeks. We were all able to spend quality time with her and she was also able to rest well as she hasn't been well before she came.

And after they left, the kids really missed their Ammachi ( Grandmother) and Appa during the weekend. One night, our li'l boy woke up at the middle of his sleep and looked for his Ammachi and Appa. Our li'l girl also wanted to always talk to her Appa on the phone. It' would be cheaper to call to Malaysia through the cellphone but I didn't have credit and have misplaced my cell phone chargers so we just called using our landline.

Now, Hubby's back and we are all happy and excited that he is back home with us.

One Step Higher

Our house owner came yesterday with his contractors. They are already going to start working in our house this coming Thursday. They are actually going to raise our flooring a step higher. This will hopefully prevent the water from coming in our house whenever there's heavy rainfall.

We were actually so ready move out from the house after the water came inside the kithen and dining area a month ago, but then as we went around town to look for a new house, we just couldn't find any.

We are giving ourselves another week to look for a new house. We just want a simple 3 bedroom house with a garage so the kids can have a place to play outside. We don't want luxurious houses with bath tubs or fireplaces as this will also come with a price. If we couldn't find any house that's suitable for our family, we will have to stay back here. Hopefully with the house a step higher, the water won't be able to get inside the house anymore during the rainy season.


We just came from the hospital for my check up. My cough has gotten worse and it was only then I realized that I've had this cough for a month now. It started as a normal cough so, I really didn't take any medication but just made sure I drank a lot of water. It went off for awhile and then back again a few more times. And then last week, I've been experiencing constant headache and slight fever with the cough. That's when I decided to go to the hospital for a check up.

I've been diagnosed with sinusitis. It's not a serious illness and my sis and bro even have this. I never thought I could have it but now it seems I'm part of the 'club'. I've heard that once you get a sinusitis this will recur several times. I'm praying for complete healing since its not really easy to be weak and get sick during these times.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

ISTJ - My Personality Type

We did the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test last weekend and it was great experience for us. I remember taking this test a few years back but then, I somehow forgot all about it already. Anyways, since we already know ourselves, it's still helpful to take the test and somehow reconfirm on what we know about ourselves.

Since we took this test as a team, knowing our team mate's personality type is also helpful to further understand his/her strength and weaknesses so that everyone can coordinate and further work together peacefully.

Well, I am an ISTJ - Introvert, Sensing, Thinker, Judge. In a nutshell, my personality type is the 'duty fulfiller', organized and dependable. According to the studies, " ISTJ has what it takes to be highly effective at achieving their chosen goals - whatever they may be. "

It has also been described that the ISTJ's are the students who write term papers on their own and submits them on time with great satisfaction with their work. That could actually describe me when I was still in High School or university. I have never submitted a paper that is way past the deadline and most of the time, I am quite satisfied with my work. Well, those were the days when there weren't any research paper writing service or custom essay writing services yet.

Anyways, I'm proud to be an ISTJ. I am happy and contented the way that God has made me. My Hubby is an ENFP, a complete opposite of my personality type. But you know what? We do complement each other a lot and it's amazing how God can make opposites attract and live together happily and peacefully! :))

The Desires of Our Hearts

Things hasn't been easy for us the past weeks. But praise God for his grace and strength that we can move on. Life is a journey and indeed every step is a learning experience for us. I'm just glad that our God never gets tired of us, leading us and guiding us all the way through.

And while we are on the 'learning and relearning' phase of our lives, we are excited over a few things. It is just our prayer that God will give us favor and give us the desires of our hearts according to His will and for the purpose of His glory. :)))

Monday, October 4, 2010

Healthy Kids

Praise God that our kids has been very healthy and haven't gotten sick for the past months. Before, they were always susceptible to getting colds or cough especially our li'l boy. I think our consistent giving of Vitamin C has also helped. We've been giving our kids multi vitamins in the past but haven't really been giving them vitamin C. It was my brother who told us the importance of Vitamin C. And true enough, our kids' immune system seems quite stronger now through this vitamin. I think my brother could be a good health products affiliate huh? :) But kidding aside, I'm just so thankful that my kids are well and healthy.

11 Days to Go!

It'll be another 11 days and my boy will be turning 3 years old. We still didn't make any concrete plans for his birthday celebration whether we will be having a kiddie party or grown up party or maybe just celebrate it with the family. Well, it all depends..

Initially, I have thought of having a Spiderman themed birthday party for our li'l guy since he just loves Spiderman. It's a pity though that I wasn't able to make preparations earlier since I could have asked my Mom and sis to send me some of the Spideman birthday stuffs... but then they will be coming in November. Thinking about this now, makes me want to move my son's birthday in November when they arrive so, they can bring all the party stuff and at the same time Lyle's cousins from the Philippines will also be here. But I guess a month delay birthday celebration would be a bit funny huh?

I'm not actually dreaming of a big birthday party celebration for him in which we would need party event canopies, RV canopies or other types of canopies to cater to large number of guests. I just want a simple yet fun celebration where my kids will enjoy and remember for a very long time.

Mondays = Off Day!

Yehey! It's official, Monday is now considered as off day for Hubby and the rest of the team. Whew! That's actually a great relief and we're thankful for this great news from our leaders. You see, for many weeks or maybe months (?) now, we have been busy with teams which usually comes during the weekend. So, even if Sunday is supposed to be a rest day but with teams and activities, there hasn't been much chance for the team to really have an off day which leaves everyone quite stressed and drained week after week.

I believe God is really wanting us to REST these days, not just in the physical sense but in every aspect of our lives. Just the other day, I read the passage in Streams in the desert which says,
"Not overwork but overflow". Straining and striving does not accomplish the work that God gives us to do.. but rather its our overflowing life that streams from our constant rest and trust in HIM.

It's really true, no matter how hard we work but all these is in vain if we do not constantly rest and trust God who is the source of everything.. but the more we rest and trust in HIM, everything else that's needed will just naturally overflow.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sorry, Amma

I Love You, Thank You and Sorry. These are the 3 most precious phrases that I love to hear from my kids. I'm glad that my kids are quick to say all these phrases and most of the time without telling them to say so.

I especially find it so cute when my toddler who still can't speak with clarity utter those phrases which sound more like .. I wove you! Thanchu! and Sowi! So cute!

Anyways, when someone is at fault, it's always a must to say sorry and be forgiven. But in legal matters, sometimes it's not enough to say sorry. There are consequences for certain actions and that's why a lawsuit is being filed. Let's just say for example the Accutane Lawsuit or Trasylol lawsuit . The severe injuries or damages could have been avoided if the companies were just more careful.


I completely forgot. I was trying to recall and think when is Thailand's Independence day when I saw a lot of flags lately, but only remembered that Thailand doesn't have one, since they were never conquered by any country in the first place. How silly of me! Now, I remember why this country is also known as "Land of the Free".

So, their national day actually falls on the King's birthday which is on the 5th of December. This is one of the most awaited and most significant occasions in the country. The Thais really respect their King so much. They are also quite patriotic and proud to display their national flags like car flags or stick flags any time of the year.

Anyways, my hubby and I together with our kids have been in this country for several years now. I've grown to love this place and its people. As my Hubby says, this is more like a home to us than any of our own respective countries since this is where we spent most of our time as a couple and as a family. Praying that indeed God will bless this nation with His presence and His grace. God bless Thailand!


Our life is a journey in which we enter different phases or time. As the wise man in Ecclesiastes says, there is a time for everything.

My Hubby and I feel that we are entering a different phase in our lives and ministry at this moment. We just need more of God's wisdom and grace to pass through this phase in our lives with victory and the main objective that is to glorify His name.

5 Minutes

I can't remember the title of the movie, but I remember the part in which the man says that you will know what matters most to the person if he only has 5 more minutes to collect his belongings and he will surely take all those first. So, the girl tested her fiance by putting on the fire alarm, and true enough her fiance took all his material possessions, not sure though if gold bullions included and even forgot all about the girl. And surely, the girl knew that she didn't matter to him at all and left him.

What about us? What are our precious belongings? Would it be material possessions, our loved ones or other stuff?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

When They Grow Up

My friend and I were just talking about our kids. She told me of how her boy has grown up so fast and now refuses to be hugged and kissed by her in public. I now boys will really have to grow in that stage where they will grow up and be embarrassed to be seen with the mom. These will also be the times when they will be so conscious about their looks and buy all the promotional products available.

The reality that my boy will grow up to be a young man has somehow led me to always cherish these times when he is still small and enjoys unlimited hugs and kisses by me. Though sometimes I wish that he will grow up fast and independent but now part of me wants to hold on these times when I can cuddle him to the maximum.

Reading All the Letters


I'm very much into "Letter based" movies now. A few nights ago, I watched the "Letters to Juliet" movie, followed by "Letters to God" and lastly " Dear John". I would have to say that all these movies are very nice with "Letters to God" leaving me crying and truly inspired. The other letters were feel good movies too but more on the romantic side. I was relieved that "Dear John" ended happily as I've always been left teary eyed with Nicolas Sparks books' based movies.

As I'm writing this now, my kids are watching "Letters to God". I would have to ask a feedback from them after watching the movie. :)

If you haven't watched this movie yet, I suggest you grab a copy and be inspired.. " You are a letter... not with pen and ink but with the Spirit of the Living God." 1 Corinthians 3:3

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Healthy Drink

I've read a lot of articles and reviews about the benefits of drinking Green Tea. After being convinced of those articles written by the so-called experts, I bought a box of green tea that same week. But the days have passed by and so have weeks, but that box of green tea packets remained unopened and untouched.

For a few days after buying the box of tea, I was always deciding which one to drink for my morning breakfast, Tea or Coffee.. tea or coffee ,.. tea or coffee.. COFFEE!! Obviously, as a coffee lover, the benefits of green has always been shunned over my preference of that delicious cup of coffee.

And since it's accepted that I can never have tea with my morning breakfast, I'm now changing a little bit and have decided to drink my green tea before going to sleep. I've been drinking a cup of green tea for a few nights now. So, hopefully, I can still gain all the healthful benefits of green tea everyday.

And with this, I'm desiring to get a Christmas tea gift set, so my family and I with friends can enjoy Christmas tea during the holidays. It'll be nice to have those beautifully wrapped tea sets as a present. :)

Yummy Sunday - Bigby's

I miss Bigby's. This is one of my favorite restuarant in our city. Though their prices are not very cheap but they are indeed reasonable since everything is just delicious with a hefty serving.

Above is a photo of one of the dishes we ordered when we went there last year. I apologize for forgetting the name of this dish, but I think these were chicken fingers. :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

December Gift Giving

It's going to be Christmas in few months time. Well, I'm always excited about Christmas. One thing I'm excited about it is the opportunity for us to show the love of Christ through gift giving. Every Christmas, our church has this gift giving time for all the neighbors and the less privileged. I remember taking part of the other years, gift giving program and it was indeed a blessed time.

I also remember the fun everyone had when it was time for them to choose second hand items like men's clothing, women's dresses, bags and etc. that has been collected from every church member. At the end, everyone went back home bringing so many things, gifts, grocery bags and the second hand items they got. Everyone sure went back with a big smile on their faces and the experienced of receiving Christ love together with all the material gifts.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Cool Mom

My Mom ( Nanay) is turning 70 years old next month. But when you see her in person, you'll never believe that she'll be in her 70's. She doesn't have any beauty secrets at all like hgh releasers or such but one thing for sure, God has been her strength and support all through the years.

Aside from my Mom being young looking, she's also internet savvy as she has an active Facebook account, a blog and has much knowledge on internet activities and transactions. Didn't I say I have a cool Mom, and I'm proud to have one. :)

My mom at the middle

No More Breaks

After declaring a break from my 'diet' and exercise, I also stopped taking my health supplements. I know, I should never take a break from a healthy lifestyle, but I think I still have this 'crash' diet mentality that I treat "healthy diet" as one of the fad diets. Sigh!

I will have to always remind myself that I aim to be healthy not just to lose these extra weight but so that I can glorify God by living healthily and thus preserving and taking care of the gift of LIFE that he has given me. So, there must be no more 'breaks' for me.

And by the way, speaking about health supplement, does anyone knows what are the hgh supplements for?

The Sleeping Habit

My li'l boy has this new habit before going to sleep. Apart from drinking his milk from the bottle, he wants to touch my face. At first, I liked this gesture because I found it so sweet. But later on, I found it disruptive since after touching my face for a few minutes, he will then be pinching it so hard! Ouch! But sometimes, I just couldn't resist letting him touch my face before sleeping because with his sweet voice he would ask me, " an I tash yo pace? " ( Can I touch your face?) .. Awww.. so sweet of him, but only if he doesn't pinch my face so hard that I would need some kind of treatment or some type of acne products after he does so. Haayy.. this is my li'l boy...

Starting All Over Again

Finally! After weeks and days of planning to get back to my exercise routine, I've finally done Day 1 today. It really feels great to exercise. Hopefully, I will this will go on until I'm totally fit and healthy and won't think about getting the best weight loss pills anymore.

It's so obvious that I haven't done my exercise for quite a long time because once again, I feel breathless everytime I do the cardio exercises like jumping jacks in the exercise video I'm following.

Pasalubong List

I'm already excited for my Mom and Sis' family's coming in November. I know that it's still more than a month to go before they come but I'm already mentally listing the things that I want them to bring for me from the Philippines. I hope that the best acne product can be found there but I guess, I havnt tried any product yet that really suited me. But anyways, I will surely ask them to bring a few of my favorite food, cologne and other stuff. :)

Growing Taller

I'm so amused to know that my li'l boy has grown so much taller now. And aside from that, he seems to be losing a bit more weight too. I haven't checked his weight yet but it does seem that his tummy and legs are a bit smaller. Of course, I didn't have to check the fast weight loss solutions for him but I think he is slowly losing his baby fats. I hope the Amma ( me!) will follow suit too. LOL!


My brain is kinda stuck. I'm just been staring in the computer monitor for so long already but I still I don't have any 'creative' ideas on the articles that I need to write for car insurance companies and the like. I think my mind is so occupied with the things that I have to finish this weekend and at the same time wondering whether I will have enough time to finish them. Oh, I pray that I will have the time and the wisdom to do all these this weekend apart from doing my household chores and homeschool for my girl.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vegetables and Veggie Tales

Our kids love watching the Veggie Tales. They actually saw their videos a few months ago when we went to visit our friends in Malaysia. Ever since, they've grown to love Larry and Bob. I myself, can't help but be amused by these Veggie friends. They're just so cute and funny! I hope that watching these vegetables can help me and my kids love to eat vegetables too, especially those that had grown through hydroponic systems . :))

English Classes in the Province

Time really flies fast. Another 2 more weeks and then the English courses that we're conducting in the province will be over. I'm sure the teachers are going to miss the students. I myself only taught the students a few days and I grew to like them and appreciate their attentiveness and interest in learning ( except maybe for one or tw0).

Blogging about this also reminds me to continue to make the student's workbook that they will be using next 2 weeks. we've been kinda busy developing the curriculum for this specialized English class for resort, hotel, restaurant, travel agencies' owners and staff. And I just thank God for the various materials and resources to be found in the internet. If not for the internet, it would be very difficult coming out with a curriculum for this.

I think I could have taken Education as my degree in the University. I'm finding out now that most of the work that I do these days are in that department. Though I'm not so keen in teaching, but I like developing curriculum, activities and materials for any English course. Hmm.. I could have research degrees before I took mine. But then, interior design was interested me so much in the past and still no regrets about it because I know that experience wasn't wasted.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Proud of My Li'l Girl

Hubby just had a chat with the school principal yesterday as he fetched our girl from school. I'm so happy with the report of Tricia's teacher about her performance in class. The teacher seemed to have told the principal that Tricia is a very good student and learns very fast. And even if she's not a local Thai, she is even better than many of her Thai classmates especially in Thai reading an writing. Wow! I was so happy with that report. I've always thought that Tricia's on the average side when it comes to her Thai subjects since I don't expect her to fully understand her class. You see, she's in a local Thai school and the medium of instruction of all subject is Thai except for her once a week English class. I myself don't pressure her when it comes to her homework and stuff since my real 'goal' for her Thai school is for her to socialize with other kids and for her to learn a bit of Thai. And since I consider her Thai school as supplementary to her home school, we also don't send her everyday of the week. In a week, she will at least miss a class or two. Opppss..

But all in all, I thank God for our li'l girl. I thank God for giving her wisdom in everything she does and especially the joy to go to school even if she's the only 'foreigner' in that local school.

Congratulations 2010

This month is the Graduation month in Thailand. Everywhere you'll see the signage ' Congratulations 2010' as a wish to all the newly graduates. Most of the fast-food chains and restaurants will also be filled with families and friends who come in groups as they celebrate.

Just last night, when we did our groceries at Carrefour, we were so surprised with the big crowd of people. It's not the usual weeknight crowd in Carrefour. It was only when we remembered that it's the graduation month. We saw some girls with bouquet of flowers and gifts. It's really a big celebration for them.

And speaking of celebration, I'm already trying to think of how to celebrate my li'l boy's birthday. It'll be nice to have a 'fair-like' themed party with popcorn machines, cotton candy machines and ice cream maker everywhere and where kids can just line up and have popcorn and all these goodies. But then, it'll be expensive to have these kind of parties and not to mention we're not inviting a lot of kids on his birthday too. I'd better make our li'l boy's celebration simple yet fun and a lot of fellowship with friends.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Silver Crown

My li'l girl's root canal has already been done! Praise God because she was indeed brave enough to go through the whole procedure. Of course, she cried when they were giving her the injection but after that she was okay.

Last Sunday, was her 2nd session for the treatment and also the fixing of her crown. The crown was 'silver' in color. Of course, they didn't fix the porcelain crown ( thank God!) because her tooth was still a baby tooth so, it'll go off when she turns 12. Our li'l girl didn't expect her tooth to be silver too. And she was worried and cried after seeing her treated tooth with a different color. I had to console her and tell her that it's cool to have a silver crown. I convinced her more by telling her that I even love to wear silver jewelry so, it's okay to have a silver tooth. When her Appa came to fetch us, her Appa jokingly told her too that whenever we don't have money, we will take her tooth out to exchange her silver tooth with money because her tooth is expensive..LOL! It's almost like we buy gold as an investment huh? So, after that, our girl was already happy with her silver tooth and was showing it to everyone. Whew!

Yummy Sunday - Phat Pung Kalee Puu

Phat Pung Kalee Puu or Stif fried Crab curry is one special dish that we like to order whenever we go to Ton Tarn Restaurant. The seafood shop at the Fresh Market cooks better Crab curry but then, we rarely go there since it's just on the street and we're afraid that the kids will just be running around the streets. :)

Anyways, if you love crabs, better try to order this dish and I'm sure you will like it!

A Relaxing Weekend

What's a relaxing weekend for me? It's actually just lazing around the house and playing with the kids without thinking about the laundry and the food to cook. During these times, I also get pampered by my kids as one of them will 'massage' my legs while one plucks some of my 'white' hair. They love doing these for me and maybe next time I will get one of those massage tables to complete the pampering. LOL!

Kidding aside, it's nice to just laze around once in awhile. Hmm.. this is truly a nice and relaxing weekend. :)

Intermission : SSD

It's just now that I'm aware of SSDI in the US or social security disability insurance. This is some kind of an income for their citizens who are unable to work because of disability. Whether or not the condition of the citizen improves, it is assured that they get the income.

So, how do you qualify for this benefit? A person qualifies if they

* have a physical or mental condition that prevents them from engaging in any "substantial gainful activity", and

* the condition is expected to last at least 12 months or result in death, and

* they are under the age of 65, and

* generally, have worked 5 out of the last 10 years as of the determined date of onset of disability

Being A Blessing

My Hubby just arrived after visiting Center's neighbor who got sick and is admitted in the hospital. This man's sickness has actually worsened over the weeks and even the Doctor already put a 'time limit' for his life.

When Hubby and friends went to the hospital to visit him, they can't help but feel for the man. The man was in tears as he saw them. He was touched by their gesture to visit him. He said, all his other neighbors and friends never visited him but he was surprised to see them there. Hubby and friends prayed for him, comforted him and told him that they will visit him more often. Please help us pray for his man, that God will heal him not just physically but spiritually too. That no matter what happens, he will be assured to be in God's loving hands.

The PO Box Key

Oh, our PO Box key is lost again. It was with the motorbike key and that is also missing. I just don't know where they ran off together. :)

But seriously though, Hubby just had that PO Box key replaced as it has also been misplaced last year. And to replace it, we had to pay some kind of a 'punishment' fee as I would call it that is so expensive ( for me). Hmm.. maybe we will just have to give up our PO Box. Anyways, we can use our house address now to receive mails and packages. And with more people using the internet, we mostly communicate through emails, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook and the like now. So, sending letters, postcard mailing service and cards are slowly getting to be obsolete. Even real gifts are being replaced by virtual gifts now. Yeah, and some of these virtual gifts are actually being bought with a price.

Anyways, back to PO Box key. I still hope that we can find that. We have to return it to the post office whether or not we want to continue with our subscription.

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