Sunday, February 28, 2010

60 Baht Glasses

We were in Carrefour yesterday and I was amazed when I saw that the cheap glasses that they used to sell and 99 Baht is now on sale at 60 baht!! No, I won't get tempted anymore. I know what these cheap glasses can do to my eyes. They can surely spoil my eyes can give me terrible headache. I had experienced that before, I used my hubby's sunglasses which we bought at a very cheap price and we regretted buying them. I better wait, save a bit of money and buy good quality sun glasses for my self and Hubby. We will definitely be needing good quality sunglasses as summer is fast approaching.

And by the way, speaking about sunglasses, if you are in need of cheap but quality prescription eyeglasses, then try to buy them at one famous online shop called Zenni Optical. This shop has great online reviews from very satisfied customers like the article that I just read just now. With our economy now, it is still possible to get quality and durable stuff but at a very low cost. And by the way, these glasses are not just cheap and of good quality but they're stylish and fashionable too.

Yummy Sunday - Lab-Gre Shake

Introducing the Lab Gre Shake. Recipe created since 1986.

Even before Mcflurry was introduced in the market, my cousin and I already 'discovered' the yummy taste of putting the following inside the blender: Nips chocolate (similar to M&Ms), Nissan wafer, Hero cookies ( similar to Oreo) together with the crushed ice, chocolate powder, milk and sugar. We were only elementary students at that time and we kinda experimented with our new blender. Both of us were also chocoholics so, that explains how we collaborated on this great recipe.

The ingredients:

Anyways, when I went back home last year, I introduced our original Lab Gre shake to my nieces and nephews..and they loved it!

By the way, we named the shake Lab Gre because that's our ( my cousin and I) nicknames joined together.

Of Sports and Baseball

This is a sponsored post.

I'm not much of a sports fan. My Hubby is. He likes to watch football especially the English premiership and his favorite team is Liverpool. And of course for the World Cup 2010 that's going to be held in South Africa, he is sure going to support England. I, on the other hand had zero knowledge about football and I only got to understand the game after marrying my Hubby. :)

Anyways , for all the sports fans out there, I'm sure that they are very keen to check out pages and websites of their favorite sports, their favorite team or team player.. And if you happen to be a baseball fan or a baseball player then you might want to check out Aaron Breslow's blog. Aaron Breslow has a great passion for baseball so that's why he created a special blog for it. Aaron Breslow covers everything in his baseball blog from the latest news to tips for improving your game. Aaron Breslow has also been a baseball player himself so for sure he would have a lot of helpful and wonderful insights about the game. So, visit his blog now and you might also want to leave a comment or two.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Yummy Sunday - Lasagna

This is my sister's lasagna. She baked this a day before we left to Thailand. I always tried to bake lasagna like my sis' but maybe I don't have her 'touch' that's why my lasagna always turns out to taste different..LOL!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Friends Coming Over

It's gonna be an exciting week next week! Many of our friends are coming over to the house for the weekend. I'm also excited for my kids as our family friends also have children their age and not to mention their favorite 3 Attais might also come.

Wow! Wow! Wow! It'll be a fun weekend next week! I can't wait!

The Green Police

This is my first time of hearing about the Green Police. It's actually a police force that takes care of the environment especially during the Glastonbury Festival. They encourage people to have better waste management and make them aware of the rules to have a green and clean festival. They are actually accepting applicants now. So, if you're passionate about have a clean and green environment , then you might want to be a part of the Green Police.

Recovering Well

My Hubby has been sick for many days last week. I thought it was just due to stress because he has been very busy with the Center's move to a new building. Then Friday evening came and he could barely move from the bed. He has been having terrible headache and his fever became so high. When I suggested that we should go to the hospital, he didn't hesitate at my suggestion and immediately agreed. That was quite unusual for Hubby. I usually have to force him to see the Dr. but that evening was different. So, we asked our friend to drive us to the hospital and left.

To make the story short, my Hubby has been admitted in the hospital for a night and has been diagnosed to have acute bacterial bronchitis. The Dr. advised him to take a week leave from work and rest.

We praise God that Hubby has only been admitted for a night and he has been recovering well after that. I also thank God for friends and family who were so quick to respond in prayer after I posted a message in Facebook.

Now, my Hubby is recovering and really resting quite well. Indeed, we have to take care of our bodies to be able to serve God with strength and joy.

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