Monday, June 21, 2010

The Father's Day Treat

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The Father's Day treat for Hubby yesterday was more like a Mother's treat too. My Hubby and I went on a date! Thanks to my cousin who willingly offered to take care of the kids while Hubby and I goes out.

We haven't gone out on a date for a long time. I think the last time we did was late last year when we were in the Phils and my Mom and sis took care of the kids. It felt kinda weird at first to go in the town without having to tell the li'l ones not to run and etc.

My Hubby and I went to this buffet restaurant and talk and ate to our hearts content. It's quite funny too that the people at that restaurant were looking for our kids when we came. It was only our second time to be in that restaurant but they remembered us and the kids.

So, that was the Father's Day treat for Hubby. If we are in the US, it would have been nice if we took the opportunity to join Charter's special offer for Father's day. We would then had a chance to win an 8Gb Ipod that they were giving to 100 winners. If you're interested ,Enter now to win an iPod Touch. You can get updates, fun extras, and facebook only deals on Charter’s Facebook page.

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Currently Reading: God is the Gospel

Our friend gave us a few of John Piper's books last year. I always wanted to read his books but been waiting for a time when I would be more relaxed and be able to give my full attention on them. But I realized, that those times would never come as I'm much busier now than ever. So, I decided to start on reading his books anyway and read them before I go to bed.

And last night, I did and I'm just blessed and 'corrected' with his writings. True enough, we sometimes ( or most of the time) miss the most essential things in our lives. I hope I can keep up with my nightly readings.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Of Perfumes and Colognes

There is this certain cologne that my Hubby likes from the Philippines. I actually forgot to include it in my list of 'things to buy' for my Mom but we were happy that indeed my cousin brought back bottles of Hubby's favorite cologne. Thanks to my sister who ordered those colognes from her friend. Now, we have months supply of cologne so, there's no need to think of buying branded perfumes. There are lots of cheaper branded Perfumes online and it is my dream to get the wonderful scent of Clinique Happy perfume. That's so far one of my fave perfumes.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day to Appa!

Happy Father's Day to my precious children's Appa.. my Hubby

This is for you.. You deserved to be honored on this very day.. thank you for being a great father.. thank you for everything...

When God created you, He was thinking about me.. about us...

Justify Full

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Intermission: Buy and Sell

I've heard that these days people buy gold eagle coins as a form of investment. These can be used as investment products which are available in coins or ingot form. Many of those buyers buy these gold and sell them at a higher price during the time when the value of the gold.

If there are products that I wish to buy and sell, I would have to choose silver jewelries, since I know of the place where to buy them at a cheaper price. I've noticed that the price of these jewelries are also rising as the years go buy.

The Praying Boy

I really find this photo cute. It's a picture of my boy praying for our food during one dinner at a noodle shop. Even if my boy can't speak so clearly yet, but I'm glad that he has learned to pray before mealtimes and before he goes to sleep.

Thankful Thursday - June 17

This week has been an exciting week for me. Here are my Thankful lists for this week:

1) I thank God for our homeschool materials have finally arrived! I know I've been posting about me being excited for homeschooling my girl and I can finally start next week..:)

2) I thank God for time spent with friends from Malaysia. Even if this week has been packed with a lot of visitors but it's always a great blessing to spend time with friends.

3) I thank God for the safe travel of my Hubby and daughter to and fro Malaysia.

4) I thank God for all the gifts and stuff we received from family in the Philippines. Our in laws also gave us some beautiful indian suits from India.

4) I thank God for everything that He has done and is doing in our lives.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gold and Time

What would be the best (physical) investment to be found here on earth? Some business people would say that the best investments would be to engage in different business while other would say saving money would be best. But it seems nowadays that more and more people are already investing in gold. They buy gold coins and wait until such time that the value of these coins become higher.

Oh, I don't have any physical investment. All I have now is 'time' and as they say, time is gold. It is my desire to invest my time on things that can have more lasting value. Sometimes, it's quite a challenge to do this since a lot of things are clamoring for our attention and our time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Homeschool Materials Are Finally Here!

Praise God! I just can't contain my excitement on the arrival of our daughter's homeschool materials. Finally, they've arrived!!

I still remember the first time I went through Sonlight's website last year while we were considering our homeschool materials for our li'l girl. Out of the 3 homeschool programs ( Sonlight, Alpha Omega and Abeka) I've researched,I was drawn more to Sonlight's literature based approach. It was really my desire to get this curriculum for my girl as I saw that it'll fit her well. But we also had to consider the cost since it's quite expensive for us.

But a few weeks after, we heard from our friend that an anonymous donor wants to support us financially to buy our girl's homeschool material. Oh, I had tears of joy when I learned that. Indeed, God meets the desires of our hearts.

So, the arrival of these homeschool materials just doesn't mean that our girl will finally start her formal education but it is also a great testimony of God's faithfulness.

Monday, June 14, 2010

On Being A Blessing and Adoption

We greatly admire our family friends who are raising their own children and at the same time have adopted some underprivileged kids and treated as their own. We've seen how the kids were when they first came in and can't help but be amazed as to how they are now. They have been completely transformed. But before all these took place, I can't imagine the sacrifice that the parents have to undergo and at the same time their own kids' in adapting to a new family member who never experienced on how to have a family.

Six year ago, when our first born was still a baby, my Hubby told me his desire to bless a child or two who don't have families by adopting them. I know he is very serious with this desire while I was already calculating the difficulties of adopting a child like documents, finances, our own children's reaction and etc. I'm not actually closing my heart of this idea but I know that if it's God's then He will prepare our hearts ( esp. mine) and let His grace be abundant to us.

And speaking of adoption, I've just seen a Russian Adoption Agency which is oldest non-profit adoption agency in the state of Wyoming. If you want to know more about it and especially the History of Wyoming adoption, then please click here.

Disturbing Facts

I was checking my twitter updates when I came across a link on 10 Places to Visit Before they Vanish and led to another article that lists the 15 most toxic places to live and other such articles too.

On the first article, there are few beautiful places that will soon vanish or change due to the effects of global warming and such. Some of these places are going to vanish in this generation so our children's children won't even have the chance of seeing them. The 2nd article also shocked me with the amount of wastes that people in some countries throw in their waterways and etc. It's also my first time to read about the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage patch in which garbage from all over the world converge and is now as big as Texas. And guess what, 80% of these are plastics!

Anyways, as I'm still processing all these information, I've just thought about the future of my kids and my future grand children. I wonder how their lives are going to be at that time if the earth continues to deteriorate. Anyways, reading all these articles make me want to do something so I won't contribute to the earth's waste.. I'll have to minimize using plastics and try to recycle as much as possible. Now, I really commend Hong Kong's waste disposal system in which they have 3 garbage cans in every place to sort out the biodegradable , non biodegradable and plastics. I also admire their seriousness in minimizing the use of plastic bags by encouraging shoppers to bring their own shopping bags by selling the plastic bags at a higher price. If only all countries can do the same...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flat Tire

I was already planning to be brave tomorrow and drive all the way to Carrefour with my li'l boy. We have to go out and buy a bit of groceries for Tuesday's lunch. But then when I saw the car this afternoon, I realized that the rear tire is flat. So, there goes my plan to be 'brave'. Hehehe! Now, I'm not sure how to buy our groceries tomorrow. It'll be too tiring for me to walk all the way to Carrefour with my Li'l boy because I'm sure he would want to be carried after a few meters.

Maybe I'll ask someone to help us in putting air on the flat tire. I think there's a nearby repair shop here since I saw some rear spoilers being displayed in the shop.

Hmm.. now, I'm already a bit nervous if ever I push through in driving to Carrefour with my li'l boy. Hehehe!

The Month of June

The month of June has never been the same since my Father passed away 6 years ago. As we all know , June is the month for the Father's day celebration and it is also the month when my father went to be with the Lord.

I still always remember my father even after 6 years but I just couldn't help that I get emotional over this month and miss him more. Anyways, when I was searching for some Father's day songs for my Hubby, I came across this song that made me cry. I just missed my father so much and I know that it's not just me but my mom and siblings as well....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Silver Bracelet

I was looking at my Hubby's silver bracelet this evening and remembered my sister. She gave the bracelet to my Hubby as she has a silver business. I was also wondering how much that bracelet could have cost right now, not that I wanted to sell it, but I was just curious. lol!

The silver's value also appreciates like gold. And it's just recently that I found out that silver ingots and coins are used as investment products. It has been said that there may never be a better time to buy silver bullion that now. In due time, the value will truly increase and with that in your possession would be a great investment for the future.

Anyways, we like silver jewelry not so much because of the value but we find it more casual and wearable than gold. We're thankful for our sister too who never fails to give us some silver jewelry whenever we go back home. :)

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