Friday, October 29, 2010

Visitor Friendly

Part of my daily household chores is cleaning the house. And currently we are now busy preparing the house because family and friends will be coming over for a two-week vacation. I am excited about it but as of this moment I am busy making my house visitor friendly. I am preparing the guest rooms and making sure that they're free from bugs and other pesky insects. Houston Pest Control is good about getting rid of these bugs and insects but I will just have to settle for insect sprays for the mean time. I want my visitors to be comfortable when they sleep since I want them to have the nicest experience while staying at our house. I also hope that by the time our flooring is raised all the small frogs won't be able to enter our house anymore too.

Anyways, we're all excited for their coming and hope the days will come fast.

Buy 1 Take 1 Phones

There's a lot of buy 1 take 1 items on sale in the hypermarkets this month. One thing that amazes me is their buy 1 free 1 offer for Samsung and LG mobile phones. These are just the basic phones without cameras and other extras but these are already good deals for me since I'm not a heavy cellphone user. I even forget to charge my phone and put credit. It has been like my Hubby's job to put credit to my phone and sometimes charge it. So, I guess even an iphone with iphone warranty won't be of much use to me.. but what are iphones by the way? ;)

Two More Days for November

I'm excited that it's only another 2 more days before the month of November. It means that my mom and group is almost coming. My li'l girl has always been asking me on how many more days before her granny comes. I couldn't give her a figure since I didn't get to count yet. Now, that it's going to be November, it'll be easier to count since they will be arriving on the 16th of November here in Hat Yai.

I'm praying that they will have a good and pleasant trip especially as they have to travel all the way from our city to Manila then Bangkok and then Hat Yai.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Intermission: Depuy Hip Recall

We've heard about all kinds of product recalls. But have you heard about the Depuy hip recall? You may not be familiar with this product but if you've had a hip replacement surgery, you have to read on. Depuy Orthopedics, a company owned by Johnson and Johnson has just recalled almost 100,000 of their hip replacement systems. Users of these products have complained of severe pain and swelling with some of them needing a second hip replacement surgery that's why the company recalled their product. Many of the affected people now are claiming for liabilities just like some of the people did in the Accutane lawsuit. So, if you're a user of this product and have been feeling pain and swelling, you have to immediately consult your doctor and lawyers.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

My Top 2 Songs of the Month

I have a lot of favorite contemporary Christian songs in Youtube now. My most fave at this time is Phil Wickham's True Love. I've listened to this song countless of times already but I still can't get enough of it. My second fave is Light Up the Sky by The Afters.

Here is a music video of the the song. Listen and I think you will like it too.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My li'l girl has fever today. She actually has a cough for a few days now. I think she got the cough from me since I've had a cough for a few weeks already. She has already taken medicine and praying that she will fully recover tomorrow. Classes are already going to start next week, so she has to be at the pink of health by the weekend.

I will also have to take some rest now and stop doing my online work (for now). I can already see that I'm tired and would need under eye cream for dark circles . Good night everyone!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Please Buy Green Tea For Me
Every time Hubby goes out, he never fails to ask me if ever I want anything for him to bring back. If he goes out at night, I usually ask for my fave Chayen, but during the daytime that would anything that we need in the house from bread to fresh milk.

Well, as our kids listen to our conversation, they too will tell their requests. One morning, our li'l boy was adorably asking his Appa, " Tan u buy green tea por me?" We can't help but be amused. Of all the things he wanted, it's Green Tea. It's actually my kids' favorite drink. Anyways, my Hubby left for work but unfortunately he forgot about my son's request ( the green tea). When he came, our li'l boy was running to meet him and he didn't forget his request as he was looking to see if his appa was bringing his green tea. Then, realizing that his green tea wasn't there, he stood top of the stairs with his arms crossed and mouth pouting, saying " You did not buy green tea for me?" LOL! That facial expression was just precious! Hubby had to apologize and ask our li'l girl to buy green tea from the neighbor shop. Oh, good that our kids' request these days are just simple and easier to fulfill. I can't imagine if they will be requesting us to buy gold bars or other expensive items. LOL!

Memory Verse From A-Z
One of the things I like from our home school program is that my li'l girl has a weekly memory verse that she has to remember. The memory verses are actually arranged according to the first letter of the word , from A-Z. So, by the end of the 26th week, she would have memorized 26 verses starting from letter A to Z.

I find the system quite effective since it's easier for the kids to remember the preceding verses. And it also comes with a supplement CD where the verses were turned into songs which makes the verses easier to remember. Lastly and more importantly, these memory verses have led us to explain the Word more to our li'l girl in a way she can understand. Just today, as her memory verse was from John 3:7 " Marvel not as I said unto thee, ye must be born again". She then immediately asked, "how can we be born again?" After explaining to her what it means to be born again, it was as if a light has dawn unto her and she excitedly said, " Oh, that's what it means to be born again!" and even told her Granny about it as they voice chatted over Skype. Well, thank God for our homeschool and thank God for our li'l girl! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Health or Beauty

I've spent some time this evening reading some articles about some allegedly 'health or herbal products' that are not safe at all as they contain some hidden chemicals or ingredients. Sometimes, we can't just believe the labels on the products these days unless we know for sure that they have been duly approved and certified as safe from the authorities. But even those 'certified' ones are being recalled as further research shows them to be unsafe. Just take for example, a lot of diet pills are categorized as health supplements or herbal supplements. But many of these diet pill side effects can last for a very long time and is not good for the health.

So, if we were to choose between health which means living longer and healthily or beauty which can mean slimmer figure but through potentially harmful chemical from slimming products, which one should we choose?

I would choose health over beauty. So that's why I'm getting rid of my 'natural' slimming coffee which might possibly damage my health in the future.

The Gem

Our friend gave us a gem stone from Myanmar. I kept it safely inside its small box until my li'l girl saw it. She became so curious with the gem that she would be staring at it for a long time. She actually asked me if she could have it. I don't know why she suddenly likes gems but I guess it has something to do from one of the Barbie movies she watched. Anyways, I told her that I can only give it to her when she grows up and maybe make it as a stone for her ring. She was so happy about it and from time to time asks me about it. Oh, kids these days are different. I remember that I only asked for a Barbie when I was young. I even have to save up a portion of the cost so, I can have a Barbie of my own. I just hope my girl won't ask me to buy gold, a car or anything expensive for her next time. :)

Yummy Sunday- Burger! Burger!

It was our son's 3rd birthday last week and we had a kiddie party. One of the dishes we served were the chicken burgers. We had to ask our friend who came from Penang to bring us the burger patties from Malaysia because we couldn't find burger patties here in Hat Yai. Burger patties in Malaysia are also quite cheap.

I think the burgers turned out alright because out of the 30 burgers we made there were only 2 left overs. Considering that we also served other dishes. But the funny thing is that, after the party, when I opened the fridge, I saw the big packet of cheese slices inside. Uh, oh, we forgot to put the cheese!!! But it was too late... LOL!

For more Yummy Sunday Entries, please visit Bogie of Perfectly Blended.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Vitamins Please

Praise God that we have like a complete yearly supply of children's vitamins. We give out these vitamins in the villages and at the same time our kids take the same vitamins. It's a chewable vitamins and as expected the kids love them. We don't have to remind them to take their vitamins but instead they like to take more than the dosage. This is not much of a problem for my li'l girl who is thin and would need more of the best vitamins. But my li'l boy on the other hand is already quite chubby and won't need much extra vitamins. So, I always have the problem of saying No to them whenever they want to take more vitamins.


My Nanay ( Mom) just celebrated her 70th birthday 2 weeks ago. They had a surprise party for her during the prayer meeting at the church. Our family here in Thailand couldn't do anything but just wished we were there to celebrate her special day with her.

The picture above is my Mom. Can you believe that she's already 70 years old? People who see her might ask her about her secret of looking young and anti aging product that works. But the truth is, she doesn't use any products except Neutrogena for cleansing. I believe that it's just God's joy that radiates from within her that makes her strong and younger looking.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cosmetology Defined

As the years pass by, career choices are getting more and more specialized. During my university time, I've never heard of a career in Cosmetology. I even mistakenly thought that Cosmetology is a career that has something to do with the cosmos and the constellations. Silly me!

Now, a lot of people are taking up courses or trainings in cosmetology. There is even one reputable cosmetology school in the US that has been founded more than 50 years ago, the Regency Beauty Institute. This institute has more than 80 campuses in over 19 states. So, if you're looking for a cosmetology school in Phoenix , you will surely find one there too.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Passport to India

Our homeschool curriculum has this extra program called My Passport to India that gives every child a glimpse of the real India and at the same time enables them to have a burden for the people. This is a 5 week program and we are currently in Day 5. Our li'l girl enjoys this program and excitedly looks forward to it.

This program aims to :
  • Explore India's incredible, diverse culture, people and places
  • Enhance your homeschooling with unique educational resources
  • Meet some people God is using to bring the Gospel to India's 400+ million unreached
  • Discover how you can reach boys and girls in India with the love of Jesus by supporting Children's Bible Clubs!
If you're family is interested to embark on a journey to India then check out their site :

Upside Movie

I'm looking forward to watch this movie in DVD or blu ray movies. I tried to search for it once online but it seems it's not available online yet. If you try to watch the trailer, you'll know that it's a good movie that will leave you inspired and encouraged at the end. Well, that's the beauty of Christian movies, just like Letters to God or Fireproof.

Of Activities and Bob the Builder

While writing about the cement work that's going to start in our house this Thursday, I suddenly wondered what activities I will have to do with my kids to keep them from going downstairs while the work is going on. For sure, it'll be dusty while they mix the cement sand and water. Our li'l boy on the other hand loves sand but is allergic to dust.

I'm sure they will be excited to see construction workers working in our house. They both love the cartoon character, Bob the Builder with his construction helmet and sometimes bifocal safety glasses. And now they will get to see these 'builders' in action.

Moving Up

Since our house owner's contractors will start doing work (raise the flooring at the ground floor) this Thursday, we have to move all the things from the ground floor up to the second floor. That includes our dining set, fridge and kitchen cabinet and other stuff ( excluding kitchen blinds). I know it'll be quite cramp and messy upstairs. That's why I hope it won't take a long time for them to do the cement work. So for many days our kitchen, dining area and living area will all be upstairs. :)

Drowsy But Feeling Better

I'm a bit drowsy now. It must be because of the medication that I'm taking for my sinusitis. Praise God that I'm not coughing much now too. The doctor told me that my cough should be gone in 2 days after taking the medication. But if it persists, he asked me to go back to his clinic for an X-ray. I know I won't be going back after 2 days. I've felt much better even after taking my medicine for the first time this afternoon. Thank God.

Getting sick even like a simple cold is really not a good experience. It affects everything, your physical body and your mood. That's why I admire those people who are sick but can still do things normally.

And speaking of sickness, there is a site that offers help for those affected by Mesothelioma .

Shopwiki Contributor

I used to be a Shopwiki contributor. I used to write buying guide articles up to 400 words on different products or topics such as matouk linens, children climbers, furniture sets and etc. It was quite a challenging online job for me since it required me to be more creative and be more aware of my grammar and spelling as I write. But then, as I got busy with the kids and other things, I had to abandon that online work since it consumed too much of my time. But still I was thankful for that experience and especially the compensation that I received as a product guide article writer.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Our li'l boy is really growing bigger by the minute. I remember just buying for him new shirts and sweaters a few months ago and now they are getting tight for him. So now I won't buy shirts that are just the right size for him since I know he will outgrow them fast. I have to buy clothes that are like 2 sizes more than his actual size so that he will be able to wear them for a longer period of time.

Anyways, thank God for our healthy li'l boy!!

Very Friendly

When we were in the hospital today for my check up. I saw that my Hubby was talking to someone whom I thought he knew before hand. The man seemed very friendly as they had a casual talk. And only later I knew that he was selling insurance and sample life insurance to my Hubby. Hubby also entertained him and they were talking like they were good friends. I asked my Hubby why he still entertained him when we already have an insurance. He said that he just wants to know what they offer so he can compare with our insurance. It turns out that theirs is more expensive with what we have.

If that was me, I would immediately tell the agent that I already have an insurance and end the conversation. But my Hubby is also very friendly and likes to talk so, he entertained the agent and even asked some questions. Hmm.. I guess my Hubby can also make a good insurance agent. LOL!

After the Chile Miners' Rescue

I just read some updates about the 33 Chile Miners in the news. After all the limelight and the fame, it's sad to know that many of them are back to their shabby homes without an assurance of the future. Yes, they have a book deals and movie offers but that will only come after a few months. As many of them said, mining is the only thing they only know so, it would be difficult for them to look for another job. The 33 miners along with other 300 miners of that mining company are now jobless since the company has filed for bankruptcy. The miners used to mine copper and gold which are used to make gold bullion.

These miners have been through a lot during the 69 days in underground but Praise God that they are all safe and healthy. I just hope and pray that they won't be forgotten by their government after the much publicized rescue efforts.

Hubby's Back

Hubby is back from Malaysia! He was away for the weekend to send my Mom-in- aw back to her hometown. Mom-in-law has been here with us for almost 3 weeks and praise God for those 3 weeks. We were all able to spend quality time with her and she was also able to rest well as she hasn't been well before she came.

And after they left, the kids really missed their Ammachi ( Grandmother) and Appa during the weekend. One night, our li'l boy woke up at the middle of his sleep and looked for his Ammachi and Appa. Our li'l girl also wanted to always talk to her Appa on the phone. It' would be cheaper to call to Malaysia through the cellphone but I didn't have credit and have misplaced my cell phone chargers so we just called using our landline.

Now, Hubby's back and we are all happy and excited that he is back home with us.

One Step Higher

Our house owner came yesterday with his contractors. They are already going to start working in our house this coming Thursday. They are actually going to raise our flooring a step higher. This will hopefully prevent the water from coming in our house whenever there's heavy rainfall.

We were actually so ready move out from the house after the water came inside the kithen and dining area a month ago, but then as we went around town to look for a new house, we just couldn't find any.

We are giving ourselves another week to look for a new house. We just want a simple 3 bedroom house with a garage so the kids can have a place to play outside. We don't want luxurious houses with bath tubs or fireplaces as this will also come with a price. If we couldn't find any house that's suitable for our family, we will have to stay back here. Hopefully with the house a step higher, the water won't be able to get inside the house anymore during the rainy season.


We just came from the hospital for my check up. My cough has gotten worse and it was only then I realized that I've had this cough for a month now. It started as a normal cough so, I really didn't take any medication but just made sure I drank a lot of water. It went off for awhile and then back again a few more times. And then last week, I've been experiencing constant headache and slight fever with the cough. That's when I decided to go to the hospital for a check up.

I've been diagnosed with sinusitis. It's not a serious illness and my sis and bro even have this. I never thought I could have it but now it seems I'm part of the 'club'. I've heard that once you get a sinusitis this will recur several times. I'm praying for complete healing since its not really easy to be weak and get sick during these times.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

ISTJ - My Personality Type

We did the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test last weekend and it was great experience for us. I remember taking this test a few years back but then, I somehow forgot all about it already. Anyways, since we already know ourselves, it's still helpful to take the test and somehow reconfirm on what we know about ourselves.

Since we took this test as a team, knowing our team mate's personality type is also helpful to further understand his/her strength and weaknesses so that everyone can coordinate and further work together peacefully.

Well, I am an ISTJ - Introvert, Sensing, Thinker, Judge. In a nutshell, my personality type is the 'duty fulfiller', organized and dependable. According to the studies, " ISTJ has what it takes to be highly effective at achieving their chosen goals - whatever they may be. "

It has also been described that the ISTJ's are the students who write term papers on their own and submits them on time with great satisfaction with their work. That could actually describe me when I was still in High School or university. I have never submitted a paper that is way past the deadline and most of the time, I am quite satisfied with my work. Well, those were the days when there weren't any research paper writing service or custom essay writing services yet.

Anyways, I'm proud to be an ISTJ. I am happy and contented the way that God has made me. My Hubby is an ENFP, a complete opposite of my personality type. But you know what? We do complement each other a lot and it's amazing how God can make opposites attract and live together happily and peacefully! :))

The Desires of Our Hearts

Things hasn't been easy for us the past weeks. But praise God for his grace and strength that we can move on. Life is a journey and indeed every step is a learning experience for us. I'm just glad that our God never gets tired of us, leading us and guiding us all the way through.

And while we are on the 'learning and relearning' phase of our lives, we are excited over a few things. It is just our prayer that God will give us favor and give us the desires of our hearts according to His will and for the purpose of His glory. :)))

Monday, October 4, 2010

Healthy Kids

Praise God that our kids has been very healthy and haven't gotten sick for the past months. Before, they were always susceptible to getting colds or cough especially our li'l boy. I think our consistent giving of Vitamin C has also helped. We've been giving our kids multi vitamins in the past but haven't really been giving them vitamin C. It was my brother who told us the importance of Vitamin C. And true enough, our kids' immune system seems quite stronger now through this vitamin. I think my brother could be a good health products affiliate huh? :) But kidding aside, I'm just so thankful that my kids are well and healthy.

11 Days to Go!

It'll be another 11 days and my boy will be turning 3 years old. We still didn't make any concrete plans for his birthday celebration whether we will be having a kiddie party or grown up party or maybe just celebrate it with the family. Well, it all depends..

Initially, I have thought of having a Spiderman themed birthday party for our li'l guy since he just loves Spiderman. It's a pity though that I wasn't able to make preparations earlier since I could have asked my Mom and sis to send me some of the Spideman birthday stuffs... but then they will be coming in November. Thinking about this now, makes me want to move my son's birthday in November when they arrive so, they can bring all the party stuff and at the same time Lyle's cousins from the Philippines will also be here. But I guess a month delay birthday celebration would be a bit funny huh?

I'm not actually dreaming of a big birthday party celebration for him in which we would need party event canopies, RV canopies or other types of canopies to cater to large number of guests. I just want a simple yet fun celebration where my kids will enjoy and remember for a very long time.

Mondays = Off Day!

Yehey! It's official, Monday is now considered as off day for Hubby and the rest of the team. Whew! That's actually a great relief and we're thankful for this great news from our leaders. You see, for many weeks or maybe months (?) now, we have been busy with teams which usually comes during the weekend. So, even if Sunday is supposed to be a rest day but with teams and activities, there hasn't been much chance for the team to really have an off day which leaves everyone quite stressed and drained week after week.

I believe God is really wanting us to REST these days, not just in the physical sense but in every aspect of our lives. Just the other day, I read the passage in Streams in the desert which says,
"Not overwork but overflow". Straining and striving does not accomplish the work that God gives us to do.. but rather its our overflowing life that streams from our constant rest and trust in HIM.

It's really true, no matter how hard we work but all these is in vain if we do not constantly rest and trust God who is the source of everything.. but the more we rest and trust in HIM, everything else that's needed will just naturally overflow.


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