Monday, July 26, 2010

The Volkswagen Sound

We thank God for our old Nissan Sunny as our car. Even if it's already old but it's still serving us well. My Hubby and I were actually just telling each other last week, that the car seems better especially the engine sound after bringing it to the repair shop. But a few days ago, the car made some funny noises again whenever it's running. It has that Volkswagen-like sound. Our brother said that it must a spark plug problem. It was becoming too noisy that my Hubby decided to send it again for repair.

I was already a bit worried about repair costs because last month we already spend a big chunk of money for repair. But praise God that the cause for the noise is only a broken spark plug which didn't cost a lot. Whew! It's my prayer that our car will have a longer life even if it has already been running for more than 20 years. We just need to send it regularly for maintenance. Maybe we can also add a little bit of accessories like engine oil maintenance, rain guards, wind deflectors and stuff. I wonder how many more years our car will be able to run without much problems... another 10 more years perhaps?

Mellow Yellow Monday - Recycled Flower

We found this art piece, A Flower made from recycled materials in Peak Galleria Mall in Hong Kong. I actually got attracted with this shop as it is creating an awareness for recycling and saving the planet through different art forms.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Fingers of God

I've just watched a portion of the documentary film entitled the "Fingers of God". I can't help but be amazed by the miracles that has been happening in some parts of the world. Miracles such as people having new gold teeth while worshiping and not having to go to the dentist. Miracles such as gem stones falling out of nowhere. I saw some of the gemstones that fell and they were really huge. It has been reported that when they asked the experts to check on those gemstones, they said that they can't quite figure out the composition of those stones.

I was astonished with the size of the gemstones and I could just imagine how the Bible describes Heaven in the book of Revelation where we step on gold and everything is adorned in precious stones. Wow! I'm sure by that time no one will buy silver bullion anymore. So, I guess there's no better time to buy and invest in silver and gold than now. :)

School Holiday

Thank God that its two days holiday this coming Monday and Tuesday. It means that there's no work for my Hubby and no school for my li'l girl. Then, it'll be a time to rest, relax and have fun for us! Yippeee!!

So, tomorrow our family with my brother's family are going to the zoo. I'm sure the kids will enjoy and I'm also quite excited since it'll be my li'l boy's first time in the zoo. He has been to the zoo, when he was a few months old so, I'm sure he won't remember anything from that experience.

We are praying that it won't rain tomorrow so that everyone can really enjoy the zoo experience. :)

Amazing Grace Birthday Contest

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting Hacked

My brother just received an email from his friend who allegedly got robbed and got stuck in London. With all this money, tickets and documents gone, he had nowhere to go and is asking some assitance from his friends.

Does that email sound familiar to you? A lot of people have been victimized by this fraud email in which a hacker was able to retrieve the password and details of the owner of that email. The hacker then sends email to everyone in the contact list 'asks for help' and request for money through Western union. I'm sure a lot of people can get victimized especially those friends who are very concerned with the real owner of the email.

All these fraud is very common these days that one has to be very careful and vigilant in every situation. Lately, I've even heard of credit reporting company which illegally sold confidential credit information to target marketing companies in the United States between the years 1987 and 2000. If you've heard of TransUnion and have applied for credit during those dates, you can check out the TransUnion Lawsuit site and see more information.

Back in Circulation

This blog of mine has been quite dormant for a few weeks already. But I'm happy to say that it's back in circulation now and going to active once again. I've just been busy with other things lately and sometimes, I just feel 'lazy' to update my blogs.

Hopefully, I will be more motivated to write some posts now and update this blog regularly.

Happy Weekend to All!!

TSMSS- You Know Better Than I

This is one very touching song from the animated movie, Joseph King of Dreams. It does remind us that God knows better than we do in every circumstance that we are in. I remember watching this movie the first time when both my girl and I were teary eyed watching this part of the movie.

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The Make Over

Last month, my li'l girl attended a parade in her school where she was one of the 'muse'. It was her very first time to experience all these and indeed she was so excited that she was immediately able to wake up early in the morning. We then went to the saloon where some locals expertly put make up on her.

It was my first time to see how the Thai's do make up too and I was amused that they did her make up just like doing it for the grown up. They were so good that it was like they did their training at the Florida cosmetology School . So, here is the result of my li'l girl's make over.

The Birthday Girl

Today is my elder sister's 40th birthday! I'm sure she won't mind revealing her age here in the world wide web because she doesn't look like her age at all. Many people would still think that she's in her early 30's. :)

To my sis, Nang Bem! A blessed birthday to you! I'm not sure if you can read this post ( I hope Nanay will show you this) but I pray for more of God's blessings and favor upon you and your family!

Yummy Sunday- Kai Yang

Kai Yang means grilled chicken. Everytime I have this dish, I'm always reminded of our very own barbecued chicken in the Philippines. My favorite is actually from Dear Manok or Jo's Chicken Inato.

But guess what, this grilled chicked that we had from Ton Mamuang was very closed to what we have in the Philippines. I'm glad to have found this restaurant and we will sure be coming back.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Kids

We praise God for the arrival of our brother's family. They came last Wednesday and be staying over for a few weeks. My kids are very happy to see their cousins and finally play with them. My li'l girl is especially delighted since she has been longing for kids to play with who can understand her fully. Yes, she goes to a local Thai school but because of language limitations she really can understand her friends very well and vice versa.
And since her cousins arrived I've noticed that she has been very happy, giggling and laughing with them. Our li'l boy is a happy boy too but since he's still small he can't really join much with his older "Ate's" ( older sisters). He is just happy playing with his toys and collecting all the coins around the house. It's really priceless for him to find all these coins and it seems like gold coins for him. :) And speaking of gold coins, I heard these will make great future investments.
Anyways, I'm just glad that my brother's family are here. Aside from spending time with them, I'm grateful that my kids are enjoying their time too.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Look

I'm having fun experimenting with Blogger's new template feature. And since this blog has had the same template for years, it's about time changing it.

This will be my new template for now. What do you think? Is it still readable with the 'moving' posts? I will have to try to get use to it for awhile and if it doesn't suit my eyes, then I'll have to change it next time.

Have a blessed weekend to ALL!

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