Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Presents?

I was busily wrapping the Christmas gifts to be brought for our family in Malaysia last night while my daughter was excitedly looking at them. She read the little cards one by one and realized that almost everyone has a present except.. for her and her brother. She then asked me whether they have a Christmas present from us. I wanted her Christmas present to be a surprise ( though I haven't bought it yet) so, I just answered her vaguely. Then, just to test her, I asked whether it's okay if we don't give them presents this Christmas. I was touched by her answer when she said, " It's okay. You've given me gifts for my birthday and I also received presents from other people." That's a nice thing to hear from her. I really appreciate the fact that she's not so much into material things though she's always happy to receive something from people.

Anyways, I'm excited to buy her Christmas present but before that let me finish packing our bags and write an article on buying a franchise business.

Monday, December 20, 2010

His Birth...

I found this video in Youtube and it's a very powerful one.. Watch it for yourself..

On this Christmas season, may we be constantly be reminded of how God sent His son into the world....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wedding Or Christmas

We're excited! We are planning to go home to the Philippines next year. We are either going home to attend our cousin's wedding or for Christmas. Both occasions are very special for us. If only we could go home twice next year and attend both, but that isn't quite possible.

But after much thought, it does seem we're likely to go home for Christmas. Our holiday will be longer at that time and the center is also closed for the holidays. So, there's not much responsibilities left behind. But then again, nothing is quite final yet. Who knows there might be some changes with dates and stuff.. ;) Then, we have to get ready for wedding gifts and modern 1st anniversary gifts.

( Sigh!) .. 2010 is not yet finished and here I am already excited for next year...

Yummy Sunday - Stir Fried Crab with Curry

I love to eat crabs and my favorite crab dish is the Thai Stir fried Crab with Curry or Pu Phat Pung Kalee.

This particular crab dish photo above is so delicious. We ordered this from a Seafood restaurant in Satun. Wow! I can't forget that sumptuous sea food lunch. Everything we ordered was just soo yummy!

Added Career

I could have mentioned in this blog about my daughter who has a long list of what she wants to do when she grows up.

Well, another profession has just been added a few days ago and I kinda like her noble reasons for this particular career.

During our homeschool, we were reading a short biography on Ida Scudder. For those who are not familiar with Ida Scudder, she came from a family of missionaries. But when Ida was younger, she never wanted to become a missionary since she didn't like everything about India. But later this all changed when she found out that women died because they refused to be checked by a male doctor. So, Ida decided to become a doctor, went back to America to study came back to India. As a result, Ida Scudder founded one of the most famous hospital and medical school in India.

So, back to our daughter, after hearing the story about Ida Scudder. She then 'decided' to also become a doctor so she could help the sick children and women in India and other places ( and not just read md clear reviews ) . Oh, this is another profession added to her list and I really wonder what she will seriously pursue when she's older.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Malaysia We Go

A few more days to go and we will be off to Malaysia for Christmas break. I guess, this is a much needed break for us after being sick as a family for the past weeks. Even as I am writing this now, my Hubby is still in the hospital for a check up. He hasn't fully recovered from the flu yet and I think what's he's feeling is a symptom of some other sickness. Praying that God will touch him and let him fully recover.

As for our break, we have to start making preparations for it like getting cheap auto insurance for our car.. and of course, start packing our bags!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thank God For His Healing!

It all started with a joint and muscle pains, then I grew weaker until I had high fever at night. After 2 days of fever, cough and colds, we decided to go to the hospital for check up. The Doctor suspected it to be either 2009 influenza or dengue fever. But he sent us for the flu test first. After the results, the Dr.said something like my result says it's positive but he's not definite for the 2009 Flu. We got a bit confuse with what's he was trying to say but nevertheless, he gave me Tamiflu. In a few hours time, I got better but then one by one, my family was also getting the flu.

We visited the hospital a couple more times to have my boy and Hubby checked. I do praise God for His provision too as hospital bills are getting more expensive now. I can't imagine those who are undergoing other kinds of treatment like mesothelioma treatment , their hospital bills must be so high.

Anyways, as for us, after a few days of medication and treatment, we are all feeling better. Praise God!

Intermission: On Payday Loans

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And so we take things one day at a time.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Runner

We took this video more than 2 years ago when my daughter was only 3.5 years old. This was her second time to run on the field that day. The first time she ran with her Appa and then the second time, she ran by herself. Brave girl!

Maybe if we continued to train her at such small age, she could have received a lot of sport trophies now. LOL!

Anyways, I hope that we could go to the stadium again and do some exercise. ;)

Operation Christmas Child

One of the ministries that blesses me so much is the Operation Christmas Child. This is the ministry in which people from the US, pack their gifts inside the shoe boxes and send to hundreds of countries worldwide.

Twice I had the privilege to volunteer in giving the shoes boxes to many unfortunate children in my hometown and nothing could just express the joy in the children's faces in opening their gifts. The main task of this organization is to let every child experience the joy of receiving gifts during Christmas and especially let them hear about the Giver of the gift of eternal life.

Anyways, I've just visited the OCC site and saw that they have something new online in which you can sponsor and 'build a box' and choose your gifts. We tried it because we wanted to sponsor a shoe box but unfortunately, it seems it's only open for US residents.

And speaking of shoebox, you might be interested to get shoebuy coupons online.

The 7 Dwarfs Kitchen

I need to take a photo of our kitchen. It looks kinda funny after our house owner raised our flooring without raising the sink and counters. So, now our sink is so low that it gives me back ache whenever I wash a lot of dishes. The height is just right for my 6 year old daughter though and she was so happy with it since she likes to wash the dishes.

But we had a big laugh when my brother-in-law ( who was here for a visit) came out of the kitchen and said, " I feel like I'm in the house of the 7 dwarfs when I'm inside your kitchen!". Yeah, that's the exact description of our kitchen now with the low sink and low counter-tops. Maybe I should get one of those pedestal sinks that's just right for our height so, grown ups can wash their hands and the dishes more comfortably.

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