Friday, December 30, 2011

Isaiah 43

1 But now, this is what the LORD says—
he who created you, Jacob,
he who formed you, Israel:
“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
2 When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.
3 For I am the LORD your God,
the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;
I give Egypt for your ransom,
Cush[a] and Seba in your stead.
4 Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
and because I love you,
I will give people in exchange for you,
nations in exchange for your life.
5 Do not be afraid, for I am with you;
I will bring your children from the east
and gather you from the west.
16 This is what the LORD says—
he who made a way through the sea,
a path through the mighty waters,
17 who drew out the chariots and horses,
the army and reinforcements together,
and they lay there, never to rise again,
extinguished, snuffed out like a wick:
18 “Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
19 See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.

Four Eyes

We were finally able to make a visit to the optometrist to have my daughter's eyes checked. It's confirmed that she's near sighted and would need to wear glasses at certain times. At first she was reluctant to wear glasses but after trying out a few pairs, she seemed excited for it. She chose a lavender and pink Barbie eyeglasses which fits her pretty well. The shape of the lens doesn't hide her eyes. Her beautiful big eyes and long eyelashes are still obvious even with the glasses. Yes, she won't need to read articles on , 'how to make your eyelashes grow ' anymore because she already has long eyelashes.

Anyways, as soon as my girl wore her glasses, she was so fascinated that she could clearly see all the signages from afar. It was only then she told me that, before she couldn't see the signages and letterings clearly because they looked blurred. Oh, poor thing.. it's good that we've decided to take her to the doctor.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cagayan de Oro Flood 2011

Another flood has ravaged Cagayan de Oro City. This flood is even worse than the flood that we experienced last 2009. I'm just grateful to God that my family is now safe after having to climb up to roof of our church at about 1am to escape the rising water. The flood has now subsided but when my family inspected our house ( including my siblings' houses) which is situated near the river, they're no longer there as it has been swept away by the strong waters.

Please continue to pray for the thousands of people affected and displaced by the flood and the families of whom lost their loved ones...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Good Kind of Clutter

Our house is often cluttered with books, blocks, Beads and toys from our homeschool room to the living room. My kids often times clean up before they go to bed or before they do some quiet activity , but sometimes the 'sight' of an ongoing clutter just doesn't give me a 'positive' energy. :)

But then again, I just remind myself that it's a good sign to see books cluttered up because it means that the kids are really reading our books.. it's good to see the blocks not in their respective boxes because it means that they are using their creativity and imagination to build 'cities' and houses... it's good to see papers with drawings on the floor because it means that they are being artistic. And oh, not to mention our ream of a4 sized papers finishes easily because of heavy use.

So, sometimes, I thank God for clutter.. it just means that I have happy kids around me who are creative, artistic and hungry for knowledge.. :).. "But kids, please clean up afterwards.."

This is just for illustration purposes ( found from google), our rooms are not this cluttered, I think.. ;)

Baby Elephant at the Backyard

Kids say the cutest things..

Hubby and the kids were on their regular evening rides on the motorbike the other day when they passed by our 'dream house' again. Everytime they pass by the house, the kids will start chattering about how they can finally have rabbits and they can run around freely in the yard. My li'l boy on the other hand was quiet on that particular afternoon and finally said, 'But the yard is too big, maybe we can also have a baby elephant for a pet!". Tricia and Hubby couldn't just help but burst in laughter with his wild imagination.

Christmas Wishlist

It's a few more days to go before Christmas. Have you made your 'wishlist' yet? I know of a few friends who have started writing their wishlist like 2 months ago! :) For some, Christmas is the time they would wish for stuff like golf garmin or a new netbook.

As for me, I don't have any 'stuff' on my wishlist yet, I'm just glad that we will be going back home. I guess what one can see on my wish list will not be so much on things but people to meet, places to go and of course food to eat while we're back home. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Interesting Facts on Travel

I came across this infographic and spent an interesting time looking at the information it gives. How fortunate for the Finnish, to have the most vacation time in a year. How privileged for the Germans who travels most during the holidays. And I was entertained looking at the statistics on the number of cups of coffee and number of eggs consumed daily.

See this infographic below for yourself and learn a thing or two.

Statstics on Travel
Earn an Online Hospitality Management Degree if you have an interest in working in travel

Statistics and Graphs

I enjoy looking at graphs and statistics. These illustrations somehow give me an overall picture of a certain fact or information. And from there, I give my own 'conclusions' based on the statistics.

Just take a look at this graph Education by Country,for example, see if you can draw out your own ideas or conclusions just by looking at it.

Statistics on Education
Education Statistics from

The New Superbook

I'm a Superbook fan. I could remember watching this cartoons every afternoon when I was still in my primary school. You see, back in my primary years, I only go to school in the mornings and I have all the time to sleep, do my homework and watch cartoons in the afternoons. :)

Anyways, I'm so happy that they are coming up with this new Superbook series. I guess it's just about time that they update this cartoons and keep up with the technology. You see, even if the Superbook episodes were great back in my time,but it will obviously look outdated now compared with all the 3D animations and stuff.

I just can't wait for the release of the new Superbook DVDs. As you can see in the youtube trailer above, the new animation looks superb! This is surely nice to watch in a big flat screen TV with 3 channel sound bar . But our TV or even our computer will be okay too.

Peace not War :)

It's a fine Saturday morning. Thank God that it's not raining. It has been raining for the past days and it's a relief that the sun is out today.

Anyways, the kids are enjoying their time playing outside now. I could hear laughter and giggles as they are playing 'pretend'. Thank God that my kids have now grown up to be real good friends and playmates. It wasn't like this in the past, because my son hasn't matured yet, he was always fighting with his sister while Tricia also gets easily impatient with him. Those were the days when we were more like referees. Hubby and I would joke that those days were so stressful that we could feel our hair falling off and we might need the best hair transplant doctor at the end. :)

Nowadays,they look for each other's company and miss each other when they're not together.Of course, they still fight but there are more peaceful times than wars. Thank you Lord for the PEACE.. :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Going as Far as We Can See

Sometimes we can't help but want to know God's entire 'map' or perfect plan for our lives. Oh, how easy it would be to know which direction to go or where we would be 10 years from now. But since our God is a personal and relational God, He only gives us bits and pieces of His plan. He wants us to seek Him and draw closer to Him each day as we ask for His plans and directions for our lives. He wants us to trust Him on a daily basis. If we know the detailed plan of our lives ahead of time, how easy it would be for us to go on our own way without seeking Him, but that would be dreadful, right? So, even if we don't see what's ahead of us in the next few months or few years, let us continue to seek Him and take a step each day in faith and go as far as we can see..

Tagalog Movies

I've never like watching Tagalog movies since I was young. I guess it has something to do with the fact that people who watched Tagalog movies during our time were labeled 'baduy' ( or backward). Oh, those were during my 'younger' years, I'm sure times have changed by now and I think our movies now are also comparable to other international films.

But anyways, as I'm based outside my homecountry, there were just times that I long to watch our own movies. I'm curious to see our latest 'actresses' , latest stories and etc. There were just times that I search for the latest tagalog movies in youtube and also looked for the best downloader to download them. Maybe I'm missing my homecountry that much and I'm trying to find a way to 'connect' with it. So, never mind if I'm becoming 'baduy' or whatever label there is, I want to feel at 'home' even by just watching the movies.

Small Sacrifice

Tomorrow's our last day for the 8 day course I'm facilitating at the center. Whew! Thank God for His strength and grace. I'm also thankful that I have a co-facilitator this time which means I don't have to do everything in the course (like I did a few months ago).

I'm glad that the course is also over because it means I can go back to seriously homeschool my daughter. Yes, this is one small sacrifice that I have to make whenever I get 'busy' at the center. But as always, I'm blessed to be of help to others.

So, since tomorrow's our last day, I need to get moving and prepare the certificates and the finalize a few things. I'm not sure if I need to have some document imaging done, but one thing that I have to do is to get a jpg file of our center's logo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy but Lonely

Last week we had a wonderful time visiting a few local girls in the city. They're the type of girls who may look very happy from the outside but in reality, they are lonely and have a deep longing for something.

My friends and I were able to visit them, gave them them encouragement and shared to them about God's gift of life. One of them actually has some kind of sickness. I can't fully understand what it was about but it has something to do with her lungs. She hasn't been taking Actos and therefore does not need to contact an actos law firm. Anyways, she has received committed her life to Christ and is also determined to change her work and therefore needs a new job since she knows her current job doesn't please God. We're praying for her as well as the other ladies who have committed their lives to God.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reflections On A Child's Bedroom

A child's bedroom should be a direct reflection of who they are and where they are heading. It should be a place that is safe and inviting to the child, yet inspirational at the same time. There should be some kind of reflection of a spiritual nature within the room, no matter how subtle it may be.

A simple painting of a church, as seen through a child's eyes, hung up on the wall is an example of all it would take to keep your child connected with a higher power while in the room. You don't need to overstate the fact and there does not have to be a large overbearing artifact or wall hanging to state the obvious.

God will be a part of your child's upbringing and a subtle reminder in your child's bedroom is all that is necessary. It is also comforting to know that there is a certain presence in the room when your child closes his eyes and falls to sleep every night.

Keeping the room organized
While it is certainly necessary to expect some messes in the room, it is important to keep the room as organized as possible. One of the things that can occur with children is they aren't sure where everything is kept. Make certain that you have the room organized so that when a mess is made your child knows where to things get put when it is time to put things back.

Give space
If there isn't enough space in the room you can open up the area by replacing 2 single beds with twin size bunk beds. You can also shift the furniture around to make it appear more spacious. Twin size bunk beds are available as well with a futon at the bottom for added space.

When all of these elements are combined you'll find that you have a more settled child or children to deal with. When you consider how much time your child will be spending in his bedroom you’ll understand why it needs to be set up just so for the child's future development.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

45 Days Before Christmas

According to this countdown timer above, (as of posting) it's 45 days, 5 hours , 18 minutes and 55 seconds before Christmas. I guess you can already tell how excited I am for Christmas. :)

I could just imagine now in the Philippines that everybody is getting geared for the holidays. I'm sure many of the people have put up their Christmas decorations or even have started buying their Christmas presents. As for our family, we haven't started anything yet. For the meantime, maybe I can read the reviews and see if I can get anything from there.

45 days.... yes, 45 days.... :))

Friday, November 4, 2011

Reverse Thinking

This is one powerful video that I saw in Youtube. I suggest that you watch it until the end.....

Our "Go" Bag

I've been procrastinating in preparing our 'Go Bag' or emergency bag. Just a little background, Hubby has attended a seminar before and we were encouraged to prepare a Go bag just in case anything happens. When one doesn't see anything coming, it's surely difficult to prepare one, right?

But a few nights ago, when it has been raining so heavily and more people we convinced that our city will be flooded, I didn't think for a second but started to prepare one. Our Go Bag wasn't a big one but it isn't as small as a leather briefcase

But how we thanked God when the sun was out the next day. It hasn't been raining for a couple of days now and praise God for that. Oh, we don't want another flood in our city. We've seen how Bangkok has been flooded for many weeks now and please do include them in your prayers too.

11 Years on 1/11/11

A few days ago, Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary. Not our wedding anniversary but the time when both of us became committed to each other for a relationship (see our love story here). Every 1st of November is really a special day for us, but it has even became more special this year because it's our 11th year on the 11th month and 11th year of the century! :))

So, Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary by going on a special date. We had a lot of fun recalling the times that took place 11 years ago here in Thailand. It could have been more memorable if we had our date on the restaurant where we talked 11 years ago, but sadly that place had turned into a beauty shop. :)

We thank God for being with us through all the years and one thing for sure is that we continue to seek to fulfill His purpose in our lives as a couple.

Mrs. Frugal

I can be called Mrs. Frugal since I really love collecting all the receipts printed by Epson TM-T88V at Big C. What's in those receipts? Well, discount coupons which one can use on the next purchase. Cash coupons from 5-30 Baht. It may not be much for some but savings is savings.

While putting my boy to sleep in the afternoons, I also take a few minutes of my time joining these online contests. I've already won a few times and I can't wait to the other contests too .:)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From Astronaut to Zookeeper

It's amusing to hear my son's ambition. First, he want to be an astronaut because he wants to go to the moon. Then, next he wanted to be a zookeeper since he wants to take care of Pandas, bears, horses and other animals. Oh, he even cried once because he wants to have a panda cub for a pet and I told him it's not possible to keep a panda in the house. :)

Anyways, he was really happy when we visited the zoo the other week. He got to see his favorite animals. But one thing we missed though was the horseback riding and the elephant ride. It was raining hard halfway our tour so, we never got the chance to let our kids go on their 'dream rides'. Yeah, they've been wanting to ride on horses for many months now. And I'm glad that there are horse rides now here in our place. I'm not sure though whether they have complete english horse tacks but I think it's quite safe to let the kids ride with the trainers. To the Zoo we go on our next family outing.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Motivating You to Become a Better Person

The drive to become a better person will not come for another person or a book or movie; the inspiration should come from you. You cannot expect your life to be good if you are not doing anything. Remember that you reap what you sow and that hard work pays off. Once you put your whole heart and effort in realizing your dream you are already taking that initial change towards a positive change.

Keeping yourself motivated is not an easy task. Books and other inspirational materials could help harness your skills but it doesn’t matter if you have read a dozen books; if you’re not going to do anything about it then your life will still stay the same. Here’s a good way on how you can start a positive change: make a list of your goals. You could even classify them as either short term or long term goals. From here you could move on and start working on your first target. It is better to start with the small goals and work your way as you go up.

Remember that failures and problems are part of the journey. The struggle is not in the burden of your problems but how you manage to cope up and survived. Always keep a positive outlook in life regardless of the hardships along the way. It is also better to surround yourself with good people that can greatly influence your life.

Allison currently works as a freelance writer. Among her favorite topics include travel, current events, technology and fashion. She's enjoying her current task writing for gulvafslibning a project which is all about floor sanding.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Prayer Time

I love it when it's already our family prayer time. I just find this as one of the most precious time for our family. And of course, my favorite part is listening to my children pray. As little children, they pray for our family, other people and of course, their favorite toys. But what I appreciate from them is that they add , ' if it's your will, Lord...' if they pray for a toy or something. It was actually my daughter who first said this during prayer time and it was so cute when her little brother followed the pattern but sometimes with mixed up words like .. "is if you will, Lord.." Oh, such precious time.. precious kids!

Me, the Mommy Nurse

Sometimes I could not help but wonder what course would I have taken instead if I did not take up the course I have now. Not that I regret it, but sometimes thoughts like these do cross our minds, right?

I am usually impressed by medical people but somehow I really don’t have any inclination to medical courses. Being a medical person would take a lot of skill and of course, bravery. Like I said, I do admire nurses especially when they wear those white nursing uniforms and colorful scrubs. But being a mom, I am also a nurse in my own right, especially when my little ones are sick.

Aspiring Golfer?

I guess at my age it’s high time that I would have regular exercise. I mean everybody should exercise, but I never seem to make it a habit growing up. I am not sporty, either. Sometimes I envy those people who are, because they really find time to play the sport that they love and at the same time, be healthy.
So If you were to let me choose a sport , maybe I’d rather play golf. Oh, that's just because it's one of the sports that doesn't require much running and physical activity. I know, it would take years of practice before I’d be a good player but who does not need years to be a good sports person in the first place? Of course I should also think of the costs: the equipment, a good golf course gps system and yes, you guessed it! Golf clothes!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Promo Tickets!

Yipee! Finally, I was 'on time' and got to see Cebu Pacific's seat sale announcement. You see, I've constantly been checking this site and waiting for a seat sale but it seems I'm always late and I don't get to see the cheaper fares.

But today was different. I was finally able to book our return tickets for 1/3 of the original price! Yes! Thank you Lord!! But you know what, we have a minor problem with the promo tickets. The flight is from Clark and not from Manila. Oppss.. That means we still have to travel from NAIA to Clark ( about 2-3 hours) for us to board the plane to Bangkok. Even if I was already excited to book our tickets and was ready to get our credit card from my wallet (nope, it's not an rfid blocking wallet ), we still had to weigh our options whether the price is worth the hassle ( travelling for 2-3 hours). And finally, we decided to book the tickets because 13,000 pesos of savings is 13,000 pesos!! We're on a tight budget so, we have make a little bit of sacrifices like extra bus rides and etc. But as early as now, we are already praying that indeed God will make our trip a pleasurable and enjoyable one!

Fun Science Facts

I'm a homeschooling mom and quite honestly I'm enjoying homeschooling my daughter as much as she does because I'm also re-learning a lot of things from her program. It's quite amusing because many times when we read her Science books, I'll be the first one to react and be amazed with some science facts. I can't help but mutter to myself, " Hmmm, I never knew that..." My daughter on the other hand would be wondering what I was saying to myself. So, that's one of the advantages of homeschooling.. the child learns, the mom also 'learns'. :)

Anyways, here's a graphic which I just saw. I enjoyed reading this graphic and I'll surely show this to my 'student' tomorrow. I'm sure she will love it and will be telling her Appa ( father) all these fun facts!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Touching One's Life

Today we received a letter from the Pastor of the Community Center in which our sponsored child (from Compassion Intl.) is going to school. I just can't help but be teary-eyed reading the letter just as I was when I read the letter from our sponsored child. Indeed, we are grateful to God for being a blessing and touching a life in Kenya even if we don't know if we could ever get a chance to see him or to step on his country. Sponsoring H. K. is a step of faith for us too as have to commit in supporting the educational needs on a monthly basis. But we know that just as how God as led us in sponsoring H.K., He will continue to provide so we could support him. But one thing for sure, our hearts are overflowing with joy knowing that through His grace , we are touching one life in Kenya.

Pregnancy and Birth Facts and Figures

I've come across this graphics with Pregnancy and Birth Facts and Figures in the US. I like to see graphics like this because it gives me a lot of facts in very little time. As I was browsing through this graph, I can't help but notice that thousands of the children are born from teenage mothers or unmarried moms. I'm sure this wasn't the same percentage or the same number, 50 years ago or so. I'm sure a lot of teenage moms are well prepared and ready to have children of their own, but it's also a fact that many of them are not. There may be isolated cases of children being abandoned by their teenage moms as they can't cope with the challenges of motherhood and stuff. But I wonder how this kind of situation can also be prevented... Oh, I'm just thinking out loud....

Not So Much Into Blogging

I've been blogging for more than 4 years now and I still remember those days when I would always be so excited to write my posts. Everyday, I would keep track of our activities, my insights and think of writing them all in my blog. I would already know what to write even before I turn on my computer.

Now, after 4 years and 8 (active) blogs, I think I've hit the burn out stage. I'm 'forced' to write because I've made a 'career' out of it and gone are my insightful and 'quality' posts. I would stare blankly on my screen and dig through my brains just to come up with a post.

Oh, I know this isn't good. I hope that this stage will soon pass by and once again I'll be excited to share my thoughts and life through this blog.

Get Trained

Beauty experts trained at famous cosmetology schools would always have an advantage over those who are not. We cannot deny the fact that people would always have the tendency to brand people with the kind of training they get or to the school they went to.

So I think that it would be wise for one who wants to pursue training in cosmetology to have it in famous schools. It would be an investment, but in the long run the opportunity that they would have after their training would be tremendous. They could have their own business, or work in more popular beauty salons—not to mention of course that they could also make a name for themselves!

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Human Brain

This is a powerful video that shows us the reality of the human brain and the significance of the WOrd of God in renewing our minds in order for us to live the lives we were meant to live.

New House+ Garden= Rabbits

My happy boy and the rabbit at P.D Ostrich Farm

My kids have been wanting to take care of rabbits for the longest time. We just told them to wait since aside from travelling more frequently this year, our house don't have much space for rabbits. So, we told them than we can only let them have rabbits if we get to move to a bigger house with a yard. So, from then on they've been praying for us to move to a bigger house with a garden. We don't really need a big garden with composters and stuff. But just enough space for our kids and rabbits to run around and play. :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

We're Back

We're back from Malaysia and I should say we had a tremendous and blessed week there. The conference that we attended was very awesome. We also had a great time being with friends and family. Then before we head home, we dropped by and visited the Logos Hope ship in Penang. Oh, I panicked when I saw a lot of books. If there weren't a lot of people at that time ( because it was a Sunday), I should have spent hours and hours in there and maybe spent a lot too. So, in a way it's good that the crowd was there.. ;)

Overall, I thank God for being with us the whole week. We also thank God for a pleasant journey as we just drove to and from Malaysia. I enjoyed looking at the great scenery along the Perak area and the manufactured homes along the high way in the North.

Next, we're looking forward for our trip to the Philippines! Yipee!

Our Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, Hubby and I celebrated our 9th year anniversary! We truly praise and thank God for the blessed 9 years that has passed. Indeed, we can testify, that it is through God's love and grace that kept us blessed and happy as a couple and as a family.

As what my pastor ( brother in law) has said, marriage is not an end itself but a means of doing God's purpose and glorifying God. Indeed I remember what J and I prayed 10 years ago (pre marriage years), as we committed our lives as a couple to follow God's purposes and plans for us.

As we just passed the 9 years mark and moving on to the ' beyond', it is our prayer that indeed God will be glorified and be made known through our lives as a couple and as family. Amen!

Anyways,here is a video that I created for HUbby for our anniversary.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fun, Fellowship and Food

We're currently in Malaysia and enjoying our fellowship with friends. Of course, during our time here we get to eat a lot of our favorite Indian and Malaysian food. We've only been here for 3 days but I just feel bloated with all the food I'm eating. I think checking out will be a good idea and to keep me from eating a lot.

We will still be staying a few more days here since the conference we will be attending will only have start tomorrow. Oh well, I'll just to enjoy this break and think about losing weight later. :)

The 'Ber' Months

It's already the last day of August today and it's going to be September. In the Philippines, September is quite a significant month because it's the start of the 'ber' months ( September, October, November and December). Although Christmas is still going to be three months away, but people are already getting geared up for it starting in September. Some TV stations already start the Christmas countdown but things peak up after the last halloween props have been taken down.

Oh, writing about this now, makes me quite excited. We're going back to the Philippines for Christmas and of course, I'll be doing a countdown.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blessings Through Raindrops

This beautiful song is becoming one of my favorites. Many times we perceive blessings only as the 'good' things that happens to us. But what is 'good' in our eyes may not necessarily be the BEST from the eyes of God.

May we learn to accept everything that God gives us.. Let us trust HIM because His will for us will always be perfect and beautiful....

Home Address

For a long time we've been using our PO box as our mailing address. We don't get much mails but sometimes when we expect a mail or leaflet distribution, it's quite a hassle checking our PO Box regularly to see if our mail has arrived.

So, we started using our home address for our mails. The reason why we didn't use our home address for a long time was because there was one instance, I ordered something for 'free' online and used this address. But sadly, it didn't arrived. Maybe I just happen to write the wrong address but that experience was enough to stop me from using our home address as our mailing address.

Anyways, we gave a try in using our home address one more time and this time our letter was delivered. So, the rest is history and I'm enjoying the convenience of getting my mails delivered right at our doorstep.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Healthy Me?

We just did our healthy grocery haul at Big C Extra. Wait.. Did I say, healthy? Yes, healthy! In 8 days, this has been our 3rd healthy grocery haul. Why? It's because I've been doing a juice fast ( though not a strict one) and have consume so much of veggies and fruits! I think I've consumed more veggies and fruits for the past week than my entire 30 plus years. Seriously! And I feel great. I'm even craving for a carrot juice now, but I guess it's to late to drink it.

Anyways, as I've done a bit of research on juice fasting and the like, I did find inspiring reports. There have been testimonials of people who had some ailments and diseases that were cured after juice fasting for several days. Blood sugar was down, cholesterol level went down and etc. I'm sure if one eats healthily, there won't be any need for different medication anymore. Oh, I just remember about the Actos lawsuit. Actos is a medicine for diabetes but has reportedly have a lot of negative side effects.

But back to a healthy me. I'm glad that I have finally found my solution to consume vegetables and fruits. I love the delicious juices and aside from being healthily, I also hope to lose some weight. :)

Brother In Christ

Our kids are glad to have a new 'brother'. He's our sponsored child from Compassion International. He's from Kenya and is the same age with our daughter. Almost every night our kids pray for him and they would proudly show his photo to our friends who comes to the house.

I praise God for the privilege of being a blessing to someone far away, even in our own little ways. Our decision to sponsor a child from Kenya has been born out from our burden to pray for the people in Kenya and Somalia. If we truly look around and take out our focus away from ourselves, only the we realized that we have 'so much' that we can give.. so much that we can share.. to those who barely have the basic necessities in order to survive.

As shown from the life of John Wesley, ‎"..with increasing income, what should rise is not the Christian's standard of living but the standard of Giving..."

We are indeed blessed to be a BLESSING!

Cars for Sale

The more we are desiring to buy a 'new' 2nd hand car, the more we see cars for sale. The 2nd hand car shops seems to be overflowing with cars for sale these days. But as our friend have advised us, our city is not the best place to buy 2nd hand cars these days. Why? Because of the recent flood ( November 2011), we won't be 100% sure if the car hasn't been internally damaged by the flood or not. Our car itself has been affected by last year's flood. I can fully remember that it was in a very good condition last year until it got flooded. Now, it has more squeaky sounds, dies off easily and sometimes refuses to start in the mornings. It does seem that it's getting weaker and sicker by the day. That's why we are praying for a better and 'healthier' car.

So, if we're getting a 'new' car, we have to make sure that it's flood-free and problem-free. We also have to check the Car Insurance Rates . I think it's still better to buy a Thai car since we are based here in Thailand. Anyways, I do know that before our car 'dies' a permanent death, it will be replaced by a better one.

Justice for Babies with Cleft Palate

Some clueless mothers with migranes resort to Topamax to relieve them of pain. Although Topamax is indeed proven to offer temporary relief, what is unknown to many is that it is a drug that could cause cleft palate or cleft lip in unborn babies.

Although this defect is often believed to be hereditary, studies prove that pregnant moms who have taken Topamax have significant cases of babies with cleft palate. It is a fact that children with cleft palate are often made as a laughing stock in schools, since theycould not pronounce words clearly, added to their already deformed lips. The trauma that the kid has to go through growing up just because of a certain drug demands legal action. Both the mother and the child do not deserve such a dilemma. An Austin personal injury attorney would definitely be of help in cases like these. If proven that it the drug is indeed responsible for the deformity, victims are entitled to their liability claims.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PSU Agri Fair

Our family had a fun time at the Prince of Songkhla University Agricultural Fair this evening. This fair is actually one of our awaited events for the year. No, there's nothing so much grand about this event but we just enjoy looking at the various displays and items being sold. From car exhibitions with brochure displays to the Thai local delicacies, oing to this fair is indeed a feast to the eyes and our stomachs. :)

Our kids on the other hand, had a wonderful time looking and touching the rabbits on display. They were so cuddly and cute. For a moment, I thought that we would be leaving the rabbit shop with tears from my kids' eyes but I'm relieved that they have somehow accepted the fact that we can't take care of rabbits as of this time. But instead, we bought a few fishes to add in our aquarium.

Anyways, we might be going back there again and see the other side of the fair since we only visited a small portion of the place we were already tired from walking.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trip to Malaysia

I'm looking forward to an upcoming trip at the end of the month. We are actually attending a conference and I'm glad that we are going as a family. Though it's a bit of a challenge at times to travel by car with two bubbly and energetic kids but it's fun. Sometimes though I can't help of dreaming getting rv loans so we have a big 'car' to travel with. But of course, that's a just a dream. :)

Malaysia here we come... :))

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy for Mother's Day

It's going to be Mother's Day in Thailand this coming Friday. They actually celebrate Mother's Day during the Queen's birthday. So, everywhere we could find gift items like jewelry fashion trends for moms on sale. The restaurants also offer free meals or free desserts for moms during this special day. This is also the day when the kids bring their mom's out for a meal or for a short holiday. I'm sure every mom like me would wish that every day is Mother's day. :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yummy Sunday - Fried Ice Cream

I know you must have been intrigued with the name of this dessert. Yes, this is called the Fried Ice cream . The Ice cream is inside which is deep-fried with the dough for a few minutes. The ice cream doesn't completely melt when it's being fried, but once served, you have to eat it immediately as the ice cream can melt easily now.

This is really a yummy 0nce-in-awhile treat.. I'm saying once in a while because, this is really fattening. Imagine the ice- cream, the dough and the OIL!!
Never mind if it's full of calories.. it's still delicious...

*photos from Joylee G.

Which Pet to Choose

My kids have been asking us to buy them a pet for the longest time. We couldn't let them take care of one yet since we feel they're not yet ready to take care of it. So, we asked them to wait for awhile. They actually wanted to have a puppy but then Hubby doesn't like dogs so we have to rule out that option.

But for a start, Hubby bought them a few fishes to somehow prepare them of taking care of something. Our daughter never fails to feed the fish and our son is doing a good job talking to the fish, " good night fish!", " good morning, fish!", " you're so chubby already"....

But from time to time, they still express their desire of taking care of something that has legs. One time, I even overheard both of them 'discussing' which pet is best for them. And it has been unanimously agreed that they will take care of 2 puppies, 1 'girl' puppy for our daughter and 1 'boy' puppy for our son. Oh.... what to do now? They just don't want one puppy but two! Well, at least their not asking for iPads or blackberry phones. But I hope they won't ask for an expensive Toy Poodle..

U.S in Debt 2

Oh, I've just read that after the 5th of August, the ceiling for US debt cannot be raised up anymore. That means, they are no longer allowed to lend money. That's quite a good thing right? Because if they borrow less, they also pay less. If you've read my post below, every American owes over 50 thousand dollars now they have to divide the money they owe to be paid by each citizen.

I'm not so sure how this decision that would affect their economy after the 5th August. I'm not an economist and I'm never good in maths, but I just hope this will not crash their economy. Anyways, there has been a rise of those getting a degree in forensic accounting, to keep the futuremore honest and real. If you think it would be beneficial to your own situation, consider taking online accounting classes.

Back to America's economy, I just hope and pray that everything will work out well for them. Because whatever happens to them can have a ripple effect to the rest of the world

U.S in Debt

It's not us who are in debt but the U. S. I just read about it and I can't believe that they have 13+ Trillion debt and that is in US dollars and not in Philippine peso!! :) I just visited the US National Debt Clock and honestly, I got dizzy with all the figures going up in real time. It has been calculated that with US current debt divided by their population of 310 Million, each citizen will have to pay 46,000 US dollars. Wow! That's a lot!

I've also read a few comments for the citizens that many are quite scared with US rate of unemployment and future economy. I read one wants to save as much as she can and just buying the bare necessities. I wonder if she's still interested to get term life insurance quotes and other stuff .

But anyways, even if the future seems a bit uncertain, like what would happen to the world if another major economic crises will occur, but our HOPE and our Trust is always in the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. So, why should we fear?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

30 Days No Spending Experiment

No, we are not doing the 30 Days No Spending Experiment but I've just read about an article about it the other night from Reader's Digest. I was so curious with the outcome of the experiment as I really wish we could do the same. It just so happened that I also told Hubby that same day that I will declare the month of August as a No-Eat-Out Month. :) My Hubby was quick to say that would mean we won't eat out for my birthday.. well, of course the 'fast' starts after my birthday. LOL!

Anyways, the family who has undergone the No Spending experiment really had an interesting month. The days when they thought everything was under control as they mostly borrowed stuff instead of buying, the plumbing went berserk. But surprisingly, the problem was solved without having to hire a plumber. But at the end, they learned a lot of things and were able to find out that there are just some things that we could live without.

As for my planned for the "no eating out month', I will have to do better in the kitchen and hospitality department. This would mean I will have to cook meals everyday and let guests eat at home instead of letting them try Thai food outside. I'm sure with this move, we will be able to save money wisely and at the same time, be able to control our figures. Yes, eating out has really been the culprit for weight gain these days and that's why people are looking for the best weight loss pills to combat this.

So, is my so-called plan possible??... We'll see....;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yummy Sunday- Banoffee

This is what I ordered when my girl and I had a 'girl's reading out' a few weeks ago. It's called Banoffee. It's a yummy cake that's sweet and has different textures with the cream on top, the cake and banana slices at the middle and the oreo crust at the bottom.

It was supposed to be my "Me" time but my li'l girl begged to go with me. Since all I needed was just peace and quiet. I told her that it'll be a 'reading day out' in which we will just stay in the coffee shop and read our books. She happily agreed and brought a book with her while I also finished up my Spark book by Chris Downie. It was indeed a relaxing time and we went home happy and refreshed.

Jollibee Party

My li'l boy likes Jollibee so much. So, we planned to let him experience a Jollibee party when we go back to the Philippines. But we have a little bit of a problem. We are only going back to Jollibee in December and his birthday is in October! LOL! So, we maybe we will have a post birthday party instead. ;) This must be the most delayed post birthday party ever. :)

For our li'l girl, we also did a similar thing. But in her case we had a pre-birthday party and celebrated her birthday a month earlier in the Philippines. Oh, we just want our kids to experience their birthdays in the Philippines. Aside from our family being there, there are also a lot of birthday stuff there from mascots to themed Girl Birthday invitations . My li'l girl enjoyed her Dora themed birthday a few years ago. Until now, she still remembers it and talks about it even if she was only 4 at that time. As for my li'l boy, oh,,,I'm sure he will love his Jollibee party.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Setting My Mind on Things Above

Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:1-2

I've been reminded this verse last night. God's word is indeed living an active in our lives, gently rebuking and teaching us when needed.

You see, I'm not a 'materialistic' kind of lady, but lately, I've been wanting to acquire something. I've been quite 'obsessed' about it, reading about the 'thing', researching about it and it's just somehow 'filling' my mind with it and nothing else. That's when I was reminded of the verse and decided to put a stop on thinking about it and surrendering it to the Lord. If it's His will for me to acquire that thing, then so be it. I don't have to struggle over it or make ways for me to acquire it like getting cash advance. If on the other hand, if it's not his will for me to acquire it, then it's still okay. At least I don't have to be burdened by cash advance or such. But the most important thing is for me to set my things above and not be 'overly' obsessed with this earthly thing.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Domain, Blogging and Payday Loans

I have always been thinking of creating yet another blog, but I still didn't find the time to do so. But last night, I saw an 'alert' from my friend that Godaddy is offering a domain for 1$ in honor of the Godaddy's girl, Jillian Michaels. I just needed to key in the code and wolaah, I get to buy the domain for a dollar. And it wasn't a .info domain but a .com!

So, I immediately headed over to Godaddy and tried it out. And yes, I did get to buy it for only 1$ plus 18 cents of ICann fee. So, now I got a new domain and just need to ask my friend on how to set it up then I'm ready to be blogging my heart out. :)

If you don't know yet, blogging has been a hobby of mine that has actually become an earning opportunity. I believe God has used this 'hobby' as an opportunity to bless us. There were times when finances were tight and getting a online payday loans could have helped but because I had my blog earnings, we were able to pay some bills. I haven't tried getting quick payday loans or same day payday loans but that would be the last resort for us since we want to be debt free.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dead Sea Products

Have you ever heard about the dead sea products that is said to be good for the skin? Well, I've heard a little about this before and it's only now that I got to see some of the products in the site. I wonder if these products are effective.

But on the other hand, I really want to see the Dead Sea in Israel. Visiting Israel is even one of my dream destinations. I wonder if this dream can become a reality. It must really be a wonderful experience to go and see the places where Jesus has been.

Almost Done!

There's only a few more weeks left and we're done with our 1st year of homeschooling! Yay! Though it was quite a challenge getting into a normal routine, but the challenge was just worth as I've seen how my daughter has learned so much in a year and is just hungry for more knowledge. We do still have to iron some things out though like improving her writing and letting her love Math. Opps.. I think she's like me.. Math is one of my least favorite subject.

And after her first homeschooling year is done, we are just ready to start a new school year as our materials are already with us. This time, I have a new student to teach and it is my prayer that I will be able to handle both with much patience and joy. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Feeling Weak

Hubby hasn't been feeling so well since he came back from his trip. He has been having abdominal pain, vomiting and feeling rather weak. At first, we thought it was gastric pain and just let him take medicine to relieve him of the pain. But since there wesn't any much improvement after taking the medicine, we decided to have him checked in the hospital. It's good that our friend is here so, he was the one who drove the car and accompanied Hubby to go to the hospital. I on the other hand stayed home and took care of the kids. The kids never got a chance though to see the nurses in their Cherokee scrubs, tooniforms or Dickies scrubs. I heard they have these kinds of scrubs in other hospitals but I'm not so sure whether they wear them here in our local hospitals.

Anyways, the doctor's finding was food poisoning. He must have gotten it from his trip. As he is resting now, we are praying for strength and for complete healing. I really think he needs to rest well.. he must have been to stressed out and tired from his entire travel to Malaysia, Indonesia and back.

The Surprise for Kids

Hubby's back from Indonesia and we're so glad that he's home. The kids were extremely excited that it took them quite some time to sleep the night before the arrival. They're not just excited for their Appa to be back home but also for the 'surprise' that is in store for them. The surprise were actually toys given to them from someone in Malaysia. It was so funny how the kids thought the Hubby bought all their 'dream toys' from Indonesia. We had to to explain to our kids that it was given by someone and indeed they have to thank God for answering their prayers through someone they barely know.

God is just amazing as to how He meets even our kids' desires. If he is so concern even with the children's desire for nice toys and how much more for our prayers and concerns.

Anyways, Hubby still brought some nice batik and trinkets from Indonesia. They have these keychains that can actually be personalized. I'm sure they have more personalized items there with the use of plating systems. Yes, a lot of things can be done with plating equipment or electroplating systems... oh, I'm just glad that the wait is finally over...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank God It's Thursday

Thank God that it's already Thursday! That means, it's almost the weekend! I'm most excited about this particular weekend because Hubby will be back from his trip. Oh, it's not easy to be 'trapped' in our house for the whole week with 2 kids. But I just thank God for His grace and strength. I was still able to do homeschool except for an afternoon that my boy didn't sleep and I was able to catch up with my housechores. But still, we miss the man of the house and can't wait to see him this weekend! :)

Ready, Reset, Go!

My friend has given me a pack of Usana's nutrimeal. I've tried this before and it's called the Reset plan since it's aim is to reset your body by detoxifying and letting you curb your cravings. This pack has actually been with me for weeks now,but I haven't got the 'courage' to do it yet. Because this will require me to just take the nutrimeal ( shake) 3 times a day for 5 days with 1 or 2 servings of veggies a day. But tomorrow, I'm going to start Day 1 and I will do my best to be successful. ;) It is my aim to live healthily and I'm proud to say that I've already started my exercises. My next target will be my 'nutrition' which is actually a bit more hard for me to do. That's why I'm planning to do this detox and reset pack first.

And speaking of detox, there is another kind of detox that needs suboxone treatment detox centers to work. I'm sure this will be helpful for those who know some people who needs some treatment from opiates or other kind of medication.

My Flashlight Phone

Phones are getting more and more hi tech these days. First was the TV phone and then now we have the wifi and 3G phones. I don't even know anymore what are the latest brands and models of these hi tech phones. Just now, I heard about new htc incredible s. If you ask me what's the difference between this and a blackberry,I wouldn't know unless I google it.

But with the phones getting 'smarter' and more hi tech, I'm still thankful for my LG flashlight phone! This phone has helped me find a number of things when it's dark and has lighted our path when we walked in one of the villages at night. If I would have 3 things to bring in an 'survivor island', I would have to bring my flashlight phone with me. It's not just a flashlight but it's also a phone. LOL!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Come, December Come

December is still six months away, but we are just so excited to go back home for Christmas. We've already bought our plane tickets ( one way) a few months back since there was a 50% promo fare from Cebu Pacific. Now, we're waiting and praying for another promo fare with travel dates from January 2012 onwards, so we can also book our return tickets. :)

Our waiting seems so long and our stay in the Philippines will actually be so short ( about 2 weeks) but nevertheless we're so thankful of the opportunity to spend Christmas and New Year with our loved ones. This is actually our very first time to be complete as a whole family ( brother and sisters with in-laws) to celebrate Christmas and New year together.

And now, we will just continue to start saving for this trip so, we can really enjoy ourselves with our family. Actually, we've already started saving up some small trinkets of souvenirs for friends and relatives too. I find this to be very helpful so that we don't have to buy everything in one go. It does save a lot of money.

Traveling is really costly but it takes a lot of planning and budgeting to make this possible. For other people, they opt to do payday loans online, so they can have some cash when they travel. But for me, I would want to save up ahead of time, even if it'll take me months. I want don't want to think of loan payments after the trip, that's why.

Oh, December, please come quickly.. we can't wait to go back home..

Of Stars and How Great Is Our God

Our science lesson for our homeschool for today is an overview of the stars and the planets. We're using the internet-linked encyclopedia but surprisingly there weren't any suggested links for today. I thought of just letting my girl see the photos from the Hubble Site but I then remembered about Louie Giglio's How Great Is our God preaching where he has given a perfect illustration of God's greatness. I thought this can give my daughter an understanding of the space as God's creation.

And true enough, I saw her intently listening to the preaching, laughing when Louie Giglio cracks joke about the golf ball and also saw her mouth wide open as she saw the vastness of the biggest star. I, on the other hand was reminded of God's awesomeness. Indeed, we are just even less than a speck in the universe yet God has created each one of us with such detail and uniqueness. Our God is more than amazing and our problems are indeed so minute compared to who God is and what He can do in our lives.

With many us overly concerned with our clothes, our food or whether we should get overnight loans, it's about time that we should focus less on ourselves and focus more on the greatness of God. I'm just speaking from my personal conviction. I hope and pray that I will never ceased to be amazed as to how enormous our God is. Anyways, if you haven't watched the video by Louie Giglio yet, you can search it in YouTube, Louie Giglio, How Great is Our God. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's God's Plan for Her?

My girl is only 7 years old yet she has already been thinking very seriously of what she wants to become when she grows up. Last year, she had a very long list of ambitions from surfer to preacher. Then last week, she decided to be an archeologist and nothing else. But today, she changed her mind again... but for the better.

She actually approached me this morning after her personal devotion and she said she doesn't want to be an archeologist anymore but she wants to know what God's plan for her when she grows up. She then told me that she'll remind me to pray for her during our one-on-one nightly devotions. And true enough, she didn't forget and reminded me to pray for God's plan (will) for her life before she went to bed.

As a parent, I'm just so blessed with my girl. As young as she is, she's already willing to give up her 'dreams' and pursue God's plan for her life. I know God will honor her desire and prayers and in due time He will reveal and fulfill HIS plans for my daughter.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ( Jeremiah 29:11)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Reluctant Passenger

Hubby was telling me one time that I should get back to driving the car while we were on the way to Carrefour. But before, I could answer him, a voice from behind, interrupted and said, " I don't want Amma to drive again because I might lose another tooth!" LOL! That was my daughter talking. Last year, my daughter's tooth got knocked out after I suddenly stopped the car while the security guards in Carrefour asked me to stop so they can check the trunk. As panicky as I was, I stepped on the break so hard that my daughter who was sitting from behind hit her tooth on the box in between the front seats.

I jokingly told them that maybe I can only get back to driving when I have my own automatic mini car, in which I don't have to be stressed out in parking it or stepping on the clutch so hard to change the gears. The smaller cars are actually cheaper nowadays, especially the Malaysian brand, but then we have to think about loan secured car title and other stuff. It's impractical for us to have two cars and even funnier if we change to a smaller car just for my sake. :)


I want our house to be clutter-free. Well, who doesn't? :) Yes, I can easily take care of the clutter on the tables or shelves, but it's a bit difficult for me to dispose of the 'paper clutter'. We have boxes of these 'papers' or documents, some important while some are not. From Christian magazines we've subscribed to conference notes and etc. They are all inside the boxes. There were a few times when Hubby and I sorted through all these boxes and ended up throwing one large plastic-full of these papers and magazines, but many of them are still left behind. Sometimes there are just things ( or rather 'trash') that's more difficult to throw; the year 2002 planner that's full of memories, the year 2000 journal that's full of 'revelations' and etc. It'll truly be a great idea to do document management solutions . This is actually a great technology where all your documents are scanned and stored in a system. In that way, even if you lose or throw away your hard copies, they can still be retrieved in the computer. I guess, this is the best solution for 'paper clutter' to disappear.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Astronaut and Archeologist

It’s amusing to listen to kids when we ask them about their ambitions. My son said he wants to be an astronaut after he ‘read’ through his book about Space. My daughter on the other hand said she wants to be an archeologist. Kids these days are getting more ‘hi tech’. I’ve never heard of these professions when I was their age. All I wanted to be was to be an Architect. But I ended taking up Interior Design since I was so scared of Maths. LOL! Just now, I’ve read through an article about zoloft lawyers. Remember, Zoloft, the medicine for depression, it has been reported to have negative effects that may cause birth defects.
Anyways, back to my kids’ ambitions, I don’t know whether they will pursue the same ambitions as they grow up. I’m not particularly so concern with how ‘high’ they can achieve. As long as their lives will be used by God and be a blessing to other people, I will be the happiest mom in the world.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Box Day 2011

Our homeschool materials for this year have arrived and our kids were so excited to see their new books. It'll be the first homeschool year for my li'l boy and the second for my girl. My daughter actually hasn't finished her materials from last year but since we already have the provision for the materials ( Thank you, Lord!), we decided to buy a bit earlier.

So, here are my kids and their new books! I thank God for Sonlight, as their materials are really superb!! It made homeschooling easier for me as well as an enjoyable experience for my daughter.

Healthy Little Guy

I am so grateful that our little boy has already fully recovered from that operation he had months before. When he was in pain and was in bed for days, I was worried about so many things. Some foreigners are just too scared at the thought of being operated in a foreign land – we were too, but at that point it was an emergency and definitely calls for an immediate operation. The doctor did a very good job. It was a risk to take, but I was glad of our decision. We continually thank God for keeping our boy safe.

Stories about victims of medical malpractice might have crossed my mind during that time. I really don’t know what to do if that would have happened, since there are no Austin Personal Injury Attorneys here in Thailand who are trained to fight for people who are victims of negligence on the part of doctors or any medical practitioner.

But thank God it’s all over now and my boy is healthier than ever!

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

Sunday, May 29, 2011

You're in the Movie

I remember one time my cousin sent me a link and told me to watch the movie clip in the link. The movie clip was actually about a group of people who decided on a hero, someone who's influential and changed life. So, the envelope with the photo of mystery hero was passed on from one person to another. Until the unveiling took place and I later realized that the photo that the passed on in the movie was my Hubby's photo! Hahaha! I was shocked and amazed as to how my Hubby got included in the movie clip. At the end I was laughing so hard and showed it to my Hubby too and he reacted the same way.

Then, I got to find out the site where you just need to download any photo and the photo will automatically appear as the 'hero' in the movie. That was so cool!

One can really do a lot of things with the photos online these days. There are free online programs that can create funny pictures or make funny photos. These are called online photo effects and are quite amusing to use.

Anyways,back to the 'Hero' movie, I still have to search for the site again and share it with you so you can also use it to 'shock' your friends or family. :))

Don't Cut My Nails

I was amused with my li'l boy a few days ago. I wanted to cut his nails but he wasn't allowing me to do so. When I asked him why, he then answered, " I'm afraid I won't be strong anymore." I didn't quite get it for a few seconds and only then I understood when I recalled that I used to read to him about Samson. Remember, they cut Samson's hair and he became weak? I can't help but chuckle with his reasoning.

Anyways, I don't think my boy should worry about his strength, he has that built-in, natural strength within him even without creatine supplements . Anyways, I told my boy that it is God who gives him strength and not his nails. Only then he allowed me to cut his nails.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yummy Sunday- Sometime Sweet

A few years back, there were only few bakeshops and cafes here in Hat Yai. But as years went by, more and more were bring opened. And of course, I'm so happy because I just love cakes and coffee. The only downside of it all is that their cakes are quite expensive. :( So, as much as I would like to go 'bakeshop' hopping, it's not possible for me to do so. I think that's also good in a sense because it'll save me not just money but from extra pounds, fats and calories. lol!

Anyways, enough of the chatter and let me introduce my Yummy Sunday entry, a cake ( sorry I forgot the name but it sounded like Veneta, Venoto or something) from Sometime Sweet, one of the newer Cafes in Hat Yai.

This cake is very sweet and yummy for those with a sweet tooth. But if you're not so much into sweets, then I guess this cake would be too sweet for you. Hubby didn't like it and found it too sweet. But I loved it! Yum!!

Her Dreamcar

With our car getting older and 'sicker' now, we can't help but desire and pray for a new one. But what's amusing is that it seems our family can't make up our minds on what kind of car to pray for. Each one of us wants a different kind of car. My daughter ( and my son would join in to his sister's choice) for example wants a Thairung Station Wagon. I'm sure you haven't heard of this brand yet. Thairung is actually a Thai company that specializes in modified pick up trucks. They also have suv with suv bike racks. My daughter likes the Thai Rung Station Wagon because of the large space at the back. She has already been imagining of playing with Lyle at the back if we get to have a car like this. :)

I on the other hand has another dream car. But since it's a 'dream' car, it's a bit more difficult to achieve and I guess will just remain in my dreams. LOL!

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