Friday, March 11, 2011

10 Ways to De-stress and Enjoy Rest

I'm blessed with what I've read from an article in yesterday. It's about De-stressing and enjoying Rest. Sometimes, we are unaware that we are already so busy and stressed out. Sometimes stress is already part of our lives and we feel burnt out with everything happening around us.

Here are the 10 practical steps that I've read from the article on how to de-stress and enjoy rest.

1) Take time out for creative exploration.
2) Schedule in Whitespace.
3) Enjoy sleep.
4) Enjoy God in your new endeavors.
5) Enjoy the outdoors, soaking up nature.
6)Try a new direction, inspired by God’s goodness rather than fear of the bad.
7) Enjoy friendships where you can be your real self and laugh.
9) Enjoy God’s forgiveness in relationships that are difficult.
10) Spend with Jesus. Rest isn’t something we can create. It is a gift Jesus gives. Then, turn around and offer that rest to others as your gift.

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