Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Freelance Work

I would like to think of my online work as a freelance work. I can do my work according to my own phase and according to my own time. Of course there are some days that are busier that the others. And that's when I ask help from a friend. Even though, my freelance work now is helping the family in many ways, but then I have to constantly remind myself of my priorities especially with my role as a wife and Mom. Sometimes, I would just wish that there are more hours in a days so I can accomplish a lot of things. But truth is, God has only given us 24 hours in a day and we must use it wisely.

There are a few things that I would like to minimize so, I can afford more time to more important things. I know, it is a challenge but I guess, I just have to do it.

Anyways, you might be wondering what my 'freelance' work is. No, I'm not in any management jobs such as retail managements jobs or property management jobs. It's just something that requires my mind to work and a bit of typing skills. :)

Thank God for work and I just pray for the wisdom so, that I can balance myself and manage my time well.

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