Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Porch

Filipinos are known for their hospitality, which is why both small and big houses have front porches to warmly receive visitors. If you happen to travel in the countryside, you’ll be amazed to see that even small huts have Front Porches decorated with ornamental plants.

Back home, our front porch is often utilized for church leaders’ meetings, kids parties, and even leadership trainings. It is really helpful especially when close friends and relatives run out of space to hold events.

For people residing in the main streets, where lots are really expensive and spaces are limited, front porches are often utilized as garage or some just leave them as it is, simply serving as gateway to the main door.

Nevertheless, there are ready-made front porches designed to suit varied personalities. Thus, an owner can turn his doorway into an atmosphere of sophistication as quickly as she wants it. The creativity of designers and the versatility of carpenters have joined forces to achieve utmost customer satisfaction. In fact, looking at front porches online, I had a hard time choosing which one is beautiful as every porch is distinctly elegant.

Well-designed front porches are really good, but it would become even better when occupants are hospitable.

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