Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Praying for Full Recovery

My li'l boy was admitted the other day at the hospital. He was vomiting, complaining of tummy ache and didn't have any appetite to eat last Sunday evening.

He didn't sleep on Sunday night and was already so weak on Monday. So, we decided to have him checked by the Doctor on Monday. The doctor diagnosed him to have viral gastritis. And since he didn't have any appetite to eat and didn't even want to drink water, the Doctor advised him to get admitted so at least he can get IV.

He was really so weak and was not his real self the whole day. On Tuesday, he felt a bit better though he had diarrhea but the doctor said that he can get discharge since he can already eat and drink water.

It's a day since we left the hospital and indeed our boy is already eating but has still been complaining of tummy pain and has fever. The doctor asked us to be back on Friday for a follow on check up, but if his tummy pain persists, we have to go back tomorrow. As a mom, I don't want to see him crying from time to time because of tummy pain. I know that his tummy must really be painful since he has a high pain threshold.

We're praying for Lyle's complete recovery. We've promised him to go to the park and play with his remote controlled car or we can even play softball and let him wear softball socks, once he recovers.

Please do pray with us. Thanks!!

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