Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank You for Praying for Lyle!

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank God for healing our li'l boy. As mentioned in my previous posts, he had been suffering of tummy pain and a lot of other symptoms for many days. Even after all the scans and tests, the doctors could only suspect it's appendicities and not be 100% sure. When the last ultra sound was taken, only then they immediately advised for him to be operated. At first I was a bit disappointed with the doctor's on why they can't seem to find out the real problem of his pain. But at the end I'm thankful to realize that at least they were not being haste in operating him without full proof. I believe God has been in full control of everything. It has been a painful experience for us to let let our boy be operated at such a young age (3.5 years old) but we're thankful that his appendix hasn't raptured yet prior to the operation. As what his aneasthesiologist said, his appendix could have already been raptured since many days have already gone since the pain, but the antibiotics have prevented this. Praise God for His protection, things could have been worse. Now, we are back home and our boy is almost back to normal. He can crack jokes, make funny faces. laugh and walk for short distances. If, you've seen our boy last week, you would really be worried since he rarely talks and would just grimace in pain. Thank God that it's over now.. We thank all our family and friends who have prayed with us too!Thank you so much!!

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