Monday, March 7, 2011

The 'Ukay-ukay '

My sister loves to shop at Ukay-Ukay (second hand stores) in the Philippines. Ukay means to dig, as second hand goods are all mixed up. Let’s say you like one of those shoes wrestling on the floor. You have to dig and dig further to look for its pair. Most often the pair of a beautiful, tough, and branded shoe you are holding is with somebody who as well is looking for the other pair. Funny how two people are met by the pair of shoes and smile at each other like begging each other to give way. There are also times like when you are about to your shoe, the other person does the same too. This happens most probably because either or both of you do not want to offend each other. I love this attitude of friendship and humility in an Ukay-Ukay shop. ;)

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