Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Weird Sound

Our car has been acting up these days. We've actually seen some changes with it after being submerged in the flood last November. We thought that those 'changes' will disappear after time but it seems to be getting worse.

It has been making these weird sounds for a few days now. Last Sunday, when we were going to church the sound came again. But the funny thing is, even Hubby has already turned off the engine, the sound was still there. Hurriedly, Hubby pulled out all the wires and etc. from the front but it still didn't stop. We could see that there was smoke coming out from the engine already. I'm not sure if the 5th wheel insurance will cover for a blazing car. But I was afraid, that our car will be on fire if the smoke continues. Me and my imagination, huh.

But anyways, we still proceeded to go inside the church. From the church I could hear our car and had to signal my Hubby a few times to go and check the car. And thankfully, Hubby was able to stop the sound and smoke from continuing. I don't know how he did it. But I do know what has been running in my Hubby's mind. He's desiring for a new car. Sad to say, our car is 'slowly' giving up. But I'm sure God will grant this desire according to His perfect time.


nanay said...

I believe God will give you another car at His perfect time. I will include it in my daily prayers. u

purethoughts said...

maybe the car wants to get inside the church too.. hehehe. kami pud, praying for a car. haaay. innova? heheh

peggy aplSEEDS said...

amen! i thought i'd drop you a note to say hello. i enjoyed reading your love story!


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