Friday, April 22, 2011

Helping Children with Cleft Palate

Most of the ENT doctors in the Philippines are involved in helping children with birth defects especially kids who have cleft palate. These doctors offer cleft palate surgery for free and some organizations pay for the expenses on medicines and others.

The surgery is offered to poor children who cannot afford to pay the expenses for the operation. This will help to give improvement to the child’s appearance, eating and speech development. Some children who have not undergone the surgery have experience speech disorders as well as peer bullying.

The major cause of cleft palate in children is highly genetic. But some are also caused by certain kinds of drugs. Recently, the drug Topamax has been found to have increased congenital deformities in babies. If you or a loved one has suffered from Topamax cleft palate birth defects, you can help them by filing Topamax lawsuit today.

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SmileBIG said...

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Anonymous said...

Smile Train Stories are amazing! You can really see how much this charity has help people with cleft palate problems. I love stuff like that!


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