Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Intermission - Safety First

My kids are both above 3 years old now. They've both passed through the 'choking hazard' stage, you know the stage when they can't play with certain toys because of choking hazards. Indeed, I'm thankful that they're both older now and are growing to be more independent. But still I can't be over confident on this and I still keep an eye on what they're doing and putting in their mouth. One of the things actually that I'm trying to be very careful are the chemical sprays like insecticide or bleach. We don't have shelves or storage spaces for these, so most of these things are reachable by our kids. But since they can already understand, I try to explain to them the reason why they can't touch those things. But as I said, I do keep an eye on them. Maybe we should try to invest on safety cabinets next time. It'll be too much to get those spill kits or spill pallets but safety cabinets should just be nice to keep some chemical substances and stuff that we don't want to let our kids touch.
Their safety is our priority, so we'll try to keep them as safe as possible coupled with our prayers for God to protect them day by day.

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