Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Medical Insurance

When Hubby and I were discussing about our health insurance, I was so surprised to find out the overall limit of our health insurance. No, I don't plan to be sick and would try to live as healthy as I can, but it somehow gives us a reassurance that when during our sickness, we won't have anything much to worry about since we are covered.

In the past, I've always considered insurances of any kind as a luxury, but after our son getting an appendectomy with a whooping bill of B XXX,XXX , I'm just thankful to God that our organization got a health insurance for the whole family. Whew! Praise God for His provision! Anyways, if you don't have any health insurance yet, I strongly suggest you get one even like the short term health insurance Blue Cross . You'll never know when you need it and it's good to always be prepared.


Marlon said...

Good thing you already decide to get cheap health insurance for individuals. Health insurance plans are considered necessity these days.

jonwilson said...

You're right, Marlon. In fact, private medical insurance in Australia covers over half of the population.


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