Sunday, May 29, 2011

You're in the Movie

I remember one time my cousin sent me a link and told me to watch the movie clip in the link. The movie clip was actually about a group of people who decided on a hero, someone who's influential and changed life. So, the envelope with the photo of mystery hero was passed on from one person to another. Until the unveiling took place and I later realized that the photo that the passed on in the movie was my Hubby's photo! Hahaha! I was shocked and amazed as to how my Hubby got included in the movie clip. At the end I was laughing so hard and showed it to my Hubby too and he reacted the same way.

Then, I got to find out the site where you just need to download any photo and the photo will automatically appear as the 'hero' in the movie. That was so cool!

One can really do a lot of things with the photos online these days. There are free online programs that can create funny pictures or make funny photos. These are called online photo effects and are quite amusing to use.

Anyways,back to the 'Hero' movie, I still have to search for the site again and share it with you so you can also use it to 'shock' your friends or family. :))

Don't Cut My Nails

I was amused with my li'l boy a few days ago. I wanted to cut his nails but he wasn't allowing me to do so. When I asked him why, he then answered, " I'm afraid I won't be strong anymore." I didn't quite get it for a few seconds and only then I understood when I recalled that I used to read to him about Samson. Remember, they cut Samson's hair and he became weak? I can't help but chuckle with his reasoning.

Anyways, I don't think my boy should worry about his strength, he has that built-in, natural strength within him even without creatine supplements . Anyways, I told my boy that it is God who gives him strength and not his nails. Only then he allowed me to cut his nails.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yummy Sunday- Sometime Sweet

A few years back, there were only few bakeshops and cafes here in Hat Yai. But as years went by, more and more were bring opened. And of course, I'm so happy because I just love cakes and coffee. The only downside of it all is that their cakes are quite expensive. :( So, as much as I would like to go 'bakeshop' hopping, it's not possible for me to do so. I think that's also good in a sense because it'll save me not just money but from extra pounds, fats and calories. lol!

Anyways, enough of the chatter and let me introduce my Yummy Sunday entry, a cake ( sorry I forgot the name but it sounded like Veneta, Venoto or something) from Sometime Sweet, one of the newer Cafes in Hat Yai.

This cake is very sweet and yummy for those with a sweet tooth. But if you're not so much into sweets, then I guess this cake would be too sweet for you. Hubby didn't like it and found it too sweet. But I loved it! Yum!!

Her Dreamcar

With our car getting older and 'sicker' now, we can't help but desire and pray for a new one. But what's amusing is that it seems our family can't make up our minds on what kind of car to pray for. Each one of us wants a different kind of car. My daughter ( and my son would join in to his sister's choice) for example wants a Thairung Station Wagon. I'm sure you haven't heard of this brand yet. Thairung is actually a Thai company that specializes in modified pick up trucks. They also have suv with suv bike racks. My daughter likes the Thai Rung Station Wagon because of the large space at the back. She has already been imagining of playing with Lyle at the back if we get to have a car like this. :)

I on the other hand has another dream car. But since it's a 'dream' car, it's a bit more difficult to achieve and I guess will just remain in my dreams. LOL!

My Girl

Here is my girl. My 7 year old girl. Wow! I can't believe that I already have a 7 year old daughter! Time flies so fast and indeed she has grown so much. Not only she has been asking when she can have a cellphone and Facebook account, but she has also somehow found her own sense of style in her dressing. There were a few times I couldn't help but be amused on how she would dress up. Sometimes, she would wear a leggings under a skirt and put layers of shirts as her tops. It's not actually hip hop clothing but I think she's trying to follow the trend from the youth. But for sure she didnt' got style from me since I don't dress that way. lol!

I would just like to thank God for our not-so-little girl-anymore, she has indeed been a great blessing in our lives and I know that God has a special purpose in her life.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Learning A Lot

As mentioned earlier, I've been going to classes for a week- not as a teacher but as a student. It has been a great experience to be a 'student' once again. It has been awhile since I was one so, it took about two days for me to adjust. You know, after being a stay at home mom for years, it's hard to sit, listen to the lecturer and keep still for hours. There were even times when my mind drifted away back home, thinking about my kids and Hubby, wondering how they were doing. Our topic was actually quite heavy during the first two days so, it seemed like too much for my brain. lol! Anyways, the 3rd day was quite easier and I think I was already able to adjust and concentrate more.

But in totality, I'm really learning a lot in this week's course. I had a lot of realizations and reflections along the way. I also consider this as a break from my daily routine as a stay at home mom and homeschooler mom. Aside from that, I've made new friends from different parts of the world. I thank God for this opportunity. I also thank God for Hubby who took care of the kids while in the class.

Picnic At the Garage

I'm doing a short term class for a week and Hubby's with the kids while I'm away.

The kids were telling me yesterday how they had a picnic in our garage. They laid the 'picnic' mat on the floor, brought toys and food and had their breakfast outside too. I'm sure both of them enjoyed their 'picnic'. I'm really glad that my kids are playing together more often now. You see, my 7 years old has been on the stage where she 'acts' like a grown up while my 3.5 boy still acts like a baby. But now, my boy has 'grown up' quite a bit and has interest on playing pretend with his older sister. Well, that's actually my girl's favorite game, so I'm sure she couldn't resist playing it with her brother.

Anyways, I think I will make their 'picnics' a regular thing. Aside from picnics in our garage, maybe I can plan out a real picnic at the park or at the beach. It has been awhile since we had one. So, I'm sure my kids will be looking forward to have a real picnic soon. It'll be nice to have one of those canopies like the pop up canopies to bring along too. They can also serve as portable garages, to keep the car in the shade when not in use for other purposes.

I wonder when we can have the free time for a picnic.. our schedule is quite busy in the next few weeks with teams and guests coming....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Intermission: On Business and Direct Selling

I never have a 'gift' for direct selling. I think it has something to do with my personality that can be shy and timid at times. I remember joining a multi level marketing company several years back, and I only managed to recruit one member. LOL! But I was already more than glad to finish selling all my products because at least my cost of registrations fee has already been 'recovered'. But that was the last of my 'direct selling' career. It was then confirmed that it was not for me. I would rather make or create products and ask someone else to sell it. I remember baking cakes and goodies and asking the help of my family to sell the goodies. We also made hand made cards and sold them with the help of friends.

But for other people, direct selling is just so easy peasy. Talking and convincing people on the benefits of their products is not an effort at all. I'm sure they will be successful in any type of business like Market America. Well, I've just read about this company and found out that their products include Isotonix- The world's most advanced nutraceuticals. If you want to know about the company, you can watch the MA Youtube Channel or read about the Market America Facts on the Market America Blog.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Best Birthday Ever

My girl has been thanking us for her recent birthday celebration. She said that it was her 'best birthday ever'. I don't know why when it seemed that her other birthdays were the same, except for last year when she didn't have any party. I guess, she appreciated this birthday more since it was sort of 'unexpected'. We actually told her before that she and her brother will only be having birthday parties until 5 years old.

But with God's very specific blessings, this party was made possible. :)) Our daughter has been very thankful to God and to the person who has blessed her.

So, here are a few photos of our girl's party.

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan making faces

Game time! Maria went to Town

Blowing of the candle...Sorry for the blurry photo.. but I kinda like the effect.. :)

Prayer for the celebrant

Indeed, we thank God for giving our precious daughter to us. We praise God for the 7 years that has passed and we're trusting Him for his continuous love. protection and grace for the years that will follow...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Movie Night: Joseph King of Dreams

We watched Joseph King of Dreams with the kids tonight. It's been awhile since I watched this movie from the beginning until the end. Even if I've watched this several times already, I can't help but still be teary eyed at the end, especially seeing the joyous reunion of Joseph and his father who haven't seen each other for 20 years. My daughter on the other hand, gets teary eyed listening to the song (above). Sometimes, she would ask us to forward that part, maybe because she doesn't want to feel sad.. :)

Whenever I remember the story of Joseph, it also reminds me that nothing in our life is an accident and everything happens for a reason. And at the end, we can say that God has been in control of everything. Amen? :)

Anyways, I will have to read some lcd tv reviews , no we're not buying one as of the moment, our Samsung 'bulky' TV is still so alive and healthy. I'm just doing this as my 'homework' :)).

Decisions, Decisions

We're praying for God's wisdom on us as we decide certain things. They are not big decisions to make but what ever we choose, can still create an impact in our daily lives as well as our childrens'. Oh, you might be wondering what I'm talking about. Well, these are actually issues that face those who are not in their homecountry.

Anyways, we're trusting God's wisdom and direction for indeed God knows what's best for His children. For the meantime, I need to check on some sites for my kids' homeschool materials. I heard that there's this site that sells books online with free shipping. I will have to compare the prices with our homeschool site and see which one's cheaper. This will take a lot of time since I need to go through them, book by book. Wish there's an easier way like how they do with but then, if I want to save, I better 'invest' my time on it too.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Psalm 116:15

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants.
Psalm 116:15

We are so sad to hear about our dear friend and mentor who passed away last night. We consider him as one of our mentors as he was the head of the training center which we were a part of (more than a decade ago). He has indeed encouraged us in many ways. One of thing that my Hubby couldn't forget about him was his constant reminder for us , 'He who is faithful with little things will be entrusted with much'. Everyday, during our training he would remind us of this verse. We also heard of his testimony on how he started in the ministry and saw how God has entrusted them with much after many years.

He has indeed been faithful and served God even during the last days in his life. I heard that he just came from a recent trip from the tribe before he passed away. We are sad and will miss our friend, but our only comfort is in the knowledge that he is with God, the Father now..and precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants.....

Our prayers and condolences to the S Family....

The Best Exercise

In our effort to be fit, I was so curious to read an article sent to my email on The Best Exercise. Do you want to guess, what's the best exercise? If I were to answer that on my own, I could have chosen, "Walking" as the best exercise, but my answer's wrong.

According to the article, the best exercise is actually the exercise that you enjoy doing the most. If one enjoys the exercise and won't seem like 'drudging to work', then that would be the best since, one is most likely to stick on the exercise.

So, even if one exercise makes you burn more calories than the other, but if you don't enjoy it, chances are, you're not going to stick it and stop after a few tries. So better do an exercise that doesn't let you burn as much as the other, but is fun and enjoyable. As for now, I think I have discovered the 'best' exercise for me. I will write about it next time. But first, let me check on articles on other health stuff like natural food and colon cleansers.

The Birthday Countdown

Our little girl is already doing her birthday countdown. As her birthday nears, I'm also getting more nervous. You see, apart from all the food and other preparations, I'm also planning to make her a Tinkerbell cake from butter cake and butter cream frosting. I haven't made a birthday cake out of these before so, that's why I'm sort of anxious of the outcome. It'll be nice if my only 'job' is to bake the birthday cake, but I will be cooking all the other things as well. These are the days that I wish I'm home and could get a lot of help from my sis and relatives. I will be busy starting on Friday as I start the preparation. I guess, I'll just have to prepare my acne creams too as I'll be losing sleep in trying to make the colorful birthday cake. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Operation Vitamins

We're back to consistently giving our kids their vitamins. We've actually stopped for awhile when the vitamins that my Mom brought from the Philippines was nearly finished. So, Hubby went to our friend's pharmacy to get a multivitamin ( with lysine) for my daughter and Vitamin C for both. Again, we were surprised to know that the vitamins we bought were very cheap. Our friend really gives us big discounts whenever we buy from her. :) She's very generous and we thank God for her. She's also very helpful when it comes to finding out medicines for certain ailments. She can speak very good English so, there's no more communication gap for us. She's also very good in explaining the medicine and the dosages. When it comes to medication and stuff, it's always good to make sure of it's indications, contra indications and side effects. I just remembered the zoloft lawsuit where people filed a lawsuit against a giant pharmaceutical company for a medicine that can cause birth defects.

Anyways, our Operation Vitamins is doing pretty well. It does seem that my girl's getting her appetite back and my boy's as healthy as always. Thank you Lord!

Bye Bye Fish

After months and months of waiting ( seemed like 'forever' for my little girl), our kids finally got their pets - fishes!

Yeah, we would want to start from the smallest possible pet until they (we) can handle the big, furry ones. Oh, our kids were so excited as they went to the fish shop, one Saturday afternoon. Hubby immediately got busy cleaning up the aquarium while the kids excitedly waited to see all the choice fishes in it.

Everyday, as my li'l boy wakes up and gets down to the living room, you would hear him exclaim, " Good Morning, Fish!" or "Good Night Fish!", when its time to go to bed. There was even one time when our boy misbehaved and we had to discipline him. He got a spanking from the Appa. After his crying session, he went infront of the aquarium and said, ' You know fish my Appa spanked me..." Oh, it has become a confession tank too..LOL!

But tonight, our little ones were sad, when they saw one of the fishes floating on the surface. It died and we don't know why. We consistently fed them and kept the aquarium clean. The temperature was just nice too. The aquarium wasn't too hot like a hot tub with hot tub covers.

Anyways, I saw my kids looked seriously at the fish tank with my boy, sighing and he said, " It's so pity.... but's it's okay fish.." My daughter and I couldn't help but laugh with how he's trying to console himself by consoling the fish.

So, I guess it's bye bye for that fishy for now. I hope all the rest of the gang will be healthy and last for a long time.

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