Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Best Birthday Ever

My girl has been thanking us for her recent birthday celebration. She said that it was her 'best birthday ever'. I don't know why when it seemed that her other birthdays were the same, except for last year when she didn't have any party. I guess, she appreciated this birthday more since it was sort of 'unexpected'. We actually told her before that she and her brother will only be having birthday parties until 5 years old.

But with God's very specific blessings, this party was made possible. :)) Our daughter has been very thankful to God and to the person who has blessed her.

So, here are a few photos of our girl's party.

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan making faces

Game time! Maria went to Town

Blowing of the candle...Sorry for the blurry photo.. but I kinda like the effect.. :)

Prayer for the celebrant

Indeed, we thank God for giving our precious daughter to us. We praise God for the 7 years that has passed and we're trusting Him for his continuous love. protection and grace for the years that will follow...

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litlit said...

Hi Trish, belated happy birthday to you and God bless you more.


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