Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Best Exercise

In our effort to be fit, I was so curious to read an article sent to my email on The Best Exercise. Do you want to guess, what's the best exercise? If I were to answer that on my own, I could have chosen, "Walking" as the best exercise, but my answer's wrong.

According to the article, the best exercise is actually the exercise that you enjoy doing the most. If one enjoys the exercise and won't seem like 'drudging to work', then that would be the best since, one is most likely to stick on the exercise.

So, even if one exercise makes you burn more calories than the other, but if you don't enjoy it, chances are, you're not going to stick it and stop after a few tries. So better do an exercise that doesn't let you burn as much as the other, but is fun and enjoyable. As for now, I think I have discovered the 'best' exercise for me. I will write about it next time. But first, let me check on articles on other health stuff like natural food and colon cleansers.

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