Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bye Bye Fish

After months and months of waiting ( seemed like 'forever' for my little girl), our kids finally got their pets - fishes!

Yeah, we would want to start from the smallest possible pet until they (we) can handle the big, furry ones. Oh, our kids were so excited as they went to the fish shop, one Saturday afternoon. Hubby immediately got busy cleaning up the aquarium while the kids excitedly waited to see all the choice fishes in it.

Everyday, as my li'l boy wakes up and gets down to the living room, you would hear him exclaim, " Good Morning, Fish!" or "Good Night Fish!", when its time to go to bed. There was even one time when our boy misbehaved and we had to discipline him. He got a spanking from the Appa. After his crying session, he went infront of the aquarium and said, ' You know fish my Appa spanked me..." Oh, it has become a confession tank too..LOL!

But tonight, our little ones were sad, when they saw one of the fishes floating on the surface. It died and we don't know why. We consistently fed them and kept the aquarium clean. The temperature was just nice too. The aquarium wasn't too hot like a hot tub with hot tub covers.

Anyways, I saw my kids looked seriously at the fish tank with my boy, sighing and he said, " It's so pity.... but's it's okay fish.." My daughter and I couldn't help but laugh with how he's trying to console himself by consoling the fish.

So, I guess it's bye bye for that fishy for now. I hope all the rest of the gang will be healthy and last for a long time.

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