Sunday, May 22, 2011

Her Dreamcar

With our car getting older and 'sicker' now, we can't help but desire and pray for a new one. But what's amusing is that it seems our family can't make up our minds on what kind of car to pray for. Each one of us wants a different kind of car. My daughter ( and my son would join in to his sister's choice) for example wants a Thairung Station Wagon. I'm sure you haven't heard of this brand yet. Thairung is actually a Thai company that specializes in modified pick up trucks. They also have suv with suv bike racks. My daughter likes the Thai Rung Station Wagon because of the large space at the back. She has already been imagining of playing with Lyle at the back if we get to have a car like this. :)

I on the other hand has another dream car. But since it's a 'dream' car, it's a bit more difficult to achieve and I guess will just remain in my dreams. LOL!

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