Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Operation Vitamins

We're back to consistently giving our kids their vitamins. We've actually stopped for awhile when the vitamins that my Mom brought from the Philippines was nearly finished. So, Hubby went to our friend's pharmacy to get a multivitamin ( with lysine) for my daughter and Vitamin C for both. Again, we were surprised to know that the vitamins we bought were very cheap. Our friend really gives us big discounts whenever we buy from her. :) She's very generous and we thank God for her. She's also very helpful when it comes to finding out medicines for certain ailments. She can speak very good English so, there's no more communication gap for us. She's also very good in explaining the medicine and the dosages. When it comes to medication and stuff, it's always good to make sure of it's indications, contra indications and side effects. I just remembered the zoloft lawsuit where people filed a lawsuit against a giant pharmaceutical company for a medicine that can cause birth defects.

Anyways, our Operation Vitamins is doing pretty well. It does seem that my girl's getting her appetite back and my boy's as healthy as always. Thank you Lord!

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