Sunday, May 29, 2011

You're in the Movie

I remember one time my cousin sent me a link and told me to watch the movie clip in the link. The movie clip was actually about a group of people who decided on a hero, someone who's influential and changed life. So, the envelope with the photo of mystery hero was passed on from one person to another. Until the unveiling took place and I later realized that the photo that the passed on in the movie was my Hubby's photo! Hahaha! I was shocked and amazed as to how my Hubby got included in the movie clip. At the end I was laughing so hard and showed it to my Hubby too and he reacted the same way.

Then, I got to find out the site where you just need to download any photo and the photo will automatically appear as the 'hero' in the movie. That was so cool!

One can really do a lot of things with the photos online these days. There are free online programs that can create funny pictures or make funny photos. These are called online photo effects and are quite amusing to use.

Anyways,back to the 'Hero' movie, I still have to search for the site again and share it with you so you can also use it to 'shock' your friends or family. :))

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