Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I want our house to be clutter-free. Well, who doesn't? :) Yes, I can easily take care of the clutter on the tables or shelves, but it's a bit difficult for me to dispose of the 'paper clutter'. We have boxes of these 'papers' or documents, some important while some are not. From Christian magazines we've subscribed to conference notes and etc. They are all inside the boxes. There were a few times when Hubby and I sorted through all these boxes and ended up throwing one large plastic-full of these papers and magazines, but many of them are still left behind. Sometimes there are just things ( or rather 'trash') that's more difficult to throw; the year 2002 planner that's full of memories, the year 2000 journal that's full of 'revelations' and etc. It'll truly be a great idea to do document management solutions . This is actually a great technology where all your documents are scanned and stored in a system. In that way, even if you lose or throw away your hard copies, they can still be retrieved in the computer. I guess, this is the best solution for 'paper clutter' to disappear.

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