Monday, June 27, 2011

Feeling Weak

Hubby hasn't been feeling so well since he came back from his trip. He has been having abdominal pain, vomiting and feeling rather weak. At first, we thought it was gastric pain and just let him take medicine to relieve him of the pain. But since there wesn't any much improvement after taking the medicine, we decided to have him checked in the hospital. It's good that our friend is here so, he was the one who drove the car and accompanied Hubby to go to the hospital. I on the other hand stayed home and took care of the kids. The kids never got a chance though to see the nurses in their Cherokee scrubs, tooniforms or Dickies scrubs. I heard they have these kinds of scrubs in other hospitals but I'm not so sure whether they wear them here in our local hospitals.

Anyways, the doctor's finding was food poisoning. He must have gotten it from his trip. As he is resting now, we are praying for strength and for complete healing. I really think he needs to rest well.. he must have been to stressed out and tired from his entire travel to Malaysia, Indonesia and back.

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