Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Flashlight Phone

Phones are getting more and more hi tech these days. First was the TV phone and then now we have the wifi and 3G phones. I don't even know anymore what are the latest brands and models of these hi tech phones. Just now, I heard about new htc incredible s. If you ask me what's the difference between this and a blackberry,I wouldn't know unless I google it.

But with the phones getting 'smarter' and more hi tech, I'm still thankful for my LG flashlight phone! This phone has helped me find a number of things when it's dark and has lighted our path when we walked in one of the villages at night. If I would have 3 things to bring in an 'survivor island', I would have to bring my flashlight phone with me. It's not just a flashlight but it's also a phone. LOL!!

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