Monday, June 20, 2011

Of Stars and How Great Is Our God

Our science lesson for our homeschool for today is an overview of the stars and the planets. We're using the internet-linked encyclopedia but surprisingly there weren't any suggested links for today. I thought of just letting my girl see the photos from the Hubble Site but I then remembered about Louie Giglio's How Great Is our God preaching where he has given a perfect illustration of God's greatness. I thought this can give my daughter an understanding of the space as God's creation.

And true enough, I saw her intently listening to the preaching, laughing when Louie Giglio cracks joke about the golf ball and also saw her mouth wide open as she saw the vastness of the biggest star. I, on the other hand was reminded of God's awesomeness. Indeed, we are just even less than a speck in the universe yet God has created each one of us with such detail and uniqueness. Our God is more than amazing and our problems are indeed so minute compared to who God is and what He can do in our lives.

With many us overly concerned with our clothes, our food or whether we should get overnight loans, it's about time that we should focus less on ourselves and focus more on the greatness of God. I'm just speaking from my personal conviction. I hope and pray that I will never ceased to be amazed as to how enormous our God is. Anyways, if you haven't watched the video by Louie Giglio yet, you can search it in YouTube, Louie Giglio, How Great is Our God. :)

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