Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Reluctant Passenger

Hubby was telling me one time that I should get back to driving the car while we were on the way to Carrefour. But before, I could answer him, a voice from behind, interrupted and said, " I don't want Amma to drive again because I might lose another tooth!" LOL! That was my daughter talking. Last year, my daughter's tooth got knocked out after I suddenly stopped the car while the security guards in Carrefour asked me to stop so they can check the trunk. As panicky as I was, I stepped on the break so hard that my daughter who was sitting from behind hit her tooth on the box in between the front seats.

I jokingly told them that maybe I can only get back to driving when I have my own automatic mini car, in which I don't have to be stressed out in parking it or stepping on the clutch so hard to change the gears. The smaller cars are actually cheaper nowadays, especially the Malaysian brand, but then we have to think about loan secured car title and other stuff. It's impractical for us to have two cars and even funnier if we change to a smaller car just for my sake. :)

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