Monday, June 27, 2011

The Surprise for Kids

Hubby's back from Indonesia and we're so glad that he's home. The kids were extremely excited that it took them quite some time to sleep the night before the arrival. They're not just excited for their Appa to be back home but also for the 'surprise' that is in store for them. The surprise were actually toys given to them from someone in Malaysia. It was so funny how the kids thought the Hubby bought all their 'dream toys' from Indonesia. We had to to explain to our kids that it was given by someone and indeed they have to thank God for answering their prayers through someone they barely know.

God is just amazing as to how He meets even our kids' desires. If he is so concern even with the children's desire for nice toys and how much more for our prayers and concerns.

Anyways, Hubby still brought some nice batik and trinkets from Indonesia. They have these keychains that can actually be personalized. I'm sure they have more personalized items there with the use of plating systems. Yes, a lot of things can be done with plating equipment or electroplating systems... oh, I'm just glad that the wait is finally over...

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