Sunday, July 17, 2011

U.S in Debt

It's not us who are in debt but the U. S. I just read about it and I can't believe that they have 13+ Trillion debt and that is in US dollars and not in Philippine peso!! :) I just visited the US National Debt Clock and honestly, I got dizzy with all the figures going up in real time. It has been calculated that with US current debt divided by their population of 310 Million, each citizen will have to pay 46,000 US dollars. Wow! That's a lot!

I've also read a few comments for the citizens that many are quite scared with US rate of unemployment and future economy. I read one wants to save as much as she can and just buying the bare necessities. I wonder if she's still interested to get term life insurance quotes and other stuff .

But anyways, even if the future seems a bit uncertain, like what would happen to the world if another major economic crises will occur, but our HOPE and our Trust is always in the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. So, why should we fear?

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