Sunday, July 17, 2011

Which Pet to Choose

My kids have been asking us to buy them a pet for the longest time. We couldn't let them take care of one yet since we feel they're not yet ready to take care of it. So, we asked them to wait for awhile. They actually wanted to have a puppy but then Hubby doesn't like dogs so we have to rule out that option.

But for a start, Hubby bought them a few fishes to somehow prepare them of taking care of something. Our daughter never fails to feed the fish and our son is doing a good job talking to the fish, " good night fish!", " good morning, fish!", " you're so chubby already"....

But from time to time, they still express their desire of taking care of something that has legs. One time, I even overheard both of them 'discussing' which pet is best for them. And it has been unanimously agreed that they will take care of 2 puppies, 1 'girl' puppy for our daughter and 1 'boy' puppy for our son. Oh.... what to do now? They just don't want one puppy but two! Well, at least their not asking for iPads or blackberry phones. But I hope they won't ask for an expensive Toy Poodle..

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