Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cars for Sale

The more we are desiring to buy a 'new' 2nd hand car, the more we see cars for sale. The 2nd hand car shops seems to be overflowing with cars for sale these days. But as our friend have advised us, our city is not the best place to buy 2nd hand cars these days. Why? Because of the recent flood ( November 2011), we won't be 100% sure if the car hasn't been internally damaged by the flood or not. Our car itself has been affected by last year's flood. I can fully remember that it was in a very good condition last year until it got flooded. Now, it has more squeaky sounds, dies off easily and sometimes refuses to start in the mornings. It does seem that it's getting weaker and sicker by the day. That's why we are praying for a better and 'healthier' car.

So, if we're getting a 'new' car, we have to make sure that it's flood-free and problem-free. We also have to check the Car Insurance Rates . I think it's still better to buy a Thai car since we are based here in Thailand. Anyways, I do know that before our car 'dies' a permanent death, it will be replaced by a better one.

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