Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Justice for Babies with Cleft Palate

Some clueless mothers with migranes resort to Topamax to relieve them of pain. Although Topamax is indeed proven to offer temporary relief, what is unknown to many is that it is a drug that could cause cleft palate or cleft lip in unborn babies.

Although this defect is often believed to be hereditary, studies prove that pregnant moms who have taken Topamax have significant cases of babies with cleft palate. It is a fact that children with cleft palate are often made as a laughing stock in schools, since theycould not pronounce words clearly, added to their already deformed lips. The trauma that the kid has to go through growing up just because of a certain drug demands legal action. Both the mother and the child do not deserve such a dilemma. An Austin personal injury attorney would definitely be of help in cases like these. If proven that it the drug is indeed responsible for the deformity, victims are entitled to their liability claims.

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