Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From Astronaut to Zookeeper

It's amusing to hear my son's ambition. First, he want to be an astronaut because he wants to go to the moon. Then, next he wanted to be a zookeeper since he wants to take care of Pandas, bears, horses and other animals. Oh, he even cried once because he wants to have a panda cub for a pet and I told him it's not possible to keep a panda in the house. :)

Anyways, he was really happy when we visited the zoo the other week. He got to see his favorite animals. But one thing we missed though was the horseback riding and the elephant ride. It was raining hard halfway our tour so, we never got the chance to let our kids go on their 'dream rides'. Yeah, they've been wanting to ride on horses for many months now. And I'm glad that there are horse rides now here in our place. I'm not sure though whether they have complete english horse tacks but I think it's quite safe to let the kids ride with the trainers. To the Zoo we go on our next family outing.

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