Saturday, October 1, 2011

Promo Tickets!

Yipee! Finally, I was 'on time' and got to see Cebu Pacific's seat sale announcement. You see, I've constantly been checking this site and waiting for a seat sale but it seems I'm always late and I don't get to see the cheaper fares.

But today was different. I was finally able to book our return tickets for 1/3 of the original price! Yes! Thank you Lord!! But you know what, we have a minor problem with the promo tickets. The flight is from Clark and not from Manila. Oppss.. That means we still have to travel from NAIA to Clark ( about 2-3 hours) for us to board the plane to Bangkok. Even if I was already excited to book our tickets and was ready to get our credit card from my wallet (nope, it's not an rfid blocking wallet ), we still had to weigh our options whether the price is worth the hassle ( travelling for 2-3 hours). And finally, we decided to book the tickets because 13,000 pesos of savings is 13,000 pesos!! We're on a tight budget so, we have make a little bit of sacrifices like extra bus rides and etc. But as early as now, we are already praying that indeed God will make our trip a pleasurable and enjoyable one!

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