Saturday, November 26, 2011

Peace not War :)

It's a fine Saturday morning. Thank God that it's not raining. It has been raining for the past days and it's a relief that the sun is out today.

Anyways, the kids are enjoying their time playing outside now. I could hear laughter and giggles as they are playing 'pretend'. Thank God that my kids have now grown up to be real good friends and playmates. It wasn't like this in the past, because my son hasn't matured yet, he was always fighting with his sister while Tricia also gets easily impatient with him. Those were the days when we were more like referees. Hubby and I would joke that those days were so stressful that we could feel our hair falling off and we might need the best hair transplant doctor at the end. :)

Nowadays,they look for each other's company and miss each other when they're not together.Of course, they still fight but there are more peaceful times than wars. Thank you Lord for the PEACE.. :)

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