Thursday, November 24, 2011

Going as Far as We Can See

Sometimes we can't help but want to know God's entire 'map' or perfect plan for our lives. Oh, how easy it would be to know which direction to go or where we would be 10 years from now. But since our God is a personal and relational God, He only gives us bits and pieces of His plan. He wants us to seek Him and draw closer to Him each day as we ask for His plans and directions for our lives. He wants us to trust Him on a daily basis. If we know the detailed plan of our lives ahead of time, how easy it would be for us to go on our own way without seeking Him, but that would be dreadful, right? So, even if we don't see what's ahead of us in the next few months or few years, let us continue to seek Him and take a step each day in faith and go as far as we can see..

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