Friday, December 30, 2011

Four Eyes

We were finally able to make a visit to the optometrist to have my daughter's eyes checked. It's confirmed that she's near sighted and would need to wear glasses at certain times. At first she was reluctant to wear glasses but after trying out a few pairs, she seemed excited for it. She chose a lavender and pink Barbie eyeglasses which fits her pretty well. The shape of the lens doesn't hide her eyes. Her beautiful big eyes and long eyelashes are still obvious even with the glasses. Yes, she won't need to read articles on , 'how to make your eyelashes grow ' anymore because she already has long eyelashes.

Anyways, as soon as my girl wore her glasses, she was so fascinated that she could clearly see all the signages from afar. It was only then she told me that, before she couldn't see the signages and letterings clearly because they looked blurred. Oh, poor thing.. it's good that we've decided to take her to the doctor.

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