Monday, February 28, 2011

5 Days More
Wow! Praise God! I've survived 8 days in being alone with the kids at home without Hubby. This is such a breakthrough for me. The longest I was alone with Lyle without hubby was 3 nights and 4 days when he and Tricia went to Malaysia. That was a breeze since it wasn't very long and I only had one child with me.

But this time, I had both kids and we'll be home alone for 13 days. Whew! Praise God for his strength and grace. It's not an easy task especially since both of my kids are highly energetic and my li'l boy is getting to be talkative too. Oh, there were times that I would just wish to be alone and enjoy peace and quiet.

And I thank God for granting me this desire since I'm having an afternoon off now. Thank God for friends who are taking care of my kids. I actually had a relaxing afternoon at the coffee shop, was able to go around town for a walk and am now enjoying the quietness in our house. I'll be having a short nap in awhile too. ;)

My Li'l Boy's Prayer

It's so cute to hear a 3 year old pray. Hubby, my daughter and I would end up giggling hearing our li'l boy pray. There were a few times that he would thank God for his Appa's hair ( with matching laying of hands over his hair), the fan ( he would then hug the fan), the pillows and all the other things. When he prays for me, his Appa or Ate Tricia, he never fails to hug the person he's praying for.

Last night, he prayed and asked God to protect each one of us and even mentioned some friends who are in the Philippines. Then he prayed for his knee to be healed. He actually hurt his knee while he was running up the stairs. It wasn't anything major like needing knee braces but I guess it still hurt so much. I was amused when he was praying like and evangelist, " Pleash, heal my knee Lord. Heal me! Heal me, Lord!"... :) Just precious!

Praying for our Friend P

Please pray for our friend P. She has just undergone mastectomy last Saturday. We are now waiting for her biopsy results too. We're fervently praying that she doesn't have cancer. We are not sure whether she has applied for medicare supplement plans before but praise God for the provision of her medical needs.

We met P a few years back. She's one lady who is very zealous and has a vision to reach out not just to her family but her whole community as well. Actually, we haven't seen P for a long time already since she's based on another island. But surprisingly, we remembered her last week. It was only then a few days ago that we learned about her health conditions.

This incident also reminds me to always pray for people who we 'suddenly' think of. That person might need our prayers. It must also be God reminding and convicting us to pray for that certain person.

The Love for Rabbits

My kids love to have rabbits. But sadly, we can't let them have rabbits yet since they're not capable to do take good care of these fragile pets.

I remember the time when Tricia's godparent gave her a couple of rabbits as a Christmas present. She was so happy to have them and named them Christmas and New year. But sadly, they died a few weeks after since they haven't been handled by her well. I think one fell down quite hard and died. And then a week later, the other one died too. Oh, she cried when she learned that Christmas and New Year died. I could still remember how she 'mourned' for her pets and kept on remembering them and drawing them in her sketch pad.

Here are the photos taken more than 3 years ago.

Tricia praying and thanking God for her new rabbits

We will surely be buying our kids a couple of rabbits with an indoor rabbit cage or outdoor rabbit cage once they are a bit more older. I heard we can also buy rabbit cages online now. But we'll have to wait a little bit more and I'm sure they will be so excited to have their own rabbits.

31 Days to A Healthy Diet

I just got an email alert from Sparkspeople. They are offering a free download of the 31 Days to A Healthy Diet Calendar. I just took a peek at the calendar and it's really nice. Everyday they provide a healthy diet tip from eating breakfast to monitoring sodium intake. I really find the Sparkpeople a very good website for healthy living. I've read several testimonials of people who followed the Sparkpeople's way. Some have not just lost a lot of weight but they gained new health. Many people have gradually let go of unhealthy habits such as not touching nor checking cheyenne cigars price anymore to giving up of junk foods.

As I've been regularly reading a several articles from this site, I'm indeed learning a lot and been trying to implement some of the healthy tips and principles in my life.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Installing Google Friend Connect

I just installed the Google Friend Connect in my blog. I found this as a great way to find new friends and connect with the old ones.

I myself am a follower of many of my friends' blogs through google connect. There are also other blogs that are very interesting and even if I don't personally know the writer but I like to follow them and learn new things.

If you want us to be connected, please follow me through google connect. The tool can be found on my sidebar.

New Learnings And New Me

My Hubby is learning a lot of new things right now as he is attending a conference in the North. I'm so glad that he is enjoying the conference and learning and relearning a lot of things. I thank God for our friends who invited Hubby to attend and our leaders who allowed supported us. It has been quite a long time that we desired to attend conferences like this. I know that when Hubby comes back home, he will be truly be refreshed in every aspect in his life.

For the meantime, while he is away I told him that he will find a 'new' slimmer me in two weeks. LOL! So, I'm trying my best now to lose as much weight as I can in several days. It will be a good idea to find weight loss pills that work but then I want to lose weight the natural way. So, that's part of my 2 week challenge and I hope Hubby will see a few good changes when he comes back. ;)

My Cousin's Blessing

I'm so happy to see my cousin so blessed. She posted the photos of the 'evolution' of their cars where they started with a Jeepy and over the years upgraded and now they have a new Mitsubishi SUV.

Her testimony of God's blessing and their faith has really inspired me. Indeed, God is faithful not just in providing our needs but even our heart's desire. Hubby is actually praying for a new car now as our car has been giving us problems ever since it got flooded last year. So, I'm praying with Hubby and we believe that God will grant us our heart desire in His beautiful time. Along with this, a cheap car insurance won't hurt to as a preparation for his blessing. :)

Current Top 5 Christian Songs

Do you know the current Top 5 Christian songs? Well, I'm an avid listened of Praise 106.5 so, I'm a bit familiar with some of the songs. Anyways, for those who don't know here is a list of the songs with their Youtube videos. Enjoy your time listening to them.

Let's start from the Top 5 until the 1st...

Top 5 : Children of God by Third Day

Top 4: Starry Night by Chris August

Top 3: I Will Follow by Maranatha! Singers
Oh, sorry I can't find the right video for this

Top 2: Beautiful by Mercy Me

and finally the top 1......

Top 1: Your Love by Brandon Heath

So that's the Top 5 Christian Songs for this week. I hope you enjoyed listening. Now, I have to read my assignment for today and that is to read about the top ten diet pills . :)

2nd Day

I'm on the 2nd day of my 2 week challenge now. That means I have 12 more days to go before it ends. LOL! Anyways, I'm enjoying this challenge as I'm doing the things that I haven't been doing a many months (or years) now. I'm also hoping that through this I will be able to continue to be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. I believe that good physical health actually affects all the other areas of the body specially the emotions. That's why it's really my desire to be fit and healthy. I know I've already tried to so many times but fail at the middle of it. But then, I won't give up until living healthily has become a part of me. For the meantime let me read some health articles and some health reviews like the m5 extreme reviews .

Canella e Melagrano's Blog Anniversary Giveaway!

As I was bloghopping I came across Canella's blog. She's a miniature art artist and I'm so impressed with her work. Her miniature art is exquisite with all the tiny, tiny details.

As she's celebrating her 1st blog anniversary, she's hosting a give away. Of course, I'm joining her give away because I want to see and hold for myself her wonderful cute creations. So, if you want to see her work and join here giveaway. Click here.

Early Bird

I'm so happy! I was finally able to sleep so early last night. Maybe for those who are used to sleep early, my 'early' is already late but still I'm happy that I slept before midnight. So, I had a full 8 hour sleep and woke up earlier than the time I used to wake up. I kinda like it. Instead of sleeping late to catch up with work, I'll sleep early, wake up early and do my work on my extra hours in the morning while my kids are still sleeping. That's a better plan, right? I get to have quality rest at night which will help me get rid of acne and maybe help me lose weight without weight loss pills. Yes, I've just read the benefits of getting enough sleep and one of those is weight loss. Hmm.. we'll have to try this out.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Intermission: Of Vitamins and Medicine

Oh, I always forget to bring my cousin's medicine check and show to our Thai friend. You see our Thai friend has a pharmacy and we want to check if she has my cousin's medicine available there. We've noticed that some of the vitamins and medicine here are much cheaper than in the Philippines.

We just have to make sure that we buy the exact medicine basing on its generic name (since some brands are not available here) or else we might end up buying the wrong medicine and experience side effects. I just remember about an article that tells about extenze side effects.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Domain Shortage

I've just heard in the online radio that I'm listening to, that there was almost a shortage of domain names in the worldwideweb. It seemed that most of the .com's have already been used. I'm not sure if I heard the commentator right, but as far as I know, there's still a lot of domains available. I have a friend who's a self-confessed domain addict. She's creating new domains and giving out several too. So, is there really a domain shortage or maybe I just didn't understand what the DJ was trying to say. LOL!

One Book Down

One of the things I wanted to do more this year is to read books. Admittedly, I haven't read a lot of books last year. I've started to read a few of the books from our shelves but never got to finish it. I only managed to read the thin and books that are easy to read.

So, for this year I also started with a book that's easy to read. Oh, yes a novel by John Grisham. Oh, I could remember that I was an avid reader of John Grisham during my college days. It's actually the only kind of books that I could borrow from my cousin who likes his books. Anyways, the book that I read is entitled The Testament. I was quite amuse because it was like I'm reading a missionary biography. I had to remind myself several times that I'm reading fiction from John Grisham. I really think John Grisham is a good author especially when it comes to law and case stories. He's actually a lawyer turned writer. I'm not sure how long he has practiced law or have ever handled an accutane lawsuit.

Anyways, so I'm off to read my second book of the year. This time it's Elizabeth Elliot's book about family life.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy, Happy

I'm so happy! I just won in one of the give aways that I've joined. I've won a handmade heart pendant made by a great artist! Yipee!

I've actually joined a lot of give aways for the past days, and I'm hoping that I won't just win on one but on a few give aways. Yes, I've done a lot of blog hopping many days in a row. Hopping though a lot of artists' blogs. Their blogs don't just inspire me to be creative but also gives me a chance to win their give aways. ;) Most of their give aways are handmade and art pieces which makes it more special. Nope, there are no mobile phones or hp desktops as give aways, but I guess, I'll have to search for other contests to win those.

Anyways, I'm happy and thankful for my prize. :))

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Good Idea

We had this huge framed Batik painting that has been leaning on the wall inside the house for many weeks. This painting was actually from the Center. And after the flood, our center went through a 'make over' and everyone unanimously agreed that the painting is too 'old' and won't look nice in the newly painted center anymore. We had this for more than 7 years now, so Hubby decided to keep it and brought it home.

I was happy to see the 'rejected' painting and planned to hang it on the second floor wall that can be seen from the living room. That wall has been very bare and it'll be nice to put some color on it. But since the painting is very heavy, we will need 2 ladders and 3 people to hang it. So, it stayed leaning on our dining room wall, 'unhung' for weeks.

Then, one day our girl had an idea. She told us like an interior designer, " Why don't we hang this big painting over here?", pointing on the wall in our seating room. Our family pictures were there and I guess that's the reason why we never thought of placing the painting there. I , on the other hand was also so determined to put it on the second floor wall.

So, Hubby immediately loved the idea. It's easier to hang it in the sitting room and we won't have to look for ladders and people just to put it up. So, at once Hubby agreed and worked on it immediately. And now the painting is nicely placed in our sitting room. The sitting room looks better now too. Now, we just need to do something with our floor. I wish our house owner will do some Tile floor installation . If not, then we will opt to put linoleum just to keep our flooring nice and clean.The painting in our sitting room

This is where it should have been... but I think it looks nicer in the sitting room now.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Appa's Eyes

Hubby has been wearing contact lenses for awhile now. He used to wear glasses and several pairs broke due to 'accidents' caused by our kids when they were younger. There were a few pairs that were his favorites. They had glasses frames that were not too thick and nicely designed but broke quite easily with our li'l boy's strong grip.

Anyways, back to the contact lens, there was a time when Hubby was putting them on and one of the lens fell down and he was looking for it on the floor. Our li'l boy was curious and asked his Appa what he was looking for. Hubby told him that the 'thing for the eyes' fell down. I think our li'l boy only got the 'eyes' part of it, and exclaimed in panic, " Appa's eyes fell down! Appa's eyes fell down!" and was helping scouring the floor and looking for 'Appa's eyes". LOL!

Thinking About the Philippines

Tricia and Lyle with cousins 2 years back.

My li'l girl has been thinking a lot about the Philippines these days. Out of the blue, she will just recall all the fun times that she had with her cousins when we were there the other year. Then, most of the time she would conclude by asking, how many more days before we go back there? Oh, sometimes I can't help but wish that Philippines is just so near and we can go there by tuktuk (lol) but it takes a lot of preparations and savings for our family to go there.

I'm also missing my family and especially with the fact that all of them are there now. But it's okay, another 10 more months and we will be there for Christmas and New Year. I'm sure our kids will have a grand time. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Comment Galore and the Arts

Oh, I've been busy the past days. I've actually been very busy blog hopping and posting comments on other people's blogs. You see I joined this worldwide give away in which there are already over 800 participants. Each participant is holding their own giveaway with prizes ranging from art materials to beautiful artworks. And the great thing about it is that, you just need to comment on the post and you're eligible to win the prize. So, that's what I was excited about in the online world.

As for this event, most of the bloggers who joined are artists and crafters. The more I visit different blogs, the more I am so inspired and encouraged to get back to the 'arts'. What's even more motivating is that most of them are Moms or Grannies who have kids at home. I've always 'complained' about not having much time for myself after homeschooling my daughter and taking care of my preschooler. I know it'll be more of a challenge for me to find some time. But if, those Mom's with triples and puppies and cats can find the time, then why cant' I? :)

Anyways, I hope that I can win a few of those give aways, especially those art and crafts supplies. It'll help me get started immediately without having to spend some money. Then, I'm also planning to start a blog for it , so as to document my work and development. I'm still thinking of a domain name and I have to check whether my web hosting provider can still add another site in it.

I'm so excited about this. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Missing Computer Keys

Whenever I use my netbook nowadays, I feel like I'm a 'handicap'. You see, some keys are not working anymore so, whenever I use it to chat, my words are usually misspelled because of the missing letters.

Just last night, I was laughing at myself as I chatted with my cousin. Some of the words I type can't be understood easily with the missing letter N and letter B. I pity her because she's really trying hard to decipher what I'm trying to say. LOL! At the end when we were saying good bye, I'm supposed to say God Bless, but because of the missing letter B, it became ' God less'.. tsk..tsk..

Anyways, I think this is a software problem ( virus?) since different letters are not working at different times. Sometimes letters N and B don't work while other times letter Y and T. I think we just need to reboot this, but we first still have to look for a portable dvd drive to do this. I'll let my Hubby take charge of this as I'm not so familiar with computer hardware. software or even terms like pci hosting.

I just hope my netbook will operate normally. I really want this netbook to last for a long time since it has some kind of sentimental value for me. This has been one of the first few purchases I made from my blog earnings. :)

*image from google

Happy Blogversary Chris!

Chris from Chris Chronicles is celebrating her 1st Blogversary! As a part of her celebration, she's hosting a contest in which you'll have a chance to win $$. Thank God for her generous heart. If I win her contest, the blessing will really be used to add up for our savings for our son's homeschool program. I'm thinking of getting him the P3/4 Sonlight curriculum and it's not so cheap.

Thanks to her sponsors too, who made this giveaway possible.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Moment to Remember

I was watching the Korean movie, A Moment to Remember while I was putting the kids to sleep. It was a very touching love story that left me crying at the end. LOL! The story started very light in which the rich girl got attracted to a carpenter. The story didn't actually dwell on the fact that they belong to different 'status'. The got married and had a good marriage until... there were warning signs which points to some problem with the girl's memory. It started with forgetting simple things such as her wallet or drink. Until, she gets lost on her way home. She had herself checked and the doctor didn't give her dual diagnosis but diagnosed her with Alzheimer's. It's a rare case of Alzheimer's since it affected her at such a young age.

If we're familiar with Alzheimer's disease, its a disease with no cure that will eventually erase every memory left on the mind. So, a time will come in which the person will forget her past, present, her family and even herself. Back to the movie, their love was tested even with this tragic disease.

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