Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank You for Praying for Lyle!

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank God for healing our li'l boy. As mentioned in my previous posts, he had been suffering of tummy pain and a lot of other symptoms for many days. Even after all the scans and tests, the doctors could only suspect it's appendicities and not be 100% sure. When the last ultra sound was taken, only then they immediately advised for him to be operated. At first I was a bit disappointed with the doctor's on why they can't seem to find out the real problem of his pain. But at the end I'm thankful to realize that at least they were not being haste in operating him without full proof. I believe God has been in full control of everything. It has been a painful experience for us to let let our boy be operated at such a young age (3.5 years old) but we're thankful that his appendix hasn't raptured yet prior to the operation. As what his aneasthesiologist said, his appendix could have already been raptured since many days have already gone since the pain, but the antibiotics have prevented this. Praise God for His protection, things could have been worse. Now, we are back home and our boy is almost back to normal. He can crack jokes, make funny faces. laugh and walk for short distances. If, you've seen our boy last week, you would really be worried since he rarely talks and would just grimace in pain. Thank God that it's over now.. We thank all our family and friends who have prayed with us too!Thank you so much!!

Little Spiderman 'Injured'

I had sleepless nights even before my son, Lyle was admitted to the hospital for appendectomy. He was complaining about stomach pains and because he still could not articulate it, it was difficult to know what kind of pain was bothering him. After a series of tests from 4 ultra sound check, x ray and a ct scan, he finally had an operation. At 3 and a half years old, he is too young for an operation but we are all glad it’s over and our boy is back to his happy old self. As for me, I think I would need tretinoin gel for my acne, this is caused by all that stress and sleepless nights. I so want to have extra hours of sleep-- but maybe not at this time yet, not while my little “spider man” is recovering.

House Makeover

After the flood, we had to have a major house make-over. We repainted the walls, did some changes with some house arrangements and was even able to purchase a beautiful living room furniture set that was on sale—it was unbelievably cheap it was not even ¼ of its actual price! We were not able to find a stereo with some surround speakers , though... but we don’t want another flood to come in order for us to buy one, thank you! LOL. It would be nice if we would have one in our room, hoping that good music could make our little boy’s sleep better. After the operation, he would need lots of rest. (I do, too! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Praying for Full Recovery

My li'l boy was admitted the other day at the hospital. He was vomiting, complaining of tummy ache and didn't have any appetite to eat last Sunday evening.

He didn't sleep on Sunday night and was already so weak on Monday. So, we decided to have him checked by the Doctor on Monday. The doctor diagnosed him to have viral gastritis. And since he didn't have any appetite to eat and didn't even want to drink water, the Doctor advised him to get admitted so at least he can get IV.

He was really so weak and was not his real self the whole day. On Tuesday, he felt a bit better though he had diarrhea but the doctor said that he can get discharge since he can already eat and drink water.

It's a day since we left the hospital and indeed our boy is already eating but has still been complaining of tummy pain and has fever. The doctor asked us to be back on Friday for a follow on check up, but if his tummy pain persists, we have to go back tomorrow. As a mom, I don't want to see him crying from time to time because of tummy pain. I know that his tummy must really be painful since he has a high pain threshold.

We're praying for Lyle's complete recovery. We've promised him to go to the park and play with his remote controlled car or we can even play softball and let him wear softball socks, once he recovers.

Please do pray with us. Thanks!!

More Winnings!

Last Thursday was a 'happy day' for me! Hubby was able to finally go to the post office and get the the packages that has been mailed to us. Three packages actually, all from our winnings from the contests we joined in last month.

1st was the 2,000 worth of Central Gift check which Hubby won from .

Then a beautiful necklace that I won from .
Photo taken from etsystalker.. thanks so much Tawny from Camlo Designs.

And lastly , a brooch from an OWOH participant from Australia. Photo to follow soon.

What did we buy with the 2,000 giftcheck? Well, I wish Central has something to Laminate Flooring..but since they didn't have , we bought some things for the kids and we're going to buy something for us too!

Thank God for his favor and for blessing us!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Weird Sound

Our car has been acting up these days. We've actually seen some changes with it after being submerged in the flood last November. We thought that those 'changes' will disappear after time but it seems to be getting worse.

It has been making these weird sounds for a few days now. Last Sunday, when we were going to church the sound came again. But the funny thing is, even Hubby has already turned off the engine, the sound was still there. Hurriedly, Hubby pulled out all the wires and etc. from the front but it still didn't stop. We could see that there was smoke coming out from the engine already. I'm not sure if the 5th wheel insurance will cover for a blazing car. But I was afraid, that our car will be on fire if the smoke continues. Me and my imagination, huh.

But anyways, we still proceeded to go inside the church. From the church I could hear our car and had to signal my Hubby a few times to go and check the car. And thankfully, Hubby was able to stop the sound and smoke from continuing. I don't know how he did it. But I do know what has been running in my Hubby's mind. He's desiring for a new car. Sad to say, our car is 'slowly' giving up. But I'm sure God will grant this desire according to His perfect time.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The News and Me

My Hubby loves to watch the news and I'm also influenced by him. But there's one thing that happens to me after I watch the news. I usually feel sad. There seems to be tragedies, accidents , riots and all the other 'signs of the times' that's happening all around the globe. Who can't feel sad after watching all these?

But then, being affected emotionally also moves me to pray. So, even if I feel sad after watching the news, I still do it because then I know what to pray aside from just 'knowing' what's happening around the globe.

So, enough with the news for now, and let me proceed to reading an article about Austin personal injury lawyers .

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Mommy Moments- Green

For this week's MOmmy Moments, the color theme is GREEN.

Here is my photo of my kids playing at the park. It's really a different experience for them to play in the park rather than a playpen inside the mall.

The photo below was taken during our Christmas Holiday in Malaysia. The two other kids are Lyle's cousins. They look cute together. :)

For more Mommy Moments please click the badge below.

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10 Ways to De-stress and Enjoy Rest

I'm blessed with what I've read from an article in yesterday. It's about De-stressing and enjoying Rest. Sometimes, we are unaware that we are already so busy and stressed out. Sometimes stress is already part of our lives and we feel burnt out with everything happening around us.

Here are the 10 practical steps that I've read from the article on how to de-stress and enjoy rest.

1) Take time out for creative exploration.
2) Schedule in Whitespace.
3) Enjoy sleep.
4) Enjoy God in your new endeavors.
5) Enjoy the outdoors, soaking up nature.
6)Try a new direction, inspired by God’s goodness rather than fear of the bad.
7) Enjoy friendships where you can be your real self and laugh.
9) Enjoy God’s forgiveness in relationships that are difficult.
10) Spend with Jesus. Rest isn’t something we can create. It is a gift Jesus gives. Then, turn around and offer that rest to others as your gift.

Kids and PSP

A lot of people are engrossed in electronic games; all the more nowadays where interesting and challenging games have increased, giving one a wide array of good choices. With a handheld game console such as a PSP, the fun of electronic gaming can be experienced anywhere. For most teens, this has become an entertainment option while waiting for someone else, or in a long queue for manual transactions, or during a break from a tough examination, while on a long trip perhaps, or when bored.
Electronic gaming can be very addictive. My nephews, too, like electronic gaming, but they are taught to discipline themselves so as not to get hooked to it. In fact, when my eldest nephew asked his father to buy him a PSP, my brother-in-law had a second thought whether to buy one or not. Eventually, he did but dealt with my nephew on the regulations he ought to observe.
You may have kids longing for a PSP. Afford one but don’t forget to warn them; otherwise they may become PSP addicts. You may opt for used psp, too. Slightly used PSPs are pretty good. Talk with your friends, visit shops, or browse online for available supplies.

Our Porch

Filipinos are known for their hospitality, which is why both small and big houses have front porches to warmly receive visitors. If you happen to travel in the countryside, you’ll be amazed to see that even small huts have Front Porches decorated with ornamental plants.

Back home, our front porch is often utilized for church leaders’ meetings, kids parties, and even leadership trainings. It is really helpful especially when close friends and relatives run out of space to hold events.

For people residing in the main streets, where lots are really expensive and spaces are limited, front porches are often utilized as garage or some just leave them as it is, simply serving as gateway to the main door.

Nevertheless, there are ready-made front porches designed to suit varied personalities. Thus, an owner can turn his doorway into an atmosphere of sophistication as quickly as she wants it. The creativity of designers and the versatility of carpenters have joined forces to achieve utmost customer satisfaction. In fact, looking at front porches online, I had a hard time choosing which one is beautiful as every porch is distinctly elegant.

Well-designed front porches are really good, but it would become even better when occupants are hospitable.

Busy at the Center

I've been going to the Language Center in the afternoons this week. We're busy preparing for our English Summer Workshop. Since I've written the book to be used for the course, I needed to prepare the accompanying activities too. I'm done with the activities for the Beginner's Level and hopefully I can finish the Elementary Level today. A few more things to be done and I'll have to print Custom Labels for each Unit and Level.

I'm excited for this workshop. Once again the Center will be full of excited, precious children. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You Can Change the World Book

Our friends have given our kids the book from Operation World, " You Can Change The World'. It's really a wonderful book to use with the kids to make them aware of the unreached people's group and pray for them.

Just the other week, after we read and prayed about the street children in South America, my li'l girl was in tears. She felt so sad about what the street children are experiencing and has said a heartfelt prayer for them. She even gathered all her toys and collected all the loose coins the next day and said she wanted to give them to the street children. Then she also remembered her friend, Judah who's a streetkid. She has actually been praying for him for a long time and is sad that he's not going back to his foster parent's home.

Oh, I'm just blessed with my li'l girl's heart. She indeed has a compassionate heart of an intercessor. I pray that as she grows she will be able to develop this heart for the peoples and be used as blessing for many.

Freelance Work

I would like to think of my online work as a freelance work. I can do my work according to my own phase and according to my own time. Of course there are some days that are busier that the others. And that's when I ask help from a friend. Even though, my freelance work now is helping the family in many ways, but then I have to constantly remind myself of my priorities especially with my role as a wife and Mom. Sometimes, I would just wish that there are more hours in a days so I can accomplish a lot of things. But truth is, God has only given us 24 hours in a day and we must use it wisely.

There are a few things that I would like to minimize so, I can afford more time to more important things. I know, it is a challenge but I guess, I just have to do it.

Anyways, you might be wondering what my 'freelance' work is. No, I'm not in any management jobs such as retail managements jobs or property management jobs. It's just something that requires my mind to work and a bit of typing skills. :)

Thank God for work and I just pray for the wisdom so, that I can balance myself and manage my time well.

Blessed With The Conference

Hubby just came back last weekend and indeed he was so blessed to have attended the 2 week conference in the North. Even though it has been a great challenge for me to be home alone with the kids for 2 weeks, but I'm just so happy for the time he had spent there. Indeed, it was a time of renewing, refreshing, learning and relearning a lot of things for him.

As he shares with me the new things that he has learned I'm myself am also reminded with a lot of things. I can't wait for my Mommy Break and just delve into his materials and listen to a few of the sessions he recorded.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The 'Ukay-ukay '

My sister loves to shop at Ukay-Ukay (second hand stores) in the Philippines. Ukay means to dig, as second hand goods are all mixed up. Let’s say you like one of those shoes wrestling on the floor. You have to dig and dig further to look for its pair. Most often the pair of a beautiful, tough, and branded shoe you are holding is with somebody who as well is looking for the other pair. Funny how two people are met by the pair of shoes and smile at each other like begging each other to give way. There are also times like when you are about to your shoe, the other person does the same too. This happens most probably because either or both of you do not want to offend each other. I love this attitude of friendship and humility in an Ukay-Ukay shop. ;)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Forgotten Appointment

My li'l girl was supposed to go to the dentist this last month. But I totally forgot which date she was to go. You see, the dentist has set this appointment for her to come 3-4 months earlier. They didn't give us any appointment card but just told us the date. I also didn't bother listing out the date because the clinic usually calls us 2-3 days before the said appointment.

Oh, I just have to call them tomorrow and ask them to reschedule my daughter's dental appointment. We kinda miss going to the dentist.. :) We've been frequently been going there several months ago for my girl's root canal treatment. It's a child-friendly dental clinic with their dentists wearing something like a lab coat and the assistants wearing pastel colored scrubs and not the usual green scrubs. I like the interior design of the clinic too. My son also enjoys going there as he can play in the play area while waiting for his elder sister.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Remembering GrandPa

My li'l girl hasn't seen her grandpa at all. She was only more than a month old her her Grandpa passed away. But when she talks about her Grandpa, it does seem that she knows him so well. It's because I always tell her stories about her Grandpa and his adventures. If my father is still around today, I'm sure all the grandkids will be so excited to go camping or go on an adventure with my Father. I'm not so sure though if our oldest nephew would go out hunting with him in the mountains, but I do remember I used to go with my father when I was still small. Those were memorable experiences for me, hiking in the mountains, camping on the base of Mt. Kitanglad, catching butterflies and birds.

No we didn't wear any tactical gears when we were out in the mountains. But my father was more like a Mcgyver. Nowadays, there are a lot of hi tech gadgets and clothing to make one 'comfortable' in the extreme conditions. Just like GEN III's ECWCS , these are military clothing especially made for extreme conditions.

Anyways, back to my father, I thank God that our family has such wonderful memories with him.

Yummy Sunday - Apple Pie

This is one yummy pie from B's Sweet. Oh, this Cafe is becoming my favorite, their cakes and ice cream are very yummy! I know, it's not good for the figure but I just can't help buy wish to go there everyday (?).. LOL!

For more Yummy Sunday entries, please visit Bogie from Perfectly Blended.

Intermission: Wallpapers

Hubby installed a beautiful Wallpapers in our computer last time. It had a nature-inspired design and looked so refreshing. But when we rebooted our computer, it was deleted and I already forgot which website he got that from. But now, I'm searching for other computer wallpapers and so far, I got this nice one here.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wanting a .....?

We went out with our friends for dinner last night. Our friend has this cute li'l baby boy. He actually just turned one year old and both my kids adore him. Tricia likes to cuddle him and asked a few times to carry him or let him sit on her lap. My li'l boy on the other hand loves to touch him and play with him. They were all happily sitting at the back of the car, when my li'l boy came up to my seat in front and asked me a 1 million dollar question, " Can I have a baby brother?". I was speechless for a few seconds and all I manage to do was to laugh. I can't believe that my 'baby' boy wants another baby brother. LOL!!!

It's good that he didn't pressed on for an answer and just accepted my 'laugh' as an 'answer'. Was that a 'yes' or 'no'? LOL!

The Third Day of March

The third day of March has just passed a few hours ago. I can't believe that we are already on the third month of the year. Time really flies so fast. A new month means new activities and it also means we need to email newsletter to our friends and families.

I'm actually quite happy that the days have gone 'faster' for the past days. That means, the waiting is not that long anymore before I see my Hubby. Yes, I'll be seeing him in less than 48 hours! Whew!! I can't wait.... :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Template

I've changed to another template for this blog again. There are a lot of template designs to choose from in the world wide web. Just like if you want to search for web design logo .

It actually took me some time to install this new template since I had to make a few adjustments in the html. I added a few things and deleted the others. When I was almost done, I was surprised why my blog posts are repeated. Then I only got to see it from the html part and had to delete a few codes.

I'm quite happy with this template but I feel like it's not loading very fast. Does this site load fast in your computer? Or does it take a lot of time before you see the whole page? Please do tell me.


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