Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fun, Fellowship and Food

We're currently in Malaysia and enjoying our fellowship with friends. Of course, during our time here we get to eat a lot of our favorite Indian and Malaysian food. We've only been here for 3 days but I just feel bloated with all the food I'm eating. I think checking out will be a good idea and to keep me from eating a lot.

We will still be staying a few more days here since the conference we will be attending will only have start tomorrow. Oh well, I'll just to enjoy this break and think about losing weight later. :)

The 'Ber' Months

It's already the last day of August today and it's going to be September. In the Philippines, September is quite a significant month because it's the start of the 'ber' months ( September, October, November and December). Although Christmas is still going to be three months away, but people are already getting geared up for it starting in September. Some TV stations already start the Christmas countdown but things peak up after the last halloween props have been taken down.

Oh, writing about this now, makes me quite excited. We're going back to the Philippines for Christmas and of course, I'll be doing a countdown.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blessings Through Raindrops

This beautiful song is becoming one of my favorites. Many times we perceive blessings only as the 'good' things that happens to us. But what is 'good' in our eyes may not necessarily be the BEST from the eyes of God.

May we learn to accept everything that God gives us.. Let us trust HIM because His will for us will always be perfect and beautiful....

Home Address

For a long time we've been using our PO box as our mailing address. We don't get much mails but sometimes when we expect a mail or leaflet distribution, it's quite a hassle checking our PO Box regularly to see if our mail has arrived.

So, we started using our home address for our mails. The reason why we didn't use our home address for a long time was because there was one instance, I ordered something for 'free' online and used this address. But sadly, it didn't arrived. Maybe I just happen to write the wrong address but that experience was enough to stop me from using our home address as our mailing address.

Anyways, we gave a try in using our home address one more time and this time our letter was delivered. So, the rest is history and I'm enjoying the convenience of getting my mails delivered right at our doorstep.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Healthy Me?

We just did our healthy grocery haul at Big C Extra. Wait.. Did I say, healthy? Yes, healthy! In 8 days, this has been our 3rd healthy grocery haul. Why? It's because I've been doing a juice fast ( though not a strict one) and have consume so much of veggies and fruits! I think I've consumed more veggies and fruits for the past week than my entire 30 plus years. Seriously! And I feel great. I'm even craving for a carrot juice now, but I guess it's to late to drink it.

Anyways, as I've done a bit of research on juice fasting and the like, I did find inspiring reports. There have been testimonials of people who had some ailments and diseases that were cured after juice fasting for several days. Blood sugar was down, cholesterol level went down and etc. I'm sure if one eats healthily, there won't be any need for different medication anymore. Oh, I just remember about the Actos lawsuit. Actos is a medicine for diabetes but has reportedly have a lot of negative side effects.

But back to a healthy me. I'm glad that I have finally found my solution to consume vegetables and fruits. I love the delicious juices and aside from being healthily, I also hope to lose some weight. :)

Brother In Christ

Our kids are glad to have a new 'brother'. He's our sponsored child from Compassion International. He's from Kenya and is the same age with our daughter. Almost every night our kids pray for him and they would proudly show his photo to our friends who comes to the house.

I praise God for the privilege of being a blessing to someone far away, even in our own little ways. Our decision to sponsor a child from Kenya has been born out from our burden to pray for the people in Kenya and Somalia. If we truly look around and take out our focus away from ourselves, only the we realized that we have 'so much' that we can give.. so much that we can share.. to those who barely have the basic necessities in order to survive.

As shown from the life of John Wesley, ‎"..with increasing income, what should rise is not the Christian's standard of living but the standard of Giving..."

We are indeed blessed to be a BLESSING!

Cars for Sale

The more we are desiring to buy a 'new' 2nd hand car, the more we see cars for sale. The 2nd hand car shops seems to be overflowing with cars for sale these days. But as our friend have advised us, our city is not the best place to buy 2nd hand cars these days. Why? Because of the recent flood ( November 2011), we won't be 100% sure if the car hasn't been internally damaged by the flood or not. Our car itself has been affected by last year's flood. I can fully remember that it was in a very good condition last year until it got flooded. Now, it has more squeaky sounds, dies off easily and sometimes refuses to start in the mornings. It does seem that it's getting weaker and sicker by the day. That's why we are praying for a better and 'healthier' car.

So, if we're getting a 'new' car, we have to make sure that it's flood-free and problem-free. We also have to check the Car Insurance Rates . I think it's still better to buy a Thai car since we are based here in Thailand. Anyways, I do know that before our car 'dies' a permanent death, it will be replaced by a better one.

Justice for Babies with Cleft Palate

Some clueless mothers with migranes resort to Topamax to relieve them of pain. Although Topamax is indeed proven to offer temporary relief, what is unknown to many is that it is a drug that could cause cleft palate or cleft lip in unborn babies.

Although this defect is often believed to be hereditary, studies prove that pregnant moms who have taken Topamax have significant cases of babies with cleft palate. It is a fact that children with cleft palate are often made as a laughing stock in schools, since theycould not pronounce words clearly, added to their already deformed lips. The trauma that the kid has to go through growing up just because of a certain drug demands legal action. Both the mother and the child do not deserve such a dilemma. An Austin personal injury attorney would definitely be of help in cases like these. If proven that it the drug is indeed responsible for the deformity, victims are entitled to their liability claims.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PSU Agri Fair

Our family had a fun time at the Prince of Songkhla University Agricultural Fair this evening. This fair is actually one of our awaited events for the year. No, there's nothing so much grand about this event but we just enjoy looking at the various displays and items being sold. From car exhibitions with brochure displays to the Thai local delicacies, oing to this fair is indeed a feast to the eyes and our stomachs. :)

Our kids on the other hand, had a wonderful time looking and touching the rabbits on display. They were so cuddly and cute. For a moment, I thought that we would be leaving the rabbit shop with tears from my kids' eyes but I'm relieved that they have somehow accepted the fact that we can't take care of rabbits as of this time. But instead, we bought a few fishes to add in our aquarium.

Anyways, we might be going back there again and see the other side of the fair since we only visited a small portion of the place we were already tired from walking.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trip to Malaysia

I'm looking forward to an upcoming trip at the end of the month. We are actually attending a conference and I'm glad that we are going as a family. Though it's a bit of a challenge at times to travel by car with two bubbly and energetic kids but it's fun. Sometimes though I can't help of dreaming getting rv loans so we have a big 'car' to travel with. But of course, that's a just a dream. :)

Malaysia here we come... :))

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy for Mother's Day

It's going to be Mother's Day in Thailand this coming Friday. They actually celebrate Mother's Day during the Queen's birthday. So, everywhere we could find gift items like jewelry fashion trends for moms on sale. The restaurants also offer free meals or free desserts for moms during this special day. This is also the day when the kids bring their mom's out for a meal or for a short holiday. I'm sure every mom like me would wish that every day is Mother's day. :)

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