Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From Astronaut to Zookeeper

It's amusing to hear my son's ambition. First, he want to be an astronaut because he wants to go to the moon. Then, next he wanted to be a zookeeper since he wants to take care of Pandas, bears, horses and other animals. Oh, he even cried once because he wants to have a panda cub for a pet and I told him it's not possible to keep a panda in the house. :)

Anyways, he was really happy when we visited the zoo the other week. He got to see his favorite animals. But one thing we missed though was the horseback riding and the elephant ride. It was raining hard halfway our tour so, we never got the chance to let our kids go on their 'dream rides'. Yeah, they've been wanting to ride on horses for many months now. And I'm glad that there are horse rides now here in our place. I'm not sure though whether they have complete english horse tacks but I think it's quite safe to let the kids ride with the trainers. To the Zoo we go on our next family outing.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Motivating You to Become a Better Person

The drive to become a better person will not come for another person or a book or movie; the inspiration should come from you. You cannot expect your life to be good if you are not doing anything. Remember that you reap what you sow and that hard work pays off. Once you put your whole heart and effort in realizing your dream you are already taking that initial change towards a positive change.

Keeping yourself motivated is not an easy task. Books and other inspirational materials could help harness your skills but it doesn’t matter if you have read a dozen books; if you’re not going to do anything about it then your life will still stay the same. Here’s a good way on how you can start a positive change: make a list of your goals. You could even classify them as either short term or long term goals. From here you could move on and start working on your first target. It is better to start with the small goals and work your way as you go up.

Remember that failures and problems are part of the journey. The struggle is not in the burden of your problems but how you manage to cope up and survived. Always keep a positive outlook in life regardless of the hardships along the way. It is also better to surround yourself with good people that can greatly influence your life.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Prayer Time

I love it when it's already our family prayer time. I just find this as one of the most precious time for our family. And of course, my favorite part is listening to my children pray. As little children, they pray for our family, other people and of course, their favorite toys. But what I appreciate from them is that they add , ' if it's your will, Lord...' if they pray for a toy or something. It was actually my daughter who first said this during prayer time and it was so cute when her little brother followed the pattern but sometimes with mixed up words like .. "is if you will, Lord.." Oh, such precious time.. precious kids!

Me, the Mommy Nurse

Sometimes I could not help but wonder what course would I have taken instead if I did not take up the course I have now. Not that I regret it, but sometimes thoughts like these do cross our minds, right?

I am usually impressed by medical people but somehow I really don’t have any inclination to medical courses. Being a medical person would take a lot of skill and of course, bravery. Like I said, I do admire nurses especially when they wear those white nursing uniforms and colorful scrubs. But being a mom, I am also a nurse in my own right, especially when my little ones are sick.

Aspiring Golfer?

I guess at my age it’s high time that I would have regular exercise. I mean everybody should exercise, but I never seem to make it a habit growing up. I am not sporty, either. Sometimes I envy those people who are, because they really find time to play the sport that they love and at the same time, be healthy.
So If you were to let me choose a sport , maybe I’d rather play golf. Oh, that's just because it's one of the sports that doesn't require much running and physical activity. I know, it would take years of practice before I’d be a good player but who does not need years to be a good sports person in the first place? Of course I should also think of the costs: the equipment, a good golf course gps system and yes, you guessed it! Golf clothes!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Promo Tickets!

Yipee! Finally, I was 'on time' and got to see Cebu Pacific's seat sale announcement. You see, I've constantly been checking this site and waiting for a seat sale but it seems I'm always late and I don't get to see the cheaper fares.

But today was different. I was finally able to book our return tickets for 1/3 of the original price! Yes! Thank you Lord!! But you know what, we have a minor problem with the promo tickets. The flight is from Clark and not from Manila. Oppss.. That means we still have to travel from NAIA to Clark ( about 2-3 hours) for us to board the plane to Bangkok. Even if I was already excited to book our tickets and was ready to get our credit card from my wallet (nope, it's not an rfid blocking wallet ), we still had to weigh our options whether the price is worth the hassle ( travelling for 2-3 hours). And finally, we decided to book the tickets because 13,000 pesos of savings is 13,000 pesos!! We're on a tight budget so, we have make a little bit of sacrifices like extra bus rides and etc. But as early as now, we are already praying that indeed God will make our trip a pleasurable and enjoyable one!

Fun Science Facts

I'm a homeschooling mom and quite honestly I'm enjoying homeschooling my daughter as much as she does because I'm also re-learning a lot of things from her program. It's quite amusing because many times when we read her Science books, I'll be the first one to react and be amazed with some science facts. I can't help but mutter to myself, " Hmmm, I never knew that..." My daughter on the other hand would be wondering what I was saying to myself. So, that's one of the advantages of homeschooling.. the child learns, the mom also 'learns'. :)

Anyways, here's a graphic which I just saw. I enjoyed reading this graphic and I'll surely show this to my 'student' tomorrow. I'm sure she will love it and will be telling her Appa ( father) all these fun facts!


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