Monday, January 30, 2012

Daiso the 5 Ringgit Shop

It was my first time to visit a Daiso shop in Malaysia last week. Boy, I got a shock as all the items (as in every item) is only 5 Malaysian Ringgit! Since I was not planning to buy anything, I decided to just go in to window shop. But I guess you know what happens when you see items for only 5RM, yes, you get to buy them! LOL!

But I just limited myself in buying a few things. Yes, I admitted getting more than is needed but at the end we had to take out the 'unnecessary' ones. Yes, that's my secret to staying in the budget. Sometimes, we tend to get things impulsively especially if we find the prices so low yet most of the time, we really don't need those things. Who needs spa covers if you don't have a spa, right? Or who would need a 5RM cute puppy dress if you don't have a puppy? Hehehe!

Anyways, next time we have to be more prepared if we go to a Daiso shop. It's really a great shop, but as a precaution you must to set an allotted budget first before entering the shop.

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Mian said...

Hi! I'd like to ask where are the branches of Daiso in Malaysia? Thanks :D -Mian


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