Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saved At Sea

I just picked up a book at my sister in law's house the other day, Saved At Sea by Rachel Hamilton. I was ready to put the book back on the table, but something in the synopsis caught my eye, the story was set at Boracay Island. This is a true story of a mother and a daughter who went to Boracay for a vacation but their holiday turned into a tragedy as the daughter was lost at the sea with her banca. This event was also the turning point for the daughter as this was the time she heard God spoke to her and saved her.

I never got to finish reading the entire book as we had to leave to Klang today, but I got the chance to look through the actual photos ( taken in the 80's) of the characters. She got found by some fishermen who thought she was a mermaid. From there, I don't know whether she got transfered by medical air evacuation or not. Anyways, maybe I can get a chance to finish that book once we go and visit my sister in law next time . :)

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