Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sendong Flood: My Story

This might be a late post but it's just now that I had the time to sit, recollect and write some of the things that my family has experienced during the Sendong flood at Caga

yan de Oro City.

On the afternoon of 16th of December, I was chatting with my Mom and we were talking about the things that we will be bringing back home. We were scheduled to fly

that Monday ( December 19) and we were all looking forward for it. She mentioned about the internet connection being a bit slow because of the strong winds and rain.

Normally, I worry when I hear about heavy downpour in our city ( Cagayan de Oro) as we reside near the river and we experienced being flooded in 2009 (posts here, here and here) . But my mom didn't mention about heavy rains so, didn't think much of anything. So, that night, our family went out again to do our last minute 'pasalubong' shopping and came back late
. But, when I saw my friends' FB status update about the Cagayan river overflowing and flooding Carmen and Macanhan,

I panicked. I immediately called my Hubby who was putting the kids to sleep and we prayed. And when I called my Mom's phone, my sister answered and she calmly told me that there's nothing to worry about, they're all safe because they're already on top of the roof of the church. They've actually evacuated from the house earlier and went to the church, thinking that the
y will be safe there. I just couldn't believe what my sister has just said, I could barely speak when I heard that and tears were already streaming from my eyes. I can't imagine my 7
2 year old mom, my sisters, my nieces and nephews on top of the roof. I was very worried and we prayed that the water would subside.

I didn't sleep that night and I was just praying and monitoring my friends' status

over Facebook. After a few hours, I called again and was more relieved to know that the water has subsided and they have already gone down from the roof. They were all wet and were just trying to figure out how place themselves in the muddy church. I thank God that the flood is over and my family's safe!

The next morning, after only about an hour of sleep, I immediately checked my Facebook and it was there that I learned ( from my brother in law) that my mom's and 2 sisters' houses were completely wiped out from the flood! I cried again but I just praised God that at least my family were safe. After experiencing the 2009 flood, we have experienced great loss
since our things were destroyed but at the end God restored all things. It is of the same faith that we have that God will restore even our house or give us a newer and safer place to live. But it's just the thought of going home without a 'house' that saddened me. Our hous

e also placed a great sentimental value to our family since this is the house my late father literally built, 10 years ago.

I only had 2 more days to go before going back home.. and it was at that time th
at the more I want to go back home to be with my family......

Our church where my mom, brother in law, sisters, nieces, nephews climbed the roof for safety.

( to be continued)

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