Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bomb Blasts at Lee Gardens, Hat Yai and Park Hotel Yala

Photo taken from Chubz C.

A couple of hours ago, a bomb exploded at the basement of Lee Gardens Hotel in Hat Yai and Park Hotel in Yala. There were still no confirmed reports on the number of people who were injured or died in Hat Yai, but as what we've 'heard' there were 7 casualties. In Yala, a news report of 40 people injured and 5 casualties.

We were having lunch at Sugar Rock restaurant (Hat Yai) when we heard about the incident. We really had goosebumps all over since our friends were supposed to have lunch at Mcdonald's ( located at the ground floor of Lee Garden's) but it seems plans changed and everyone decided to go to Sugar Rock. We believe that's how God works to keep all of us safe. As for our other Malaysian and Singaporean friends, they were having their lunch at Sizzler's ( located at the 2nd floor) when the bomb exploded. They really felt the whole floor go up a few inches and down again. It's a good thing that the floor didn't give way and the glass windows didn't shatter. The staff immediately evacuated them to the fire exit and they safely escaped. But as of this time our other friends are still on the 33rd floor of the building and waiting for the smoke and the way to be clear before they can safely go down. I've heard that there are still hundreds of people trapped on the 4th floor of the building.

We're continually praying for the safety of the people in Hat Yai. Please pray with us.

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