Friday, March 2, 2012

Car Over Heat

A few weeks ago, our car got overheated. We didn't notice the temperature gauge at all but we were just so surprised that a green liquid was splattering out of the car on our way to the Water Department (to pay our water bill). Hubby had to stop the car and open the hood. When he did it boiling green water were getting splattered everywhere like a hot fountain!! Thank God that Hubby's reflexes was quick and he immediately backed out. The hot water only scalded his left hand. Oh, I can't imagine if it could have hit his eyes or his face. Anyways, he tinkered a bit after that and put water on it. I'm not sure what was wrong with the car at that time but our car is still running well now except for it's regular tinkering sounds and jerking here and there, there's no need to replace anything like Airtex electric fuel pump .. But still, we're praying that we can replace our car into a newer one. :)

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